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  1. They used to sell the visors - I just donated my Journey visor to charity. Bought it in December 2008 and by the time we sailed on Quest in 2009 they had stopped. I wish they would sell some ship-specific items, not just the brand.
  2. As would I. But it's a shame that the Japan Intensive cruise (we just disembarked from it and it was an outstanding itinerary) will be in August, the month that several guides told us was the worst time to be there. Hot, humid and hot again. We could not rack up the 15,000+ daily steps we took in that kind of weather.
  3. We are just off Quest and the internet was the worst I've experienced in 5 cruises on her. For two days, the Insider noted that it was "slower than usual." It wasn't working at all. Then it was "back to normal," which was so bad that I could even log on most of the times I tried it. Thank goodness we were in port daily and have T-Mobile, with free data in many, many countries. We all had a good laugh when the new promotion for free Wifi came out. Is "one per package" one per stateroom? If so, that's ridiculous, IMO.
  4. I unhooked the curtain from the fixed side and kept it closed only to the depth of the bathroom counter. That way any richochet spray landed on the floor and went down the drain outside of the shower.
  5. We tend to tip bartenders a dollar per drink - we started doing it on other lines where tipping isn't included, and just kept going. I think that they do not expect it, but they certainly appreciate it. We also made a donation to the crew welfare fund.
  6. We were in the last aft N2 starboard side on Quest in 2017. Apart from those high heels that another poster mentioned, we heard little noise from above. We had a midships portside on Journey years ago and that drove me mad - it was right under the big comfy chairs on the pool deck and it seemed like somebody was moving it around all the time. Plus on a few nights we could hear activity around the pool. I suppose we should have thrown on some clothes and gone to join the party, lol.
  7. And they still are. I was able to look at the pricing for that itinerary, which has been on our bucket list for a few years. Balconies are going for upwards of $7000pp, suites start at $9199. That will be our strategy as well. We still have 2 cruises booked as placemarkers (we had 4 but just cancelled two as final payment was looming) so I may move one of them, but I think I will bid them farewell also. We’re thinking we will book a trip to Europe and see if an appealing cruise pops up for a good price some times 2-3 months out. Having said that, we are currently winging our way to Tokyo to join Quest on Saturday and I’m glad that I booked this cruise as soon as I received the first email. It sold like hot cakes and the few remaining insides and OVs are going for more than what we paid for our Sunset Verandah (which I guess we’ll never book again since they’ve changed that designations.
  8. I received one of those emails as well, and I had booked the cruise almost two years earlier. It was a bit of a jolt, lol.
  9. Just FYI, we had the furthest aft Club Continent suite starboard side and there really wasn't that much noise. One crewmember seemed to be wearing heels and we could hear her (him?) most mornings, and there were some chairs being dragged into position in the mornings, but that was about it. It wouldn't be my first choice of a suite, but for a couple of hundred dollars/Euros/pounds, I wouldn't complain, either.
  10. Well, I received a prompt reply telling me that we can indeed depart early, but that it will need to be arranged through guest services once we are onboard. No mention of any fee to do so. I suspect that, because we are not departing in an earlier port, it's a simpler matter. At least I hope so! Thanks for everybody's input.
  11. It may be more popular because it's better publicized, as somebody already said. What gets me is how it's touted as an improvement over the old system - it is for Azamara, but it isn't for your passengers. Anyway you cut it, it's likely to cost more to get an upgrade. I'm reminded of the emails we received when our disembarkation port for our upcoming Asia cruise was changed from downtown Tokyo, which would have been amazing, to Yokohama, which will be inconvenent. The "spin" was that we are now departing from and returning to the same port. I really wish that Azamara wouldn't insult our intelligence that way. Who parks at the pier in Yokohama (virtually nobody, would be my guess)??? I would be surprised if TAs have to opt in to the program - what's not to like about it, since commission is paid on the upgrade? I'm one and have received no notifcation, by the way. We have four Azamara cruises booked and will likely cancel all four. Although we love the crew and have always enjoyed the port-intensive itineraries, the last few years have brought nothing but a downgrade to the product (ridiculous [IMO] changes to many cabins, removing the casinos, changes to the entertainment, a mix of passable and dreadful house wines, etc.), while prices have skyrocketed. If Azamara truly want to be considered a 6-star line, they need to act like one. The upgrade program isn't a big deal to us either way, just another sign that Azamara don't value repeat customers anymore than their sister line Royal Caribbean (and, increasingly, Celebrity). All three lines are chasing the younger cruisers. I guess we'll take our ancient selves and our money somewhere else. Aloha.
  12. How could I forget? Since it's June, Canada Place may have figured out the process, having had since early May to torture people. Good to know - thanks again.
  13. I'm glad you were able to find an alternate sailing. Have fun! I believe that every RCI ship except for Majesty and Empress has Izumi now (I know Oasis does). I think Majesty and Empress have it at dinner in the Windjammer, for a fee.
  14. If you purchase the package in advance, you don't pay the additional 18% gratuity that they are now charging for specialty restaurants. So I would buy it now. Odds are decent that you can get a discount on additional nights if the specialties are slow.
  15. Thank you. I am the agent, and mentioned it in the email I just sent.
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