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  1. DH just got a glitzy brochure (I am chopped liver; I don’t get any communications from Azamara) touting the new land and sea program. We had quite a laugh over the pricing - Easily triple what you could do on your own or with a good land tour company. I can’t see how they will do well with those. We gave up $400 of deposits recently, cruises approaching final payment that we had booked as placemarkers until something we wanted to do came along. Nothing did at a price we’re willing to pay. 😞
  2. I have. I once received 30% off the price I paid for a cruise to be applied to a future sailing.
  3. A good example is the recent change to Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas transatlantic cruise. The prior cruise was delayed arriving in Southampton by 2-3 days (maybe even 4), so RCI changed the TA from 4 Caribbean ports to none. They initially offered a future cruise credit for the amount of the cruise, but were quickly advised that they needed to offer a full refund, and they did. I have already forgotten whether OP was offered a refund or a 100% future cruise credit. I would argue that 2 lost days and a shuffle in ports not is material enough to offer a full refund, personally, just a pro rata refund for the lost days (but I’m in the US). Anything else would be gravy.
  4. We went in September 2013. The weather was mostly warm, but we did have a few showers. We saw all kinds of wildlife, and got to see quite a few puffed up frigate birds and blue-footed boobies dancing. It was really amazing. A once in a lifetime trip, but we're going to do it twice! Booked for next September.
  5. It does not sound right. I've applied more than one FCC on sailings that are booked with a TA.
  6. I’ve been able to apply FCCs to existing bookings. It never hurts to try!
  7. On the other hand, it’s free money. Remember that the original fare was fully refunded, so the affected passengers are getting an EXTRA $11,000 (or more in the case of suites). However, two people here have said that the FCC was for future “cruise or cruises,” so clearly somebody at Celebrity was contemplating multiple uses. I would pursue that up to the president’s office - she is unlikely to read the email, but presumably her staff would. If I were conversant in Twitter, I would take it there, too. And the other issue is taking SoCalTraveler’s replacement cruise out of the refund. That is ridiculous. Now they are “stuck” with having to book cruises that they may not have intended to take in order not to lose the FCC. And remember that, if all of this was discussed over the phone, Celebrity keep a record of all phone calls. So remember the date and time of the initial offer discussion and ask for somebody to review the transcript.
  8. The TA commission has nothing to do with the calculation of the refund amount. We’ve gotten some refunds and FCCs based on the fare we paid and the amount has ALWAYS been the gross (less taxes and fees). ALWAYS. I assume that the same people who write the letters for Royal and Azamara wrote this one. They aren’t great about remembering that laws differ from one country to the next. Royal recently shortened a TA and eliminated all of the ports of call along the way because the ship’s arrival in Southampton was delayed by bad weather. They initially only offered FCC, but eventually had to cave and offer a refund as well after it was pointed out to them that they were violating EU law. So it would not surprise me if OP got the same letter and eventually gets a modified one.
  9. I‘m sure Flora is a big upgrade over Xpedition, and if we had booked a suite on Xpedition we would have upgraded to Flora during the summer BOGOHO promo. But we are content with our OV and $5k in our pockets. And the stairs are good for me!
  10. OP should expect to get back the full two days of fare less port fees and taxes. The fact that Celebrity paid a commission to a third party was their choice, and he shouldn’t be penalized for that. That transaction isn’t even visible to the consumer.
  11. The TA is not responsible for refunding any portion of the cruise fare.
  12. Keep the order, but bring a screenshot of the arrangement on the website. Even if the photos are “representative” of the bouquet, I always took that to mean that some of the blooms may not be available, so they would substitute something else. What we got had all of the flowers, but only about 1/3 of the quantity. I did complain to Guest Services, and they sent somebody to look at it, then promptly refunded my money in the form of OBC. Presumably refundable, but we spent it. 🙂 I wish you better luck than we had!
  13. We were on the same cruise celebrating our 25th. Our stateroom attendant or butler put up a sign and some balloons, which I thought was really nice. Nothing in Luminae at dinner, but they were so rushed and crazy that I would have felt badly for them if they had. I thought about ordering flowers ahead of time, but our last bouquet was so dreadful that we have given up on that on the RCL lines.
  14. The noncommissionable cruise fare is simply the amount on which the line decides that it does not wish to pay commission. It is most certainly part of the cruise fare - the guest invoice never shows that amount and, when we have gotten a refund or FCC based on what we paid, the NCCF amount is always part of the calculation. There’s a difference between missing a port and shortening the cruise by 2 days. X are not providing lodging, food, beverages and entertainment on a shortened cruise the way they are when a port is missed. If they are not providing the service, IMO they should refund that portion of the fare, which it appears they are doing. As for the £1000 in expenses, that’s a classic case of trip delay that OP’s insurance should cover, in whole or in part. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect Celebrity to offer a refund AND to cover expenses for something that’s out of their control. I do think that OP should call Celebrity and have them walk him through the calculation. And take notes and report back here, please.
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