what are the MUST do's on Allure?

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anyone have an idea of the Must Do list for Allure? shows, dining, kids stuff, classes??? Before I start planning - I would love to hear what your top 5 things would be!!!!
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Originally posted by Pshkbb
anyone have an idea of the Must Do list for Allure? shows, dining, kids stuff, classes??? Before I start planning - I would love to hear what your top 5 things would be!!!!

1. Dinner at 150 Central Park
2. Pre-dinner drinks at the Rising Tides Bar
3. The Aquatheater show
4. Blue Planet show
5. Solarium

If I hadn't done it on Oasis, I would add the Cupcake class. Lots of fun, but don't need to do it again.
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Originally posted by Pshkbb
anyone have an idea of the Must Do list for Allure? shows, dining, kids stuff, classes??? Before I start planning - I would love to hear what your top 5 things would be!!!!
Must dos? Depends on who you are...
We are a 50-something couple..."kids stuff" is not high on OUR list (or maybe it should be)...

Truth is, the ship has something for everyone...and everyone's different...

For us, there are two groups of things to do:

One, the same things to do on EVERY cruise: EAT, RELAX, BE ENTERTAINED, etc.

Second group...Things that are either completely unique or fairly unique to the Allure:
1. Chicago
2. Zip line
3. Water show
4. Surfing
5. Ice show (though we've seen these on Voyager-class and Freedom class ships already)

Of course, depending on whether or not you've cruised much with Royal Caribbean before or whether or not you have children with you, other things might make your list--Rock Climbing, golf, ice skating, carousel...

Eating in Specialty Restaurants is not big on our list, but for many, the number and variety of these here is important...We want to do one meal at Giovanni's Table and one at Rita's...But, for many these, not the sports activities, will be the highlights...

Again, it all depends on who YOU are...there's something for everybody...
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I would say the Oceanaria show is a must. Of course for me the must do is the casino, which is heaven for a non smoker, one whole side is non smoking with very little or no smoke crossing over. And I am looking forward to trying the Hot Dog stand, which the Oasis didn't have.
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I went on the Oasis last year so based on my experience with that, I will list my must do's of things that are unique to the Oasis and/or Allure.

1. Take a flowrider lesson.
2. Go on the zip line.
3. Go on the rising tides bar.
4. Take in the Aquatheater show.
5. Explore Central Park and the Boardwalk where you can take a ride on the carousel.
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Here's my dd age nine, top five must do's on the Allure.

5. The onboard entertainment.
4. go to Adventure Ocean, especially when the kids go to the Boardwalk for a kids fair and there are games and someone that paints the kids faces.
3. seeing the Parade
2. Ice skating
1. "Eat food at all the restaurants."
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  1. The diving Aquashow (evening) and the Aquashow sailaway party with the Dreamworks characters.
  2. Zipline whilst screaming with delight!!
  3. Breakfast in the MDR and the salad bar in the MDR at lunch.
  4. Rising tide bar from the Royal Promenade to Central Park followed by a toasted sandwich outside the Park cafe on the comfy sofas.
  5. A hotdog on the boardwalk followed by a ride on the carousel.
(Children's favourites aged 6 and 8)
  1. Self serve ice cream and H2O zone
  2. How to Train Your Dragon Ice Show
  3. The climbing wall
  4. Dreamworks Parade
  5. Interactive location finder near the lifts
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Good question!

Our only "MUST" do is to HAVE FUN!!!

We'd like to explore the ship, go to all the major shows (already booked!), eat at a few of the specialty restaurants (Rita's Fiesta is booked, but we'd also like to go to Samba, Chops(?), Giovanni's, and Johnny Rockets), enjoy our balcony, and reconnect with each other (we have 3 children who are staying home with their grandparents while DH and I cruise). We've never done the sports oriented activities (eg rock wall and Flowrider), but we'd like to give those a try as well. I've never visited the spa on a ship, but I may make an appointment this time around. See, I'm thinking RELAXATION is the theme of this cruise. Oh, and we'll be taking LOTS of pictures for our own memories AND to entice my parents into making it their next family cruise choice.
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so much to do!!!! I really have to think about it as I know I cant get everything in on the Allure. we have sailed on the Freedom class with our kids a few times so they have already seen an ice show (altho we will still go) and gone ice skating, they have watched the flow rider and rock climbing, we have mini-golfed, gone to Johnny Rockets and to both specialty restaurants (portofino and chops) and of course done Adventure Ocean and all it has to offer for them.

