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  1. I hope so. I've seen too many people do disgusting things to want to go to the buffet unless there is no other option (fortunately usually only happens when the ship is in port).
  2. I am assuming our 5/11 on Millennium will be cancelled. She embarks in Seattle, a hot spot, and disembarks in Vancouver, which doesn't want her. I'm holding out for the refund. He's not dead yet!
  3. We were booked on the April 25 TP. When I went to make the deposit a couple of days later the cruise had reverted to a 5-ngiht RT Singapore. We're booked on the April 15 Japan Explorer and, if this one comes out with decent pricing, we'll switch our Ovation sailings (SIN-TYO-SEA) over. Our Ovations sailings are dirt cheap (we booked the day they were released), but RCI have gutted the itineraries and repeated the ports, so they aren't as interesting to me.
  4. Welcome to my world. DH gets promotional emails from Celebrity and I generally do not. For some reason, I got this one, though. So I moved an older booking over to Millennium. The original booking date of 2017 is what shows on the invoice. I'm hoping that transferred bookings count for the double points!
  5. I don't think that Royal can hang on to your money if they cancel a cruise. Not everybody can reschedule. Now, they might give yo something to entice you to rebook over and above the refund - that would be in the form of an FCC.
  6. I predict that you will be impressed. We once did a walking tour in Rome and one of the men on it shouldn't have been - he had two bad hips and couldn't walk without assistance. I alternated between being his other crutch (his wife was the first one) and dashing into the gelaterie that we passed along the way. We could be in an out and still catch up to the group before they'd gone more than a block. Skip lunch - what does that mean, please?😁 My favorite saying is "Life is Uncertain - Eat Dessert First." Ooh. Something to try. I'm thinking it would go nicely with mango, maybe lemon would be better.
  7. We booked it to hedge our bets (we're currently booked on Ovation but the itinerary has been decimated). When I went back three hours later to change our cabin, it was showing CLS (closed) in every category. The 10 nighter before it, which we have also booked as a B2B, is still showing open for booking.
  8. As a matter of fact, sometimes I do. 😄
  9. I think that only the LA cruises will be for first responders. Perhaps if they don’t get enough takers they will open them up for general booking. In my experience the Sunset Bar doesn’t get noisy. Just general cocktail party level chatter and mellow music. 🙂 We are booked on the 11 night Seattle-Vancouver. We cancelled a coastal repositioning cruise on RCI because we got an S2 with all 4 perks for less than 7 nights in a JS on Serenade OTS. Even with multi city air!
  10. How do you redact your sensitive information (such as the account number)?
  11. On Summit and Infinity (and probably Millennium and Constellation), Cafe al Bacio is on the starboard side and the gelato is on the port side right across from it. We always intend to get our free scoops, but sometimes just don’t get around to it.
  12. I see you were on Flora. I wonder if they have them for Xpedition as well. Those are very nice, but I prefer to use one hand as well. Those sound like the bags they used to hand out in Aquaclass on the big Celebrity ships. I sometimes like to put my camera away and just use the phone or take in the moment, so I don’t think it would work for me. I will probably use a backpack as my personal item on the trip, anyway.
  13. Don't rely on the online booking engines. Call the cruiseline's air desk with the flights you want to take and see how they compare to booking on your own.
  14. Because travel panic is one of the things you want to avoid, I'd book a car service. We have also used RomeinLimo and they were terrific. Years ago (2009) we stayed at the Roman Residence, a B2B that takes up half a floor of a larger building. It was an odd arrangement (to me, anyway), but it worked. It was brand new at the time, and it still gets great reviews on TripAdvisor. It's centrally located, close to the train station but in a lots of bistros and bars around it. And the bathroom was very nice. 🙂 If I weren't awash in Marriott points, I'd stay there again in a heartbeat. I enjoy Civitavecchia - we stayed there for a night pre-cruise after a stay in Santa Margherita Ligure. But if this is your son's first trip to Rome, stay there and use a car service to get you to the ship. There's so much to see that a day or two will just scratch the surface.
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