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  1. I recently booked Select but in the grade cabin I wanted, a Mini Suite, the only option was to accept a Guarantee cabin. This meant that I would get, at a minimum, the grade Mini Suite I wanted but wouldn't be able to select the cabin itself. I was told there was a chance that I would get above the grade I had booked and paid for. In the event I was allocated a grade above the one I had booked - a Mini Suite but in a better position than the one I'd paid for. I wasn't asked for any extra money. I assume that depending on how many cabins of a particular grade have already been booked, then they can't allocate you a specific cabin and you'll have to wait until they start allocating the remaining cabins. People cancel at the last minute due to all sorts of things - I've had to do it just three weeks before sailing so cabins do become available at the last minute. I don't think you can insist on having a specific cabin if you accept a Guarantee cabin, even if it's on a Select Booking. Anyway, we were very pleased with our allocation.
  2. Our middle names have never appeared on our E tickets either, whether we were boarding at Southampton or on a flight. P&O have your middle name on your passport details as shown on your Cruise Personaliser. Don't worry.
  3. I'm sure our half bottle has been delivered to the cabin on a formal night. The glass of champagne is something different that you get a voucher for in the folder with the Peninsular Club information inside. This to have at a sailaway.
  4. Our experience tendering at St. Peter Port a few years ago was interesting. It was very choppy and when I went down to board the tender it was obvious they were having problems. There were two officers either side of the entrance to the tender and they were practically lifting passengers onto the tender. When it was my turn one of the officers said, 'Just a minute' - the tender was bobbing up and down and the people already on board didn't look very happy - hope they'd taken their sea sick pills. Eventually the officer said they were going to try to move the tender further along the side of the ship to give it more protection. Then the tender hit the side of the ship and tendering stopped. They then used another tender and I did get lifted on board. The poor people on the first tender had to be taken off as the side of the tender was damaged so they'd done all that bobbing around for nothing. So I did get ashore and to go on my tour - my husband was doing a different tour which left later and he didn't have as much problem. When our trip returned to the quayside to get the tender back to the ship we found that the Port Authorities had decided to use one of their boats, much, much larger than the ship's tenders, to take passengers back to the ship and it could take many more passengers at a time. So it was a much more stable journey back to the ship. Later on the Captain apologised for all the problems but said he was trying his utmost to get passengers ashore safely. It's always seemed to us that if it's at all possible a Captain will use the tenders to get the passengers ashore but only if it can be done safely.
  5. Just to say that the aft mini suites on Oceana are completely different from the midship ones. Their balconies are fairly wide and deep, much better than the mid ship balconies which are just like two balcony cabins joined together. The interior of the aft minis are very different too. The size of the aft minis including balcony are huge compared even to the suites on say Ventura and Azura and from what I've seen from pictures larger than most of the Britannia suites - we haven't been on Britannia. The aft minis on C deck on Oceana are our favourites - particularly C747 which we've been in several times. It has a proper hallway with a door to the toilet, in there is another door leading into the bathroom which is huge. The whole layout of the cabin itself is different and more spacious than the aft minis - we have been in one when friends invited us to have a look. They then came to look at our aft one and couldn't believe how much larger ours was. Very often the aft minis are cheaper than the mid ship ones too, presumably because some people don't like being at the back of the ship, worry that the movement is going to be bad - well we've never found that. Standing on that large balcony overlooking the wake with a nice glass of something in hand is wonderful! There are only 6 aft minis, situated on one side of the full suites, 3 on Decks B,C and D. The C deck ones have the larges balconies.
  6. Thank you both of you. Yes I've found that link. I still seem to remember there was a much better search function on the old site. There also used to be a search function on each board - ie I could search for a topic on the P&O board.
  7. I may be being rather thick but there used to be a forum where you could look up Ports of Call and people posted queries and received answers of each different place. They were sorted into countries. I now can't find this forum. There are reviews posted by people but not the questions and answers there used to be. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place.
