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  1. critterchick

    Great Price on cruise, terrible prices on airfare

    For any of the Royal Caribbean family (RCI, Celebrity or Azamara), go to Choiceair.com. Since you don't have anything booked, you can just look for prices. Also, as others have suggested, look at Google Flights, which will give you a lot of options.
  2. On our last couple of cruises (Rhapsody and Serenade), the Top Tier party was before noon in the theater, which was the only venue large enough to hold the number of people eligible to attend. I'm sure that cut way down on the alcohol bill. Perhaps they revert to the evening when there are fewer attendees, but we haven't been on a cruise like that for awhile.
  3. critterchick

    Ruby Princess Wine Lists

    I don’t mind that, but I dislike the standard Princess wine glass and hate pouring a big red into one of those tiny things.
  4. critterchick

    Ruby Princess Wine Lists

    OK, I'm going to try posting photos from our NYE cruise on Ruby. The wine lists in Vines and the MDR are brand new since her recent drydock, and differ from other new lists that I've seen on CC. The headwaiter in the MDR said that Ruby has "the" list and other ships will be moving over; he said that only a few ships currently have it. Here goes....
  5. critterchick

    Puerto Vallarta Port Construction

    We were in port on Wednesday on Ruby Princess. With three ships in port (us, HAL Eurodam and Carnival Splendor), Attessa IV (that’s the number if it’s the Montana billionaire’s boat) was exiled to anchor. We were at the south pier and she was sailing back in to port as we departed, presumably to take our spot. We didn’t see much of anything but a few shops in the first building to be renovated. Uber now have surge pricing in effect at the pier - it was an estimate 20 pesos (about $6US) vs $7 if we walked to the Soriana and hailed a cab from there. To us it wasn’t worth $1 to stand and wait for a driver. The return was $8, also worth the extra change not to have to wait.
  6. critterchick

    New Princess Bar Menus

    Or a restaurant. For me, 2-3X retail is fair. 4-5x, which is often the markup on the less expensive wines, is highway robbery.
  7. critterchick

    Flight canceled and cruise missed

    Tricare will (or so they tell us; thankfully we've never had to test it), but that's a different program from VA, so you'll need to do a little research.
  8. critterchick

    AA changed my flight time - will I be able to make it?

    Also entirely possible that somebody other than the OP reported the posts. Anybody can do that. Ah, Flyertalk, where some eat their young....
  9. critterchick

    Flight canceled and cruise missed

    We were in the Centurion Lounge at DFW last weekend and it was overcrowded and dirty. I get that it was 3 days before Christmas, but IMO they should have hired a few more people to clean up after the slobs who spilled food and drink everywhere but in the loo. We couldn't get a seat and ended up just leaving for our flight. We've tried MIA a couple of times and had the same experience as BNBR. But I think the Platinum card is worth it for the other perks mentioned above. I just wish that they would reimburse NEXUS along with Global Entry - it's $50 less, so I don't know why they won't do it. And I need to remember to look at special offers more than once every 6 months! The card doesn't offer the kind of coverage OP would have needed (I skipped 2 pages of posts so forgive me it it's been mentioned). Its benefits only kick in once your travel has commenced. The Citibank AAdvantage Executive card has far better coverage, even though they recently eliminated coverage for a sick pet.
  10. critterchick

    How Should I bring Wine onboard?

    I don't think there's a rule either way, but we always bring it in our carry-on. Luggage isn't handled gently, and I would weep if my suitcase arrived soaking wet. And I'd feel terrible that somebody else's luggage might smell like Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. Also, when your checked luggage is scanned and the bottles are detected, the powers that be may hold your bag and make you prove that it's not wine instead of hard liquor.
  11. I have Google Maps and T-Mobile, which had just added Greenland to its free data plan. 😄
  12. critterchick

    New Princess Bar Menus

    Clos du Bois and Zen of Zin are wines. The bartenders can't do anything about that. 🙂
  13. Thanks for helping me relive the experience! We found a great little Thai place in Qaqortoq. Unfortunately they were too busy for me to ask why they chose that town to move to from Thailand.
  14. critterchick

    Flight connection time - Be Aware

    Thank you for your story. One thing that I've discovered is that you aren't limited to the flights that Choice Air initially offers. I look at their offerings, which almost always include a 1:50 international connection at Heathrow (!!!!!!!) and then look on Google Flights to find a more reasonable connection. I've never had an issue with picking my own itinerary and have gotten the same or very close to price that they offer online. But I've only done it a couple of times, so perhaps it's just dumb luck that it worked out. I would only book through Choice Air (which is the agency for Azamara, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity) if the price difference were compelling. It usually isn't.
  15. critterchick

    To the experienced travelers: What would you do?

    I second all of that, but would also say stay on the vaporetto and go to Torcello. Almost nobody does, and it's an enchanting little island. Do Murano/Burano first and then have a bit of decompression at Torcello. If you are only talking a couple of days, then IMO it's not worth the time it'll take you to get to Florence. I love it there, but I'm all about maximizing my time and a long-ish train trip doesn't qualify (DH loves the train and would disagree).