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  1. Found this link: https://www.iamat.org/country/saint-lucia/risk/yellow-fever#riskcountries
  2. The letter from the TA states "proof of inoculation may be required if the guests are arriving from an "endemic" area". Confusing? Are other islands considered to be endemic?
  3. Just got an email from our TA (from Oceania) saying that we might need Yellow Fever & Malaria shots before visiting St Lucia in December. Oceania does not require the shots but St. Lucia port people might require proof. Anyone have experience with this?
  4. Great answers. Another slightly different question. We will be stopping in Roatan, Honduras---Santo Tomas, Guatemala---Harvest Caye, Belize--and Havana on our March cruise. Does anyone know of a quick place to buy wine at any of the ports?
  5. March 15, 2019 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM TOTAL WINE & MORE Miami Beach Fifth & Alton 1139 5th St Miami Beach, Florida, 33139 (786) 276-6545 Geezer---is this the store you had trouble finding? It is just east of the cruise port in Miami.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I see that there is a "Total Wine & More" store that appears to me very close to the ships--it is a little East of the port. Has anyone had experience with this store? My port is Miami. I do not think there are any bottles of wine on Riveria that are anywhere close to $36.
  7. Just trying to reduce the hastle and weight of putting wines in our checked luggage on Delta. The wine would be for us. Would this wine be subject to the $25 corkage fee if we take it to a speciality restaurant?
  8. At the bottom of the Oceania webpage there is an item "Bon Voyage gifts"--there are 2 house wines listed there at reasonable prices ($36)--does anyone have any opinion of these wines. Thanks. 307 Oceania Club Cyclo Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley, Chile $36 416 Oceania Club Cyclo Cabernet Sauvignon, Maule Valley, Chile $36
  9. StanandJim: I received this reply from Bayside Liquor--any comments? Start at bottom. On Mar 8, 2019, at 1:20 PM, martha delgado <baysideliquor@gmail.com> wrote: Hi, we have never done this before. You would have to meet us at the entrance of the port we are not allowed to leave it with a cruise personnel. If this works I would need your phone number, credit card information, and which products you would like. Thank you, Martica On Mar 6, 2019, at 3:06 PM, Denny wrote: I read about your store on cruisecritic.com . We are sailing on cruise line Oceania (ship is Riveria) on Mar 26--this year. Is it possible to call you and order some wine/liquor and have you deliver it to the cruise ship? If you can do that, what address info do you need or should I mail you one of my luggage tags? We would want you to drop off the order with the ship personnel and they can deliver to our cabin. I assume you have done this before. I can give you credit card info when I call. Thanks. Denny
  10. Thanks for that. Just to be clear. I can call the Bayside store a few days before the cruise--order some wine/liquor and they will deliver it to the ship on departure day? I guess I would tell them the ship and my cabin number, right? I am sure if they have done this before, they know what to do.
  11. We send gifts of flowers and or liquor to Oceania ships, both in Miami and in New York quite regularly. Most recently in February of '19. My understanding is that experienced firms send a helper with the driver so that the van is never left unattended during the delivery process. YOU POSTED THIS ABOVE Can you please tell us who you use to deliver wine/liquor to Oceania (Riveria) in Miami. I think many people would like to use this option instead of "lugging" wine all over the country. Thanks.
  12. StanandJim----Who do you use to deliver wine to Oceania (Riveria) in Miami? I appreciate you sharing this.
  13. I thought that dinner on the Terrace was supposed to be-- 1. Pick out the food you want on the buffet (don't touch it-staff will put it on a plate) and then, 2. a wait staff will bring it to your table. When I look at the links from LHT28, I see people with plates in their hand and I don't see very much wait staff. What the heck is the deal at Terrace??
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