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  1. My GP sent me to the OT before I was sent to the Specialist. The Specialist does 2hrs of tests and a MRI. Pretty thorough here in dealing with Vertigo. My diagnosis both times has been (work) stress and anxiety meds have helped a lot. Everyone who knows me have been stunned that I needed anxiety meds as they all keep telling me I am the calmest and unruffled person but intense stress can show up in weird ways.
  2. I watched Jane Austen’s Persuasion on Netflix last week. Today, these memories popped up my phone confirming that the Royal Crescent in Bath, UK (top photo) was used as a location. Not surprising given Jane Austen lived in Bath from 1800-1806 and Bath is used for a lot of period tv series.
  3. Tbh, I thought everyone would be bored of my Sydney harbour/bridge/opera house/ferry photos -so pleased you still enjoy them. Spring is around the corner and I appear to have recovered from the worst of the vertigo that had prevented me from going anywhere much in the last couple of months, so fingers crossed for more walks & a cruise over summer. DD has booked a week in Queenstown, New Zealand to hike so if that goes ahead, will have them to share too.
  4. After a wet start this morning, it turned out to be a nice Saturday in Sydney, particularly in the afternoon. Caught the ferry from Milsons Point to Circular Quay with the intention to visit the Sydney Pylon lookout but it closes at 2pm in winter. Passed by the Sydney YHA - The Rocks, discovered it has an archeological site on it’s lower level and adjacent to it. The foyer looks nice and it has a rooftop that has spectacular view of the harbour. Speaking of rooftop views, after checking out the lower levels of Sydney YHA (The Rocks), wandered down to the Museum of Contemporary Art and had afternoon tea at the MCA rooftop cafe - very nice individual Persian love cake and hot drinks , then wandered the galleries of the lower levels which was enjoyable before catching the ferry back to Milsons Point, walking around to Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden and heading home.
  5. @dani negreanu Looks like you are having a wonderful family holiday @George C and @NHProud all the best for your MRIs @Luckynana Sorry to read of Ryan’s shock Type 1 diagnosis.
  6. Winter is not done with us yet. Had hail this afternoon, followed by temperature drop to 8C and it’s currently snowing in the Blue Mountains ❄️❄️
  7. Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your DIL and how exciting that the birth of your newest grandchild is imminent.
  8. Clever name for rafter. Is the massage chair hers? She certainly makes herself comfortable in prime position next to the controls. Was Storm discovered in a storm?
  9. Happy 10th Birthday to Lucas. Looks like a fabulous day. That was a very cool solution to the escaping balloons. No wonder you grandson said it was awesome. You are one very cool Grandpa. I am so sorry to read of your daughter’s diagnosis. My thoughts are with you all as you go through this challenging time.
  10. 🙋‍♀️ Me. I started watching GOT from Season 3 onwards. My colleague and I would have in-depth discussions at work after each episode. My office is next to the boardroom and we would get funny looks from the CEO on the rare occasions his meetings weren’t closed door on the day after the episode dropped. Clearly he learnt more about GOT than he ever needed to but it was that type of show that you needed to debrief. Been enough time since the abysmal GOT final episodes for me to look forward to this new series.
  11. The Wiggles - Australian Childrens performers. Not sexy but definitely very successful. The very first concerts for my DD. They toured America too. Two of the founders played together in a band when they were in Uni. Band’s name “The Cockroaches”. Ugh.
  12. My DD is loving the fact she has to do Telehealth appointments this year due to Covid. Her GP is a young Englishman with a “sexy” accent. She seems to appreciate it more via phone.
  13. My mum’s favourite bird was the Pelican and there are plenty around at The Entrance. They make me smile and think of mum.
  14. A sunny Sunday in Sydney. We drove to The Entrance (1 1/2hrs north of Sydney) and did a 10km cycle around Tuggerah Lake.
  15. Our long term 90yo neighbour knocked on our door a few weeks ago and asked DH if he could fix the fence as it was leaning over. The section that had the lean was hidden behind some banana trees on our side so we hadn’t noticed it. DH is not handy and it took ages to find someone. Our usual guy has retired due to health issues and because of all the rain in recent times the handyman in our area were all swamped with work. The guy who we eventually got did a decent job but he liked to chat (a lot). The fence itself was built about ten years ago and at that time our neighbour could not afford to contribute. We could, so we paid for it. After fixing the lean, it Took a while for the handyman to issue the invoice. Our neighbour followed up with DH a couple of times to see whether the invoice was in. DH had never mentioned to him again paying for the original fence but the neighbour had remembered and he wanted to pay his share promptly this time as he was so grateful for DH helping him out financially back then.
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