Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

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I got this email today, for our cruise that leaves technically Monday (we stay in Amsterdam Sunday and sleep on the boat.)

Thank you for choosing Gate 1 Travel for your upcoming river cruise on the Rhine. We look forward to welcome you onboard the Monarch Queen for an exciting sailing.
Today we were advised about low water levels on the Rhine River. This summer has been much drier than in recent years and, as a result, water levels have been lower than normal for this time of the year.
In order to avoid any navigational issues with the ship as it leaves Amsterdam, on Monday, when you disembark the ship for your city tour of Amsterdam, the Queen will depart the city and will meet you in Utrecht, where you will embark and continue on your cruise towards Germany.
You will not miss any of the excursions or activities in your itinerary.
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Hello this is for Notamermaid or anyone else who may have info,we are on Scenic departing Oct 3rd. On the Rhine Moselle cruise,departing from Basel. Ending in Amsterdam which part of our cruise if nothing changes will be interrupted or diverted ?
Thanks to everyone who contributes
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I posted earlier in the week.....Avalon Tranquility II, departed Amsterdam Aug 10th....arriving Basel tomorrow.

We only had two hiccups.....departing by bus to Cologne to catch up on time....ship delayed the previous night due to low levels and slower speed.

The other glitch but handled very well. Ship travelled upriver past Heidelberg to Mannheim while passengers travelled to Heidelberg to do tours then travelled to Mannheim to revised the ship.

Avalon worked very quickly to adjust accordingly to what ever happened.

Very impressed with Avalon......I had been fearing a bus trip.

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TashiChino, that is a terrible offer. From my reading of the river cruise guarantee, you should be compensated for each day.

This is a cut and paste from the first page of their guarantee:

"Depending on the level of Your Scenic Tour, You will be paid up to a maximum of $1,000 for each full 24 hour period from the start of the delay or cancellation up to a maximum of $7,000 (or seven (7) consecutive 24 hour periods) or the originally scheduled end date of Your Scenic Tour, whichever is the lesser."

This clearly states that the payment is for each 24 hour period up to 7 days.

And the following is a cut and paste from the Terms and Conditions:

Amounts payable if You have been offered to terminate Your cruise and You decide to leave the ship: Deck Max Limit per day, amount payableJewel $400Sapphire $500Diamond $600Junior & Royal Suites $800Amounts payable if You have been offered to terminate Your cruise and You decide to remain on theship or if the incident is not likely to be protractedeck Max Limit per day, amount payableJewel $200Sapphire $250Diamond $300Junior & Royal Suites $400

Your $300 is correct for Diamond Deck but it definitely states per day.

These documents apparently apply to Australian residents. Are you from Australia? If not, I suppose that there may be different rules, but it would be totally unfair if it was much different to this.

Hopefully we will shortly be hearing from you stating that Scenic have been a little more generous.