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  1. Yes, I noticed that. The original email stated that it was from P&O and had details of the cruise I have booked, odd, or maybe not, it's happened before!
  2. There used to be an iron and ironing board in suites and mini suites but a while ago now they were removed as a fire risk. I don't know if the Butler in a Suite would provide you with one or not. You can but ask - they don't do the ironing!
  3. If our last cruise was anything to go by they are using the word 'canapes' loosely - it's not knife and fork but some of the items are anything but small. For example there were small pastries like Cornish Pasties, there were some curry type things, quite a few different savoury items, then there were small eclairs, fresh fruit tarts, really enjoyed it. It's certainly not like the canapes that are served to the suites and mini suites - now those do need upgrading.
  4. We were told the same thing by our butler - order through him, not Room Service direct. As Dai says I suspect there's a lot of little things that Travel Agents don't know and even P&O Southampton don't know half that goes on. I also think that some people who say, Oh no I don't want a Butler, don't realise that by not having one they can't then order items off the main restaurant menu e.g. they can't order a cooked breakfast to have on their balcony if they want it, unless they do it through the Butler. The last Butler we had told us that some people just don't realise what they're losing by deciding they wouldn't possibly want the services of the Butler. It's a shame that some people think there's a sort of stigma attached to having a suite - they're almost embarrassed to tell people they're in a suite.
  5. When we've had a suite, we have on occasions after coming back from a morning excursion had lunch in the suite and asked the butler to get us something from the restaurant lunch menu and something from the room service menu which has been very pleasant to eat on the balcony.
  6. We also had a late flight last year when flying out to Valetta. We couldn't change as the earlier flights were full. Unfortunately our plane was delayed due to a fuel spillage so we didn't land until 8pm local time. Consequently we missed the muster drill and a special one was put on for us at 9.30pm or we could have opted to have one at 9am the following morning. We went to the 9.30pm one as we didn't fancy having to go first thing in the morning and possibly miss breakfast. On the return journey we opted to do the tour of Valetta which then dropped us at the airport. It was a good use of the afternoon and we saw a lot of the island. We felt it was worth while.
  7. I'd rather be docked looking out to sea than looking over towards the horrible grey flats which you can see on the land side. There may be wonderful sites to see in the city itself but certainly not in the port.
  8. annieuk


    If you are allocated set dining and you haven't booked 'Select' and booked early the chances of being allocated a table for two is almost nil.
  9. When we've bought duty free at the airport - Gatwick - when we've gone to the gate we've just put the duty free bag inside our carry on bag - easier if it's not a closed case. We've never had the bag weighed a second time at the gate and have got on without any problem. Having said that I've seen particularly women go through the gate with a shoulder type hand bag on their shoulder and carrying a bag as well. I usually have passport, money, tickets etc in a small wallet type bag which goes in my carry on bag. I've always found it easier to have a squashy type carry on bag rather than a hard sided wheeled case - usually weighs less too.
  10. It's right that P&O sell Pepsi not Coke a Cola.
  11. We've had a holiday in Cinque Terre. I would say it's somewhere to go not on a cruise. You can only travel between the five villages either by walking or by train. No cars etc can go between the villages. It is certainly a lovely area to visit but how much you would be able to do on a ship's excursion I don't know - very little I suspect. I would put it on your list as somewhere to go another time.
  12. I forgot to add that with a late return flight we chose to do the excursion where you are taken around the whole island, well most of it and finish with being taken to the airport in time for the flight. This was a good way to spend the afternoon and it all worked out very well.
  13. We had a similar flight time when we flew out to Oceana at the end of September. Then at the airport we had a delay due to technical problems and I think eventually took off about 3.30pm so it was after 8 pm when we landed in Valetta. It was dark by then but the coaches were waiting. We were on a Thomas Cook flight and had to collect our luggage, which took some time, and then take it to the coaches. By the time we boarded Oceana we had missed the last Muster Drill. We were supposed to leave port that night but as we had been caught by the Medicane storm it was so windy we could hardly keep upright walking along the dock, so there was no chance of Oceana sailing that night. There was an announcement for us late passengers saying there would be a muster drill at 9pm or, if we wished we could wait until the next morning at 9am. We chose to get it over with rather than have to get up in time for the one in the morning.
  14. When we've been on a fly cruise to the Caribbean - 9 times - we've always flown from Gatwick and for us it's either been Thomas Cook or Thomson (Tui). Depending on which company it's either been South or North Terminal. We've always stayed in the hotel within the airport that has a walkway straight to Departures. I think it's the Hilton in the South Terminal and the Sofitel in the North and I think it's Tui in the North Terminal and Thomas Cook in the South - much prefer Tui to Thomas Cook. Usually we've known our flight times very early on but things seem to have changed.
  15. Just to clarify we have dined both inside and out at the Beach House on Aurora, can't remember exactly where we were at the time. Obviously if it was a cold area cruise - eg the Christmas Markets cruise, one wouldn't wish to dine outside!
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