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  1. Excellent outcome. Our a/c was playing up recently. DH said we have to get someone in. I said have you checked the manual? He couldn’t find it. I usually keep all the manuals in one location but this one DH had kept and after hunting high and low couldn’t find it. Then remembered reading somewhere that you can print them off the internet. Mission accomplished. First line of instructions for any issues - replace batteries in remote every year (aircon unit is 2 years old). Replaced batteries and all good. D’oh!
  2. From Barangaroo walked across the CBD to the Art Gallery of NSW. They have redesigned their gallery space. Had a nice lunch in their onsite cafe of salmon finger sandwiches and a chai latte then had a pleasant wander through the updated spacious galleries. From the Art Gallery it’s a short walk to the Botanical Gardens. Ducked into the art gallery shop to buy an umbrella as the skies looked a bit threatening over the Opera House. But nothing eventuated so if this cruise ship is departing tonight they should have a nice sail away.
  3. Barangaroo Reserve always offers a nice view of the Harbour Bridge and has a permanent outdoor video welcoming visitors to Gadigal Country.
  4. First walk in the city for months. Sunny but cool Saturday in Sydney. Barangaroo has a popular walking track by the water and there are currently 30 painted whale tails to see along the walk from Barangaroo to Darling Harbour and beyond.
  5. DS has been in Anchorage for the past 3.5 days. After the warmth and sun of beautiful Hawaii for a week, the weather in Alaska has been awful for sightseeing so a bit of a disappointment as plans had to be curtailed and although he has hiked every day, the views were not as they would normally be. Today, he persevered with an e-bike hire to do Tony Knowles Park. 3 hours where it rained all the way back was worth it for these photos.
  6. Belated Happy Anniversary wishes to @Ozark_Kid and Happy Anniversary in advance to @grapau27 Graham and Pauline for Monday. I am sure you have a wonderful dinner planned with Sarah on Tuesday.
  7. We had a storm develop this afternoon while I was out taking Wattle photos. Our area is a sea of yellow. You know Spring is just around the corner when the Wattle flowers.
  8. Went out to dinner last night. Had Mongolian Lamb Bao. I’ve never had nor heard of bao buns before. Three on the plate filled with Mongolian Lamb. Delicious.
  9. DD wanted to bring me home the beautiful Christmas decorations she saw but with all the flights too fragile. Instead she added to our magnet collection and has kept the maps from the hikes she did in the National Parks and plans to have them framed.
  10. Dad requested that he see DD as soon as she arrived home while her trip memories were “fresh”. We all went out for a delicious meal last night at a newly renovated RSL club near him and this was parked in the underground carpark near our car. Took photo for DS.
  11. @Momof3gurlz Have fun on your road trip. Sounds like your grandsons will. As kids, we had roadtrips annually to the Gold Coast in Queensland from Sydney. My fav part was having all the pillows and sheets around me on my side of the backseat (very cosy) and the I spy games.
  12. Back to Uni. Her next overseas trip will be England next June as travelling companion has a wedding to attend at Windsor Castle. I didn’t realise public wedding receptions were held there but given its size it makes sense. DD also plans to visit Hawaii again on the way over and I will join her for that portion of the trip. Interestingly, the only flights she experienced turbulence on were to and from Hawaii. She flew Jetstar. She likes them for domestic flights around Australia but wasn’t impressed at all by the international flight experience with them so won’t book them again for any overseas flights.
  13. I think DD should buy a lottery ticket - 12 flights across 6 airlines, multiple countries and their baggage never got lost at all. 3 outdoor concerts, 3 outdoor music festivals and one indoor hockey game across the UK, USA and Canada in 8 weeks and neither of them got Covid. DD landed safely home this afternoon at Sydney airport. At the same time DS checked in at Honolulu airport for his flight to Anchorage via Seattle. He is flying Delta not Southwest.
  14. Schnitzel & Chocolate fudge cake sounds like a winner to me! Can’t go wrong with basketball or football - both great for hand eye co-ordination. Good luck with the gentle persuasion on the swimming lessons.
  15. @dani negreanu Goodlooking grandsons. I bet one of the things they look forward to most with sleepovers apart from spending time with is your DH’s food. They look like they are going to be good swimmers like you. What’s their favourite outdoor activity?
  16. It’s a lovely looking cruiser and the Thames sounds like the perfect place for novices like yourselves with the welcoming community and low speeds. In Australia, it’s caravans and campervans that went through a sales boom during lockdown and there is still a long waiting list to purchase them.
  17. @sgmn is that your boat, Sue? Your day out on the water looks absolutely lovely. Do hope the weather cools for you. Lovely sunset shot.
  18. DS has been trying different cocktails. Tonight he had a guava daiquiri. Said it was very nice. A couple of food photos.
  19. Being first timers, they did the popular activities like walking to Diamond Head, booking timed tickets to snorkel at Hanauma Bay and this morning after being talked into it by their gdad, they did the Outrigger Canoe ride off the beach. They got absolutely drenched and had to stand up to surf the waves in but had an absolute blast. They left it too late to get tickets to Pearl Harbour but there is always next time.
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