Bring own water/soda onboard Celebrity

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I've sent a couple of emails to Celebrity and both answers seemed vague. I've read posts on here about this exact question and the replies seemed to say that yes, we can bring water and soda onboard. The posting were a few years old, so I would like to ask the question again.

1 answer what that we're allowed to bring them on board, if they don't serve it. (all cruise ships serve water and soda, so this doesn't make sense). They might be saying that we're allowed to bring brands that they don't sell, which is pretty ridiculous.

The other answer was that we're allowed to bring opened items that we might hold in our hands.
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There is no question about it - you can bring soda and bottled water onboard. I believe there is no limit on quantity - at least I have never heard of one, nor read about one online here. We bring soda on regularly and never an issue. We bring it on during embarkation, and then often again at ports of call. Never had a problem.
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We had no trouble taking water on board last Nov on Equinox. We don't drink soda so I can't answer that for sure but I think i read where people take cases of soda on when they embark.
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The land based customer service is out of touch with what happens at the ports and on the ships. I don't know why they give this incorrect info as I've read many similar reports of this in the past.

There is no written policy prohibiting passengers from bringing on water or soda. I've brought both on in the past with no issues and have even checked full cases with the dock porters along with our luggage. I've also read numerous reports from others who have done the same. I've never read any report on these boards from someone who was not allowed to bring their water or soda on board.

Hope this helps.
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Yes, as previously mentioned - we slap a luggage tag on a case of water and drop it off with our luggage. It is then delivered with our luggage.
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Thank you for the great ideas! The beverage packages seem very steep and we dont drink a lot of soda, or alcohol really, and certainly not enough to justify such a high price!