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  1. Being first timers, they did the popular activities like walking to Diamond Head, booking timed tickets to snorkel at Hanauma Bay and this morning after being talked into it by their gdad, they did the Outrigger Canoe ride off the beach. They got absolutely drenched and had to stand up to surf the waves in but had an absolute blast. They left it too late to get tickets to Pearl Harbour but there is always next time.
  2. My โ€œkidsโ€ are at the end of their weekโ€™s holiday in Hawaii. Every day was a highlight for them. On their first full day, they had a Jeep and drove to the beaches on the North Shore and went to Nuโ€™uanu Pali lookout.
  3. @Luckynana Congratulations to Ryan. That is quite a musical talent. I am sure he will enjoy marching camp and well done to them both for their performances I played Clarinet in the school band and my daughter played Trumpet. Neither of us found it easy.
  4. Is Sticky Toffee Pudding the same as Sticky Date Pudding? Sticky Date is my DHโ€™s favourite dessert. He will always choose it when itโ€™s on the dessert menu here.
  5. Good morning. My DS has just flown Sydney to Honolulu overnight landing there this morning (his photo). My DD is enroute to Hawaii from Toronto via Vancouver. First time my โ€œkidsโ€ have holidayed together without me and their first visit to Hawaii.
  6. @DaniDanielle So pleased your daughter and grandchildren will be joining you on board. Is that a new profile photo? Itโ€™s lovely.
  7. @Jimbo would love some of your homegrown tomatoes that you are offering free to neighbours. This is the price today of the tomatoes at our supermarket.
  8. @dani negreanuso sorry to hear you are going through this again. Hope you and your family are safe. @Bailey & Sophie sorry to hear of your bad reaction to the booster. My only reaction was female specific and I consider it tmi for this thread. But it was mentioned in a media article here this week. @HBE4 I used to love Garth Brooks. I remember playing one of his cds on repeat for months. So many great songs on it, @grapau27 - your Fjords trip in that rear balcony sounds wonderful. Itโ€™s on my bucket list. @harryfat1 thanks for sharing your cruise photos. We were booked to do Alaska on the Majestic. It was going to be our first Princess Cruise. So sad it didnโ€™t happen due to Covid but nice to see your familyโ€™s experience. Happy Cruising to all of you currently cruising and @singinalotthanks for sharing your France trip. The meals & drinks you are enjoying look superb as always. I like your travel style. @lioness your cruise reports are a joy to read.
  9. Got an invite at work today for a Christmas in July ( itโ€™s planned for August) party onsite. My two closest in proximity colleagues are off sick for the next 7 days with Covid and several others are wearing masks due to family members currently positive. Seems Covid has finally reached our office. I suspect the party might be delayed to our usual Christmas at Christmas party. We shall see.
  10. I was looking up Kraken last night and saw those mini Kraken bottles put to good use as cake toppings for Kraken themed birthday cakes.
  11. I think he has got off lightly compared to you Dani. He had head cold symptoms for a few days, body aches, a dry cough. He feels his breathing is not back to normal yet if he were to exercise but overall I think he was fortunate to have mild symptoms. He certainly didnโ€™t experience the fatigue, head fog or racking cough that many unfortunately experience. I hope your cough is starting to go away now as well as any other symptoms you were suffering.
  12. Sounds like a nice way to end the day. Cheers ๐Ÿท Today was a good day, the sun was shining and after work DH took me out to dinner because he has been in home quarantine for 7 days. We sat next to the open fire (itโ€™s the last month of winter here) and had a very nice meal.
  13. Canโ€™t add to the generator discussion except to say DD was in a tent at her most recent music festival. They had RVs on either side of them. Both RVs had their generators going all night due to the hot weather. Due to the noise from the generators , DD ended up using her sound diminishing earplugs more to sleep at night than to filter the loud stage music during the day. The RV neighbours were lovely though feeding and watering the girls constantly with leftover meals at breakfast and dinner and serving them alcoholic drinks in the evening when they were all at the campsite at the early evening at the same time ๐Ÿน
  14. I had not heard of the Lioness team until I saw the videos of Prince William and Princess Charlotte wishing them luck before the game. How wonderful that they won.
  15. Picked up a fiction book by Graham Norton at the street library yesterday. Not read one his books yet but only heard good things about them. Love his interview show. DD was in the audience for his show and was lucky enough to have Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Hiddleston and Ricky Gervais being interviewed.
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