Pull Out Sofa Balcony Room

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How comfortable is the pull out couch in these rooms. I am traveling with my DW,DD,DS, and I am not expecting son and daughter to share sofa so my wife and I will be sleeping on it so I was wondering how comfortable it will be.
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How old are the kids? Two adults will NOT be comfortable on there.
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I would NOT give up the comfortable bed to the kids---if they are too old to sleep together, I'd book them an inside room. No WAY would I sleep on a "sofa bed" on my vacation!
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Dh and I slept on one. It wasn't ideal but we didn't mind. THe only thing I didn't like was the blankets were not sufficient to cover us both at the same time.
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Perhaps you could request an egg crate foam topper if it is uncomfortable?
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I found the sofa beds on the mariner comfortable havent been on them on any other ship. But those pull out futon couches were horrible!! I would never do it again, I didnt get one good nights sleep.

Check your cabin to see if it is actually a sofa bed or a futon, it will make a huge difference. We had two adult people sleeping in the sofa bed with no problem, but no way would two be able to sleep on the futon one.
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It's really really bad, but that being said, we have had four of us in a D1 and my DS and DD shared the sofabed. They don't mind...if we take them on a cruise, they're happy!

BUT...I always ask for (or take in a space bag) an egg crate type foam pad, because the sofabeds are horrible! Not that they help too much, but DO NOT give up your bed!!!
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If the kids are older maybe bring a blowup mattress with you for DS to use on floor. Just a thought.
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I just slept on the sofa bed on Nav, yuck, I was like Elaine from Seinfeld with a stiff neck, you just can't seem to beat that bar in the middle of your back and the rest of your body is lower. my husband and I sleep with one kid each so that we have more room and hes a snoore-er! but I really enjoyed the newer couch- sofa bed thing on Liberty. We always stay in GS and that wasn't what I expected.
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We have a GS booked one the Navigator and NO WAY would I let the kids have the bed and us take the sofa bed..lol..
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Does anyone have a picture of the sofabed?
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We were in the same boat ( ) you are - D1 balcony , DD and DS got the beds (separated) Dh is 6ft, I'm 5'4", while it wasnt the best - it wasnt the worst either - we both got a good night sleep, plus the added bonus of spending times with the kids (18 & 14)

We have booked early for our next cruise and got connecting PR rooms at a decent price - we decided on this mainly for 2 showers since the Med is a very port intensive trip and long days - can sleep a few minutes longer in the am!
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Um, no way would my kids get the comfy beds and us the sofa bed!

When they can pay for their own cruises, they get to have comfy beds!
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I would not sleep on a sofabed on my vacation. I would rather get 2 inside rooms then one balcony room if that was the case.

Totally off topic by why don't they just put 2 pullmans in the balcony room. One over the bed and one over the sofa? Wouldn't it make more sense? Those sofa beds are not only so bad but it can't be separated and it takes up a ton of floor space in the already too small room. The pullmans are actually comfortable.