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  1. Right, but my question was in response to you saying to be sure to have boarding passes printed before arriving at the airport. While checking in online might save a little time for someone not checking bags, the likelihood of someone not checking any bags for a European vacation is slim. If you're checking bags, there is no need to check in ahead of time, save for someone on a domestic Southwest flight who needs to check in to get a better boarding group, but that's not at issue for a transatlantic flight. As for your experience losing your seat, what airline were you flying that required check-in prior more than 2 hours prior to flight time? While the recommendation is often to arrive (and check in) 2 hours prior for domestic and 3 hours prior for international, much of that recommendation is to allow time for security etc; the actual cut off is often as little as 30-45 min (for domestic) before you are considered a no show. What airline and what route were you flying when your 2 hour check in caused you to be considered a no-show and lose your seats?
  2. True, but there is a big difference between being potty trained and having an occasional (like maybe once a week) accident, and a parent who likes to tell themselves that their kid is potty trained when he/she really isn't. When a child has 2+ accidents a day they aren't really accidents; they are signs that a kid isn't fully potty trained. The OP mentioned something about the kid just getting a little wet here and there, which sounds more like the latter to me. I worked for many years as a preschool director and you wouldn't believe the number of parents who claimed their child was fully potty trained, yet they would send the kid in pull-ups and he/she would go through 2-3 extras each day. The parents said these were just "accidents" but they were deluding themselves.
  3. Why? Most cruise pax will be checking a larger bag, so you'll need to check in with an agent anyway. They can print your boarding passes for you. That's actually pretty standard (no change fee) when the change is made by the airline and the change is around an hour or more.
  4. I agree. With the construction around LGA, all the normal arrival traffic is rerouted. I'm sure there are temporary signs to rental car return, but there is no way I would want to navigate all that, especially if your plan is to drop the family at the terminal and then return the car afterward. Use a car service! I'd use one in both directions...SO much easier, and especially for LaGuardia these days.
  5. Yes, sometimes deeply discounted or bulk fares are non-upgradeable. Obviously I don't know the fare codes of what you have booked, so that may or may not apply in your case. If the flights were part of a package though, it's definitely a possibility. Double check the aircraft configuration for your Miami-Cancun flight. I mainly fly on Delta, and on Delta a route to Cancun would not be flown with an aircraft configured with an actual business class cabin; it would just be domestic first class. It would allow for free checked bags but domestic first wouldn't include lounge access. Likewise for the flight back up to Chicageo. I don't usually fly AA though so maybe there's a chance they do include lounge access for short-haul international routes like that. (or someone here who knows for sure will chime in)
  6. What are the airlines and routings you want to upgrade? I know you said everything is booked with AA but depending on the route some legs may be operated by another airline. Also, if you are looking at business class for a short, intra-European flight, there's a good chance that it's European "domestic" business, which isn't really business class at all; it's just the front of the coach cabin but they leave the middle seat empty. Part of the higher price being quoted could be that you are currently booked in a non-upgradeable fare code, and have to pay first to upgrade to a higher coach fare code that can be upgraded, and THEN pay for the actual upgrade to premium economy or coach. That could involve paying a change fee as well. Just guessing here; I'm not an expert on AA, but have seen/heard these issues comes up in general.
  7. Exactly. It's not like you just keep administering them one after another, so I while there may be no particular risk to taking extras in a checked bag if you already have several in a carry on, there's also no real benefit to having that many with you. If it got to that point you'd already be in the ER somewhere. Well first of all, I carry an epi-pen myself, so you can count me among those who "know what they are doing." And my epi-pen stays in my personal item under the seat in front of me; it never goes in a suitcase in the overhead for all the reasons you mentioned. Once you're on the ground, you can certainly divide up the multiple epi-pens into multiple bags for the remainder of your trip, so no real reason to worry about a bag being left in a restaurant, forgotten in a cab, or whatever. If the prior poster wants to carry a a bunch of extras in her checked bag, she can, I just didn't see the point and still don't. For plane travel they are safest being carried on, and in the personal item that you keep at your seat.
  8. I guess I don't understand why you would take a risk, even a small one, with something that is potentially the difference between life and death, rather than just taking ALL of them in your carry on. Scratching my head over that one...
