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  1. This is excellent advice. I have read of a number of these situations as well. Which in some ways I understand, and in others I feel it treats the current passengers with much more strict rules than the general public about to board. Let's face it - when traveling by air, hanging out at an airport, riding in taxis, eating at restaurants, and staying at hotels virtually every single person boarding that ship who didn't just drive from home has likely been in "close contact" with someone who would test positive.
  2. Besides adding more anxiety to the mix, exactly what is anyone supposed to do with this information?
  3. I can't open the links without having some kind of account?
  4. Our our Millennium cruise in early September there were two shows as usual in the theater, and in fact more live music in Rendezvous than I remember in our last several cruises pre-Covid! But I think it depends on the sailing and how many passengers expected. Some of the Summit cruises had capacities as low as 500 from what I've read. I could see them only having one show per night then. Our cruise had somewhere around 1000 (or a little more).
  5. People keep asking this question over and over and over and over. The fact is - we don't know the answer and Celebrity is not telling us.
  6. Question (which has probably been answered somewhere but heaven knows in which posting) When I go to order the Binax Now test from the Celebrity link, it's asking me for my information (name, date of birth, etc..). If I order a 3 pack, can I use one of them for my husband or do each of us need to order our own set of tests?
  7. The point here is not that we need to be flexible. We all know and understand that. The point here is also not that ports can't change and the contract says so. The point here is that the cruise lines know for sure that they cannot sail to Grand Cayman, but they continue to advertise cruises going there. Key West is a little more of a grey area, but Grand Cayman is a for sure no sail until at least late January. If nothing else, they could add some disclaimer wording to the impacted cruises on their website indicating that Grand Cayman will not be available and they are working out details as to what will replace it, if anything. So given all the above, I agree that it is in fact false advertising, at least at this point in time.
  8. I'm good with having it extended, but I wish they would please, please, please go back to the 3 day requirement. So much easier for those of us who fly in a couple days early, which is a substantial number. There is no science to back up the move from 3 days to 2 days that I have ever seen reported.
  9. But when was this? And what will happen when passenger load increases considerably but possibly taxi and Uber staffing does not? Or when there are fewer TSA and Customs agents now that full vaccination is required? I don't doubt it worked for you. But things are changing rapidly and what worked getting off a lower capacity cruise in the past (even recent past) may not work for a cruise 2 or 3 or more months from now when presumably (hopefully!!) many more people are cruising. It's also a bit frustrating to me when people who are driving home decide to do walk-off first thing and slow down those who are hurrying to meet early flights. It would be nice if locals would show a little consideration and let those trying to catch early flights disembark first. Maybe in your case it didn't really matter and I don't know your situation so this is not directed at you personally. Just expressing frustration at what I've seen in the past when people trying to catch early flights were waiting in huge lines trying to disembark. It's hard enough to catch early flights - I'd like to put out a heartfelt plea to people not needing to disembark right away to please, please wait a little bit.
  10. What's curious to me is that some cruises have received alternative ports or days at sea, while other cruises (some sailing before the changed ones) still show Grand Cayman. Not sure why that is. I suspect it may be that sometimes the logistics of finding another option are harder on some sailings than others due to conflicts with other ships (Celebrity or other lines). Hope that is the reason as I have a couple upcoming cruises where it is still listed!
  11. There is no doubt in my mind it will be extended, perhaps indefinitely. They have a lot to gain and nothing much to lose by continuing the requirement. People may find it frustrating (make that extremely frustrating now that it is 2 days!!!) but if it's required on other lines as well they won't lose much business at all.
  12. Capacity varies substantially from ship to ship and sailing to sailing. Our Alaska cruise in Sept had over 1,000 passengers (don't recall the exact amount). Sailings a couple weeks later had several hundred fewer. Summit has repositioned since July (and in fact I believe since Sept as well). That could drastically impact capacity. No one knows, and Celebrity is not telling. Frustrating, I know. You would think they could at least give people an estimate for cruises in the near future - but they won't.
  13. Last I read it was end of January at the earliest. Where did you find out this information? Just curious.
  14. I think like all internet, it can really depend on where you are sailing. We did an Alaska cruise in September. Could check and read my emails if they were coming from another subscriber. If they were from businesses, I could sometimes not open them completely. On FB I could usually see posts, as well as post words, but sometimes I could not open all the comments and sometimes I could not post pictures. I was able to use FB messenger to connect with people. When browsing the internet, I could surf the web but often I was not able to open the site Google located. My biggest complaint - on surf internet I could not do Wi-Fi calling, nor could I text, which I had always been able to do on Celebrity ships before. Should not have to upgrade to be able to do that IMHO.
