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  1. Hey Roger, Wrote you a few weeks ago hoping you would be able to obtain a map of the dining room. I have the Koningsdam but rumor has it that it is not the same. Hope you are successful and able to post the map. Have a great cruise! Sherry
  2. As it is different from the Koningsdam, can anyone supply the dining room layout for the Nieuw Statendam?
  3. Loved my vista Suite! Yes a little bigger...…..yes extra mariner points. I loved the layout....bed next to sliding door instead of couch. I sit up late and read when husband has gone to bed. There was a partial wall between couch and bed. I felt like the sitting area was its own separate space.
  4. For me...…..quiet please! If I choose music, I will bring my own and "plug in". Don't always like other peoples choices and usually the piped in music is much to loud!
  5. Wow! Can't believe this FlightEase "glitch" is still occurring ! I am one of the folks this happened to last Fall. I had my flight booked but as I have a choice of 2 airports, I decided to compare times and flights from both airports. At no time were there any warnings or indications that I was canceling my booked flight. I was only aware when I went to the Delta website to pick my seats and no longer saw my reservation. I was able to rebook but at a higher price. I will say, when I notified HAL what happened, I received an apology and an OBC that made up the difference in the airline fare. Still, the whole thing was very stressful and should not happen.
  6. Ah...…….without flash...….now I get it! I did not realize you could get such good photos without the flash. I have so enjoyed you taking all of us along on your cruise. Will miss it but always watch for any of your posts. They are very informative and done with your special brand of humor.
  7. John, I have a question. We are told at the main stage shows that we are not allowed to take pictures. Some of the people I most admire on Cruise Critic (yourself included) have posted photos from those performances. What am I missing here?
  8. What am I doing wrong? Went to your web page but can't find dining room map for Koningsdam.
  9. RV's? Check out Good Sam Evacuation Insurance! Covers in where in the world and "no", you do not have to be RVing.
  10. Hoping you will be able to share the dining room map.
  11. Sorry, was in a rush and did not answer as complete as I could have done. The only Juliette balconies on the Eurodam are on deck 11. Didn't mind...…...stayed in one and loved being on that deck. Used the Crow's Nest as my living room late at night. It was quiet with very few people around. Great place to sit in comfort and read. Enjoyed having the Exploration Café right by my room for my morning coffee Also stayed in Nieuw Amsterdam deck 11 and they are not Juliette but, as I stated, smaller than the norm.
  12. Eurodam has Juliette balconies...…...Nieuw Amsterdam does not. Both balconies are however, smaller than the norm.
  13. Upon doing a bit of research, I have discovered individuals other than just this thread have had the same issue of flight ease being canceled with no warning. I plan to write the Presidents office with my complaint. May do no good but I will feel better for having done it. HAL rep said it was not HAL's fault but they really should take responsibility for their website.
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