  9. I guess I don't understand why you would take a risk, even a small one, with something that is potentially the difference between life and death, rather than just taking ALL of them in your carry on. Scratching my head over that one...
  10. I guess I don't understand why you would take a risk, even a small one, with something that is potentially the difference between life and death, rather than just taking ALL of them in your carry on. Scratching my head over that one...
  11. You can go between FLL and MIA for a hell of a lot less than $180. What are you looking at that is quoting that? Uber or Lyft is likely less than $50 each way. Secondly, why does anyone need to change their hotel? If they have a hotel booked near FLL they can still stay there, and just go down to MIA the morning of the cruise. Why is that a problem?!
  12. They didn't cancel without reason, they just didn't share with you what the reason was. And why did they wait til 3 months prior? Because it was at that point that they became aware of the need to cancel for whatever the reason was- probably because that's when the 3rd party vendor canceled on them or informed them of some problem. Celebrity didn't just randomly decide to cancel for no reason, and then intentionally wait until a random date to notify you.
  13. Delta, American, United, Air Canada, West Jet, Alaska. Not sure if Jet Blue flies into YVR or not, but I don't think Southwest does. As someone else said, if you're flying coach most airlines are more similar than different, so look for the best schedule, price, or frequent flyer benefits....whatever is most important to you.
  14. Not really. Celebrity is a mass market line, not a premium line. It is in the same general category with Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Norwegian, Disney etc. Premium lines would be Oceania, Silversea, Seabourn etc.
  15. I doubt you'd recognize a building you last saw 33 years ago. Renovations and remodelings would leave it looking nothing like it did before.
  16. This^^^ Plus not all pilots are certified to fly all aircraft, so using different aircraft often means using different crew.
  17. And even if the airport remains open, individual airlines could still cancel flights in and out of the airport.
  18. Please understand that all 380s are not the same, just like all Boeing planes are not the same. Each airline orders planes to its own specifications....they tell the manufacturer, Airbus or Boeing, how many seats, what kind of configuration of seats, how far apart the rows should be, how the galley should be arranged etc. etc. You could fly another airline's 380 or another airline's Boeing 777 and it could be completely different from your prior experience. So perhaps next time choose a seat on the lower deck.
  19. I don't know about the port parking area specifically, but yes, certain areas of downtown Charleston (and the cruise port is in the downtown area) are definitely prone to flooding in heavy rain or during extremely high tides. If heavy rain coincides with high tide then it can be particularly problematic.
  20. Thanks, we would absolutely arrive early. Just prefer to book our own long haul air, for various reasons. No definite plans for Flora yet, but it's on the list!
  21. But that is a rather limited situation, depending on the airport. With just a few exceptions, having GE isn't a means of expediting security outside the US.
  22. Is it possible to have Celebrity book only the round trip between Quito and Baltra, and make your own arrangements to get between the US and Quito? Or will Celebrity only book Quito-Baltra if you are using them for your air travel to and from the US as well?
  23. It's kind of a no-win situation for X. If they did do something small to acknowledge mid-point milestones, no doubt they would get complaints of "I've sailed on such and such number of cruises with you and I'll I got was a stupid cupcake???" Bottom line: while it would "be nice" to have more recognition, just accept that it won't happen and enjoy your cruise. After all, the reason one is cruising on a particular line is because they like the ship or the itinerary or the perks they already get, right? Not because they are hoping for some free strawberries or flowers or cupcakes or whatever. I think folks get way too hung up on achieving status.
  24. Not necessarily. While airlines MAY allow you to get a refund or waive a change fee for medical reasons, it isn't usually something that is guaranteed in the terms and conditions of the ticket contract. Therefore, I wouldn't count on it, particularly for an airline that is generally considered to be a low cost carrier. The airline's standpoint is generally going to be "if you wanted the option to get a refund, for whatever reason, you should have purchased one of our refundable fares. Otherwise, submit the claim to your travel insurance company." Of course, not all travel insurance policies cover the same things, so if you go that route, make sure you are very clear in advance on what your policy covers.
  25. Just to clarify for anyone who may not be as familiar with it, when Alidor says GE "allows for international travel" what that means is that GE is a program to expedite immigration and customs upon return to the US. It has nothing to do with getting through security. Now, if you get GE it comes with TSA Precheck as a bonus, but as it's a US government program, it is only applicable for security at US airports, not foreign airports.
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