  8. I will plead guilty to carrying a glass of wine into the MDR when coming from the Peninsular Club Cocktail Party. I didn't want to gulp it down so took it with me to dinner. We've been cruising with P&O since 2005, both Caribbean, Mediterranean, Baltic and last year the 65 night South American cruise. We've never seen anyone wandering around the ship the worse for drink, in fact our of our must be over 25 cruises by now I can only remember one incident of bad behaviour which was quickly sorted by one of the officers and involved a family with several young children who were shouting at each other at the top of the atrium. That was several years ago now and, as I say, is the only time I can remember seeing an Officer have to step in. I can imagine if people new to cruising come on this site before they go on their cruise, they must be wondering what they've let themselves in for. Such a shame. The internet was fairly new when we started cruising and that was on the old Adonia - now Sea Princess. So for information about the ship I tended mainly to look at the Princess forum as there was lot about the ships of the same build as Adonia. I don't remember reading anything on that site that worried me about what I would find on board. I suppose it's human nature that some people are more likely to come on here when they have something to complain about. Such a shame. I can honestly say we've enjoyed every cruise we've been on and have met some lovely people.
  9. On a cruise last year we were as always on Club dining and our waiters told us they were moving to Freedom Dining the next week and they both pulled a face. I asked if they didn't like Freedom Dining and they said that they much preferred Club as they liked to get to know the members of their tables and it was all such a rush in Freedom Dining. I asked if they had any choice about which restaurant they worked in and they said no, they had to 'circulate'. They weren't happy.
  10. It really depends on how important the position of your cabin is to you. There's someone on another website at the moment who booked a saver fare, presumably knowing they'd have no choice in which cabin they were given, moaning like anything because it's above one of the entertainment places and saying they'll never cruise with P&O again! So just think whether it really doesn't bother you if you were above or below a night club, theatre or whatever and if you don't mind that then go for Saver. You've already said you're not bothered about Freedom Dining so maybe Saver would be fine. Personally the choice of cabin is paramount for me so I'd never book a Saver Fare but I can understand how you don't want to spend money unnecessarily.
  11. Two formal nights on a one week cruise - one of them may well be a Black and White evening - men obviously wear their DJs - or a dark suit - while many, but not all, women wear a mixture of black and white. Some wear black outfits with say a white flower or a white pashmina or scarf. Not all women adhere to this and wear other colours although, in my experience, most do. This Black and White night tends to be the most formal of the nights - often have a Gala Menu in the main dining room. The other formal evening is just that. The theme evenings - can be 80s (although this is fairly new, used to be 60s/70s) or a tropical evening. In my experience very few people dressed for the 60s/70s and I would assume the same for the 80s although we haven't had an 80s evening on any of our cruises. Usually there's a disco later in the evening and I have known some people change after dinner for the disco but at dinner I haven't seen many people dressed for that evening. There doesn't appear to be a Tropical evening on your cruise but more people dress for this one - men in very loud tropical shirts and women in brightly coloured outfits. Hope this helps.
  12. We have flown Tui twice in the last year - one of them on a fly cruise - Oceana in Valetta. Yes only one item of hand luggage. It depends on the check in person. Some demand to see and weigh the hand luggage some just ask to see it - that's our experience. I have a soft carry on bag into which I put my handbag and laptop and I can then take it out once I'm on the plane. I'm not sure if you're allowed to advertise things on here but anyway I have a Mia Tui carry on bag which has all sorts of different compartments - one for my laptop. I've found it makes the airport thing much easier. Of course it depends on how much stuff you want to put in your carry on bag. It did seem that they were allowing duty free to be taken on separately but I have known it when getting to the gate people being told to put their duty free stuff into their carry on bag. Oh and don't forget your plastic bag! I know it's all for our own safety but I do hate the airport experience.
  13. If I know in advance that the seas are likely to be rough then I'd probably take them before the ship sails. In the past when we've been warned by the Captain that it may get choppy we've taken Stugeron then and again before we went to bed. On one occasion I woke up in the night and could feel a lot of movement so took another tablet. In the morning if it's still rough we'll take one before getting up. On our 65 night round South American a year ago January we had it rough from leaving Southampton until we got to Madeira and Stugeron worked well, neither of us felt ill at all. Stugeron certainly works for us.
  14. Yes, I noticed that. The original email stated that it was from P&O and had details of the cruise I have booked, odd, or maybe not, it's happened before!
  15. There used to be an iron and ironing board in suites and mini suites but a while ago now they were removed as a fire risk. I don't know if the Butler in a Suite would provide you with one or not. You can but ask - they don't do the ironing!
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