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  1. QM2 also sails onto/from Hamburg Germany pre and post some of its transatlantics so that might work for you
  2. Yes the view from candie gardens and Victoria tower is great; only thing is if someone has the key you have to wait for them to return before you can go up as it is signed out and there is only one key- this happened to us last August
  3. We have a 100% record (4/4 )also of getting into Guernsey by tender , we are going again late may so hoping it continues! The bus 91/92 round the island trip is now £5 if you stay on the whole round trip, but if you get off or any single trip on other buses is £1. Sometimes the shops do open for a short time when the cruise ships are in , there is also castle cornet within a short walk as someone else mentioned as well as other attractions.
  4. It is Cowes week and the 14th is the night of the fireworks which usually start about 21.00-21.30 so I assume it's so you see them coming down Southampton water
  5. Hope you had a great cruise, was wondering if you were able to buy many Christmas ornaments and where you bought them? Am heading to the area on a cruise in Oct🙂
  6. Another way, if you can’t find out on cruise port schedule, is to do dummy bookings of ship shore excursions , can work out earliest times of tours leaving and latest times returning. Yes it takes longer but worth it if you want to book your own tour
  7. That’s okay; least we won’t be overtaken by the masses in bar harbor ! 🤣
  8. They swapped itinerary dates on Adventure so now is the only ship in bar harbor on 13th so that should help
  9. We now do the same Canada, USA, Canada then USA! Afraid I don't know the answer either though🤔
  10. Thank you, interesting they only have 3 ships in each day so wondering how they messed up. Thanks for the link had a look and it seems we are the only ship in that day so fingers crossed no more changes.
  11. More interesting info on bar Harbor - posted on our roll call - the cruise on adventure prior to ours has now cancelled bar Harbor completely and now has two days in Portland ,due to three ships in port. Await to see whether any more changes will occur to ours.
  12. We at least did get an email on the changes, then a couple more when our excursions were changed! Bar Harbour isn't that good now as were supposed to be in the morning now lunchtime departure so not sure if will get to see much of bar Harbor itself as a tender port or if we can meet dockside. I guess will have to see once onboard
  13. Hi, we are also on the same cruise as yourselves in October , we did the sugar shack tour through Celebrity when we overnighted in Quebec 2 years ago. It was good fun , food was good with plenty of maple syrup then we went over to the museum and explained the process of maple syrup production. Made a maple taffy and of course could buy maple syrup
  14. Portland has been shortened by 2 1/2 hours so now leaving mid afternoon which isn't so great in order to get to St Johns to dock at 5.25 am! Least we haven't lost a port of call
  15. I also really wanted to go here to see everything 'Anne' so when we did 2 years ago, going again this October , we ended up doing a private tour because the only place the ship tour went to was Green Gables and being an Anne fan knew there is much more to see here. Absolutely loved it
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