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  1. I used to love swimming. I was in the swim squad as an after school activity and my favourite activity from high school sport from getting the Bronze Medallion from the Surf Life Saving Association. We would have sessions at the local rock pool. One of the things we had to do to pass the test was put on several layers of heavy clothing, jump in the deep end and swim. Loved it. I donโ€™t swim as much at pools these days. A few years ago, we were staying in the Hunter Valley for the weekend and I was lucky enough to have the resort pool to myself. I spent ages swimming from one end of the pool to the other, deep underwater. Once I got back home I developed the worst ear infection that took repeated antibiotics to clear. Our lovely local pool has signs up everywhere - no spitting allowed. That really puts you off in time of Covid. And lastly, I have found ship pools to be unclean. Always dead bugs or hair. Ugh. Love to swim in the ocean though.
  2. Good morning from wet & soggy Sydney. Spent yesterday raking all the leaves and doing loads and loads of washing to dry in the sun as we have another week of rain ahead of us. Was looking forward to a family catch up at Dads this morning but woke up to a RATS photo from DS. He has tested positive so decided to be cautious and not be around Dad myself. Now we have a delicious red velvet cake for just the three of us to consume.
  3. I still remember the footage of that sea of flowers after Dianaโ€™s death. Such an outpouring of grief from the general public.
  4. Sorry, I seem to miss posts atm and I didnโ€™t even see the question in your post. I see your question has been answered. Obviously DD is aware of the Twilight connection even though she refused to read the books and she only watched the first movie because it was a shown at a party. Definitely not a fan but she knows enough to post #teamjacob when she posted a few photos from Forks.
  5. Yes she was very excited to see it. They also saw whales as the sun was setting last night. A lady leant them some binoculars to have a closer look.
  6. Today, there is a chill wind in Sydney but it is lovely to see the sun out after over a week of rain. Sun just lifts your mood.
  7. Gosh this sounds like my DHโ€™s best friend. They have been best friends since childhood but are polar opposites in timekeeping. The most frustrating thing for DH is that his friend will not message to say he is running late. It is clear he has left his house after the time he said he will meet. A simple text just to let DH know is all he asks. Then when he finally turns up no apology. Vague excuse when pressed. Does DHโ€™s head in. When they come over for dinner, I always add an hour onto the time they say they will arrive and feed DH appetisers while we waitโ€ฆ1 1/2hrs late is the norm.
  8. I love all things Royal too. Watched all the weddings you mentioned and cried during Diโ€™s funeral coverage. Enjoyed watching the Queenโ€™s Jubilee footage recently. Enjoyed seeing the The Royal Mews (horse carriages), the Crown Jewels at Tower of London and visiting Buckingham Palace Staterooms during their summer openings, whilst in London a few years back. Have you visited them?
  9. A good reliable tradie or a family member like Andy are worth their weight in gold. We currently have no hot water. Plumber is flat out and says he may get to us tomorrow or it could be Friday. Lists - I think Iโ€™ve mentioned this before but Dad writes his shopping lists in German. Before family comes over to visit he writes a list of things to ask/show us while we are over. Then a separate list for the 3 grandkids that are tech specific to do with his phone & tablet and social media.
  10. Hi Sue. He wonโ€™t have any problems at all. Jobs everywhere. Bars, cafes, hospitality, tourism. If he wants to get an indication of whatโ€™s available, have a look at seekdotcomdotau. DD has a lot of info about the gap year experience here and whatโ€™s required etc. She is currently camping but next chance I get to have a long chat with her on the phone Iโ€™ll get the relevant info for you. Give me a couple of days.
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