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  1. I know but the Summit was late again today, 9-22 so just curious.
  2. Summit running late again leaving port?
  3. Last time it was this late, earlier this summer, they were waiting for a plane to arrive from England with many passengers onboard. Wonder what's the cause this time?
  4. Carlos & Pepe's (Tex Mex) is located at 1302 SE 17th St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316. Just a few blocks from Port Everglades (next to Embassy Suites) but no water view. Lots of restaurants, like Coconuts, on the inter-coastal waterway in Fort Lauderdale.
  5. I believe there is a room with tables down by the shops. I think it was the art sales room. One regular table and several low tables with chairs.
  6. I've read here that sometimes people call the cruise company several times and get different operators who offer different perks, upgrades, etc. Try calling a few times and see if anyone will offer you an upgrade. Also helps if you are a repeat customer instead of a first time cruiser on that line.
  7. That would be our cruises. Thanks for the information.
  8. What perks/OB credit do they give for onboard booking nowadays. Used to do $600 deposit and Cunard gave us $600 OB.
  9. Thanks for posting the menus and daily programs.
  10. If possible, can you post any dailies or Brittania menu options? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for info re tides. Always wondered why QM2 left port between 5ish and 6ish if tides were an issue. We did only have about an 8 foot clearance on one cruise (optical illusion made it look even less). If not at dinner, always go to top deck for sail away under the V bridge. I did read that they built the funnel shorter to go under some bridges in ports they visited, I believe the Verrazzano being one of them.
  12. Forgot to ask. What is the new time of departure?
  13. Glad they were able to wait. I know the QM2 has to watch the tides to be able to make it under the Verranzzano Bridge. We haven't cruised on QM2 in a while. Love the ship though. Wondering how the food is now in the MDR and Buffet. We had planned to do the Southern Caribbean this fall but had to cancel. Hope to be back on her soon though. Hope you have a wonderful voyage! Will check on your posts to see how your voyage is going.
  14. Why is QM2 still in port? I'm on the NY Harbor webcam which had her leaving at 5:30 pm today. Hope all is okay.
  15. Was a happy sound for us at 9 am when we had our breakfast. We were having mobility issues this cruise so we did not want to be moving around too early. We were just surprised re noise because no noise prior stay in 8148. We love the location of that cabin.
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