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  1. I would either get a new suitcase or try to smash the lock to make it inoperable. There’s no telling what TSA will do if they decide to search your bag, and you really don’t want spend your vacation trying to guess what code works! We lock our bags on the same theory as Globaliser - that the thief doesn’t want to be slowed down and will move on to the next bag. One of our checked bags had a TSA note in it on Saturday - we are trading crystal blocks with another passenger on our upcoming cruise, and I thought that it might trigger something, which it did (I had enough weight in my carryon that I didn’t want to add another 2 pounds to it). So I packed it close to the surface so digging wouldn’t be required and they didn’t mess anything up. And they relocked it, even.
  2. I thought you meant to toss the inexpensive undies after each wearing! We bring the vaporwear collection along (socks and undies that are on their last legs and not suitable for donating to charity) and dispose of it at the end of the trip. On a recent Royal Caribbean cruise, we asked our stateroom attendant if they had any kind of donation program for worn out clothing and he said yes. He gave us a bag for clothing items that we wouldn’t wear any more but still had life in them and said that somebody onboard would decide what was wearable and what wasn’t, and donate the good items to charity. We have travelled up to 28 days with two carryon bags and a knapsack each. We’ve used the Scrubba bag but I decided that it was easier to put my laundry items in the sink, let them soak for a bit while I nap or do something else, then toss them in the shower and rinse them out after I’ve finished doing my thing. I use the provided shampoo. Roll them in a towel and hang them to dry. We have a travel clothesline that I think was made for camping - you can tuck corners of the items into the twists on the line (we don’t do that since it creates a bunch wrinkle and there’s no wind inside to blow the stuff away). If we can’t find a good place to string it up, then we improvise. It can get a little cluttered in the bathroom, but overall has workout out just fine. WIth such a limited wardrobe, I bring along a bunch of scarves and shawls to vary the color scheme. If I had more fashion sense I’d be bored silly with my choice, but I don’t, so it’s all good!
  3. Could OP not upgrade to the balcony without cancelling and rebooking or would that also be considered a cancel and rebook situation in the UK? In the US it would be allowed without penalty, except that we may lose perks such as the Early Booking OBC if the change is made within a year of sailing. But OBC for booking onboard would remain intact (with the caveat that I haven’t made any changes to a booking since last summer and things may have changed).
  4. Should we take this to mean that one can upgrade without losing certain benefits? I should think that any booking made prior to October 18 is still subject to the T&Cs in effect at the time of booking. Changing them after the fact would be at best dirty pool and at worst illegal. (I did notice that OP said they “recently” made the booking and assumed that it was after the date the T&Cs changed).
  5. There was no private beach for suites and Pinnacle on our January 26 cruise. They have the bungalows, but they might not be what you were expecting. They're at the far end of the beach, spaced about 8-10 feet apart (if that). I think that RCI has set up these areas temporarily so they can sell them, perhaps at a reduced price since they aren't yet as advertised. The cabanas were $310 for the day on the day we were there. But there were no overwater ones that I could see from outside.
  6. On our first Azamara cruise (on Journey) I had to leave the MDR because of vibrations - we were seated all the way aft and hauling aft down to Aruba from Miami. But I think there was also some kind of cross beam swell that day. I have since noticed the vibration, but it hasn't bothered me. So perhaps it's a combination of the two that turn me green.
  7. We were there last week, too. I always loved walking the trails to be away from all of the hubbub of the main area. There were speakers set up to blast music up to the bungalows, so really no peace and quiet at all. The bungalow attendant told me that RCI are "thinking" of reopening the end of the island once construction is complete, but until then it's not the nicest place to be. And the cat that we always brought treats to is no more. We looked for him and found his grave. 😪
  8. For any of the Royal Caribbean family (RCI, Celebrity or Azamara), go to Choiceair.com. Since you don't have anything booked, you can just look for prices. Also, as others have suggested, look at Google Flights, which will give you a lot of options.
  9. On our last couple of cruises (Rhapsody and Serenade), the Top Tier party was before noon in the theater, which was the only venue large enough to hold the number of people eligible to attend. I'm sure that cut way down on the alcohol bill. Perhaps they revert to the evening when there are fewer attendees, but we haven't been on a cruise like that for awhile.
  10. I don’t mind that, but I dislike the standard Princess wine glass and hate pouring a big red into one of those tiny things.
  11. OK, I'm going to try posting photos from our NYE cruise on Ruby. The wine lists in Vines and the MDR are brand new since her recent drydock, and differ from other new lists that I've seen on CC. The headwaiter in the MDR said that Ruby has "the" list and other ships will be moving over; he said that only a few ships currently have it. Here goes....
  12. We were in port on Wednesday on Ruby Princess. With three ships in port (us, HAL Eurodam and Carnival Splendor), Attessa IV (that’s the number if it’s the Montana billionaire’s boat) was exiled to anchor. We were at the south pier and she was sailing back in to port as we departed, presumably to take our spot. We didn’t see much of anything but a few shops in the first building to be renovated. Uber now have surge pricing in effect at the pier - it was an estimate 20 pesos (about $6US) vs $7 if we walked to the Soriana and hailed a cab from there. To us it wasn’t worth $1 to stand and wait for a driver. The return was $8, also worth the extra change not to have to wait.
  13. Or a restaurant. For me, 2-3X retail is fair. 4-5x, which is often the markup on the less expensive wines, is highway robbery.
  14. Tricare will (or so they tell us; thankfully we've never had to test it), but that's a different program from VA, so you'll need to do a little research.
  15. Also entirely possible that somebody other than the OP reported the posts. Anybody can do that. Ah, Flyertalk, where some eat their young....
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