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Flightseeing over Antarctica - Has anyone done it ???


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We have not done the flightseeing trip, but we have just returned from Antarctica on the Radisson Explorer II. This was the most amazing experience and I would highly recommend it. You will be also be able to go ashore (the ship is equipped with zodiac boats). A flight seeing trip may give you a "taste" of what it is really like in Anarctica but I would highly recommend the cruise itself!

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Hi Disney Leonard


I am busy with a review (quite a long review) and will post ASAP. If I can remember correctly the satellite phone charge was $5 per minute. We used the email facility which was also $5 per email (regardless of length). You can receive emails free of charge. If you don't have the ship's email address, let me know and I will post the details.


You are in for an absolutely wonderful experience on board Explorer II. ENJOY! :)

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Since Antarctica has become such a popular destination in the past two years, there are now plenty of reasonably priced cruises. I did a cruise on a small boat two years ago for 10 days. I chose a small ship as the larger ships are restricted in many places around the peninsula. If anyone wants recommendations, e-mail me.

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a couple of girlfriends indicated they are interested in going. we're looking at a variety of possibilities: Quark, ZOE, INTRAV, Adventure-Life, Orient.


I'm leaning towards Quark but have noticed other interesting options as well. What are your thoughts?

p.s. would have emailed you but didn't see addr

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I went on the Peregrine Adventure lines. Some of the cruise lines (especially the large ships) are unable to anchor in the more secluded areas. Also I wanted to the kayaking and many of the cruises do not

offer that. The Peregrine cruises are more international crowd - not a lot of Americans and less expensive than the more commercial lines which cater to more Americans.

Check http://peregrineadventures.com/antarctica/index.asp

Quark is probably the most expensive of all the cruises however if I ever come into some $$$ I am going to do the Wrangel Island/Russia cruise $8.000+).

Don't expect the Antarctica cruise to be comparable to the commercial cruises such a Alaska or Caribbean - it is totally different. If you are on a ship that offers kayaking and willing to spend the $500 extra - I highly recommended it - been kayaking in several places around the world and I doubt even Alaska will compare to it!

You can check my photos of Antarctica at: http://www.virtualtourist.com/m/43ec4/9/

My e-mail is: texasredhead@charter.net

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We leave tomorrow for Antarctica. We are going with Lindblad Expeditions. Our trip with them to the Galapagos two years ago was fabulous and we figured we would try them in Antarctica. They have been doing this trip for several years and have now merged with National Geographic.

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Benita and MaryEllen - Thanks! Adding Peregrine to the list. We rec'd info from Lindblad - one of my travelling companions is taking the lead on investigating that thread.


MaryEllen - pix fantastic! I've looked up Peregrine and am happy with what I've read so far. Did you do the overnight offered? They say among inclusions "bar" does that mean beverages are included? Will email you privately as well.



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I have two recommendations re: Antarctica.


The first is regarding flyovers. Be aware that the weather may change during your long flight and visibility might be compromised, or your trip might be cancelled altogether.


The second is regarding cruises. Only 100 people are allowed ashore in Antarctica at a time. I highly recommend a smaller ship so you get more time on land. Also the calmer and quieter it is the more likely you are to get the animals closer to you (since you are not allowed to approach them).



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