  15. One question I would pose to the group - has anyone recently been successful moving from any kind of balcony cabin to a suite? On our last several cruises we booked AQ, and then bid on suites (from Sky on up) - always bidding over minimum (but admittedly not much over). We have yet to succeed. Am I just wasting my time? It seems these days the suites are the first cabins to go so I wonder if it's worth the hassle.
  16. Exactly. These are not the "good ole days" when you could almost bet the bank that you could make even a 9:30 flight out of FLL (but as my post above proves, even that was not a 100% guarantee, but probably at least 95%). We encountered the Customs issue on a recent Millennium cruise (granted, that was Seattle, but staffing issues are across the board). We got through in plenty of time, but considering how few people were aboard the ship we did not expect to encounter the size of lines we did at the checkpoint. With the government now requiring vaccinations for governmental employees (and please everyone, let's not get off track with a pro/con argument about that), it is very possible that the staffing will (at least temporarily) be even lower and potentially cause more delays getting through Customs and Immigration.
  17. I have cruised several times during Super Bowl on Celebrity. There is always some kind of watch party. In the past it generally was in the theater, and also playing in the casino bar, as well as places like the one that used to be a wine bar (on another ship) whose name totally escapes my 70 year old mind!
  18. Celebrity doesn't even tell you how many cruisers will be on your cruise when you board. They are being very tight lipped about what their targets are, and of course we would expect that to change as the virus situation changes. So bottom line, other than telling you how many are aboard now, no one knows what the future numbers are.
  19. I agree with the suggestion to just get off the ship and walk around town. Try the local food if you are interested. Do not expect the shops to be open, but you can enjoy the architecture and local color.
  20. I cringe when people tell you no problem. I had one cruise in FLL start disembarkation at 9:30 am. Never would have made that one! In fact, that also happened to us on another cruise, that one out of Seattle, so late arrivals are always possible, if not likely. Also, what worked before Covid days may not work now. If all goes according to plan, you have a very good chance of making it - I can agree with them on that point. If the number of cruisers significantly increases later this year (not sure when your cruise is), but Uber and taxi staffing as well as dock workers does not increase as fast it could be an issue. We are facing the same situation in Tampa on our January flight - they changed it to a 10:30 departure. We are taking the chance, but considering what our back-up plan will be.
  21. yes they are, but not a valid option for many of us with this change to 2 day testing! We always fly down a couple of days before. So our flights for our several upcoming cruises are already booked. In order to do a Walgreens or CVS test you first need to locate one near you, and then you need to drive there. We will be staying at a hotel without a car. If we can find a location close, we might (emphasis on might) be able to talk an Uber driver to take us and wait in the (sometimes) long line waiting for us to test. But we can't count on being able to do that, so we will have to bring at least a couple of the self tests with us. IMHO the change from 3 day to 2 day testing really, really messed up many people's plans and significantly added to the stress of getting ready for a cruise. In addition to finding the tests, it is literally impossible for us to know before we get on that plane if we will test negative for our cruise. We can try a CVS or Walgreens test the day before we fly and that will give some peace of mind but is no guarantee. If we get to our port and then test positive, then what?!?! Can't get on a plane. May have trouble finding a hotel that will let you quarantine until you test negative again. Hugely stressful.
  22. For some of us that is not an option. We are flying in two days before, leaving early in the morning. Maybe we can get up at 3 in the morning and try to test, but that is pretty unrealistic. This two day window is ridiculous. I understand the idea of testing, but where is the science that shows us that testing 2 days prior is any better than 3 days prior - especially since after you test (if you do it at home) most of us take some type of transportation to the airport, board a plane, take an Uber or taxi, stay at a hotel, go to a restaurant, etc. etc.
  23. Basically if you are upgrading you are cancelling one booking and starting another, so I understand why they are saying that. It seemed fair in normal times, but I think that is really not right for them to do it for lift and shift cruises. But it is what it is. Your best bet is to try to do a move-up bid when the time comes. Only issue is you don't get to pick your cabin and must keep whatever they assign you, assuming you win the bid.
  24. no one knows what happens. This is a concern of mine as well.
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