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  1. Perfect place? Probably not one... but if you don't want to fly and love being on board a good ship, Central Florida may be nearly perfect. Reasonable housing and living costs, magnificent winter weather, low taxes and within one to three hours by car of four cruise ports with a wide variety of cruise lines and itineraries. Nearly perfect.
  2. Eurodam December 1, 2019 10 Days Panama Canal Partial Transit Birthday Celebration
  3. Outstanding pictures and a wonderful commentary. Great fun to read. I love Scotland and can't wait to get back.
  4. Same here. It came yesterday.
  5. I know a very successful, small quilting company where more than half the business is making quilts out of customer Tee Shirts. Customers send their shirts. The shop makes them into a quilt...any size...and ships the finished quilt back to the customer....all over the country. Nice little business.
  6. I hope you enjoy the Rotterdam. We have cruise on her two times and enjoyed both cruises very much.
  7. She'll soon be back in Amsterdam and gone from HAL forever. Too bad.
  8. We will sail on Eurodam the third time this December. She's a delightful ship; perfect size; good layout except for the Crow's Nest; wonderful staff and crew. Hope you have a great cruise.
  9. Welcome Home. It was quite a ride.....
  10. Thank you again. Your posts have been a source of wonder and excitement....always great fun to read.
  11. Thanks for taking us along. Your posts are great fun to read and always interesting. Stay well.
  12. We've cruised Alaska in September with good results. Altogether a very pleasant cruise. Lots of discounts, variable weather....as always....We'd do it again without hesitation. I hope you go and have a great time. Enjoy !!!
  13. Great post. To me it is astounding that an entire country could be without a postal system in the 21st century. Thanks again for taking the time.....Your blog has been a real treat from the very beginning....a long time ago !!
  14. Welcome back. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey. Your posts are great fun to read and full of good information. All the best. DFD1
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