I have to pick which restaurants to reserve and which shows so thanks for the help. I can't wait to zip line!!!!!!!
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Will be doing the Allure this August and did the Oasis last August. One thing we learned was that you can't do it all! The ship is that big! This time around on the Allure, we are going to do some serious reading on CC before we go and using the daily schedules that someone is bound to post, we are going to draw up our own personal itinerary for each day so that we can squeeze as much in as we can possibly squeeze! Of course, if something comes up or we are enjoying an activity so much at the moment, we will be flexible. The challenge is to do as much as we can but at the same time take those moments to kick back, too.

In no particular order, al list of must do's based on our Oasis experience:

~room service breakfast while you are in port

~locate all the items listed by clues in the "Live the Oasis" scavenger hunt book

~hear each and every live band on the ship and have a dance or two

~grab one fo those nifty basket type lounges in the solarium and fall asleep with a book

~zip line

~climb that wall as far as I can go and not be embarrassed if if it's not very

~hit the scrap booking session at least once

~try the cantilevered tub early in the morning as the sun is rising

~make a list of all the neat stuff I see in those bronze pillars with the illuminated collections of shells and crystals, on the Central Park deck

~spend more time on the Central Park deck with a cold beverage in hand

~go on all the onboard art collection tours

~go for at least one skate on the ice rink

~play mini-golf early in the morning when it's not busy and it's cooler

Ahhhhhhh, so much to do, so little time but it will be fun trying!!!!
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Just returned from the four-night Labadee Extravaganza. I would say the must-dos include the spectacular theater show Blue Planet, Chicago, the fabulous and thrilling aqua show Ocean Area, the Move It! Move it! prominade parade, the Ice Games ice show, breakfast at the Solarium, a fun evening at Rita's Cantina, a ride on the Rising Tide bar, and lunch at Giovanni's Table.

Oh, I nearly forgot--a trip to the Boardwalk Dog House. The hot dogs and sausages are free! (HUbby loved the Warsaw sausage.) Also ride on the carrousel...it's free.

Spend some time at the high energy sports deck and Flowrider/Zipline area. The team out there is amazingly helpful, encouraging, hard working and really know what they are doing.

Check out the Jazz on 4 Club and the Comedy Live club.

Stroll at night through Central Park. Sip wine and enjoy tapas at Vintages on Central Park.

Try a cupcake. If they don't have a flavor you like, they will later. The selection changes regularly.

Check out the Boardwalk ice cream parlor. The ice cream is made in house and is pretty good.

Between the glass elevators in the aft section is a fascinating collection of women's "sparkle gowns" and tutus in many colors that are hung at various levels so if you are in a glass elevator you can admire the gowns from many angles. I never tired of seeing these sparkle gowns.

Allure is a fabulous ship. We were blessed with perfect weather. Labadee was the coolest I have ever experienced there...warm but not opressive. We had a good breeze.

My ONLY disappointment, and it is a small one, was that I recall that Oasis had better Christmas decorations. For example, they had pots and pots of red poincettias last year and I never saw one poinsettia this year on Allure. Maybe they are saving the best decorations for the seven-night voyage. I wish I could have stayed on Allure and done the seven-night cruise too.
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Must do:

1. 150 restaurant

2. Ritas (food decent, fun atmosphere)

3. Diving show (will blow you away, I promise)

4. Rising Tide Bar

5. Grab a drink at Schooners, play trivia and sit by the ledge to oversee the action below
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Originally posted by madmarti
I would love to have my picture taken with Donkey. How would I go about doing that? madmarti

Picture day is annouced in the Compass, it was held on Promenade one morning.

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Auqua Theater-Ocean Aria, the best show at sea!!!
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does anyone know when they do the Dreamworks watershow and ice shows? those are must do's for us but I have no idea when they are!