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  1. Thanks for helping me relive the experience! We found a great little Thai place in Qaqortoq. Unfortunately they were too busy for me to ask why they chose that town to move to from Thailand.
  2. critterchick

    Flight connection time - Be Aware

    Thank you for your story. One thing that I've discovered is that you aren't limited to the flights that Choice Air initially offers. I look at their offerings, which almost always include a 1:50 international connection at Heathrow (!!!!!!!) and then look on Google Flights to find a more reasonable connection. I've never had an issue with picking my own itinerary and have gotten the same or very close to price that they offer online. But I've only done it a couple of times, so perhaps it's just dumb luck that it worked out. I would only book through Choice Air (which is the agency for Azamara, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity) if the price difference were compelling. It usually isn't.
  3. critterchick

    To the experienced travelers: What would you do?

    I second all of that, but would also say stay on the vaporetto and go to Torcello. Almost nobody does, and it's an enchanting little island. Do Murano/Burano first and then have a bit of decompression at Torcello. If you are only talking a couple of days, then IMO it's not worth the time it'll take you to get to Florence. I love it there, but I'm all about maximizing my time and a long-ish train trip doesn't qualify (DH loves the train and would disagree).
  4. critterchick

    Cruising Alaska with Azamara...

    We have been to Alaska 8 or 9 times now. Until this year we had not visited the interior, just did the Inside Passage round trip or one way from Vancouver to Anchorage (Seward or Whittier). Although it was amazing, we thought we needed to see more than the tiny slice of Alaska that that itinerary offers. So this year we flew to Anchorage, rented a car and drove to Denali National Park. I would encourage everybody to do that - its still just the tip of the Alaska iceberg, but the interior is amazing. And easy to do on our own without being herded like sheep on a cruise tour. It’s EASY to do. And you can get fresh seafood anywhere you go on land, not just on a ship-sponsored excursion.
  5. critterchick

    Say It Ain’t So! Russ Is Leaving???

    I am late to posting to this thread. Russ is an amazing man. He always made time to talk to people, accept our feedback gracefully even if it was delivered without any class (not us!!!!). We are sailing on Quest next April and I’m sad that we won’t see him again. We may just have to start stalking him on Crystal and jump on his ship some day. I wish him all the best.
  6. critterchick

    Dog on ship, continued

    We saw a street show in Reykjavik with a couple of really well-trained cats. But I can't imagine bringing one onboard a ship. I miss mine dearly when we travel, but I content myself with a bag of cat treats and the cats we encounter as we roam.
  7. critterchick

    Are TA's actually cheaper?

    You're lucky that she's addicted to FB, lol. As for discounting cruises, most TAs can't do that on RCI. However, if you are booking a cruise well after it's come out, you may find a TA that reserved a block of rooms at the outside, at lower-than-current prices. Technically, s/he isn't discounting the price, just locked it in in advance. But it's still a good deal if you can get it.
  8. critterchick

    Wonderful Copenhagen 2018 edition.

    You will need the PIN if you are using an automated facility. One of our card issuers told us that any such use would be considered a cash advance, so interest would be charged right away.:eek: We have a true chip & PIN that we use at unmanned machines.
  9. Princess isn’t going to guarantee that they’ll get you to the airport in time - it’s one thing on the inbound where they have some control over holding the ship for their transfers. It’s entirely another for them to be willing to help you out if traffic is snarled or the ship can’t clear early. And, if you’re the first passengers on the transfer bus, you have to wait for the bus to fill, which can take 30-40 minutes (been there, done that). I second the motion to take the Canada Line to YVR. We do it almost every time and it’s easy. You will need to be able to roll/carry your bags a couple of blocks (incentive not to overpack!) . Don’t go in the first entrance you see, but turn the corner and go in the main building. Buy your ticket (or just tap your credit card at the turnstile, a new feature when we were there in May), take the elevator down and there you are. If you have Global Entry, you may be able to use the NEXUS line through security. And you can use the GE kiosk to go through immigration. It can be almost painless to get to your gate. Also, check the flight schedules to see if there’s something that suits your risk tolerance better. With a 3 hour change, I think the airlines will make the change for no charge. The problem is whether Princess will do it for you. If there’s a better flight on the same airline, have all of the information handy when you call.
  10. critterchick

    Club Class wait Not Acceptable

    Were your noisy/crowded/rushed Club Class experiences on different ships? That’s how I would describe traditional seating in the MDR. We’ve had Club Class on Ruby and Golden and always found the experience to be a cut above. It’s never going to be quiet, since it’s part of a full dining room, but e have enjoyed it thoroughly.
  11. critterchick

    Choice Air - NOT! Abysmal Air more like it.

    Choice Air and transfers are two separate things. We have used the ship transfers three times in our lives - on our first trip to Barcelona, when we didn’t know that a cab would have been less expensive (rookie mistake) and a couple of times out of Port Everglades to MIA when it was the least expensive option and we weren’t in a hurry. I don’t use Choice Air with any frequency, but it sounds as if they did right by you.
  12. critterchick

    Choosing a A1 cabin on Constellation - which would you take?

    We had 1140 on Summit in June and, although I loved it overall, the movie volume was very loud. I heard but did not see one of the Harry Potter movies. They also showed Wolf of Wall Street in its complete and unexpurgated version while we were in Hamilton. I am no prude (I married a sailor and can swear like one), but it was more than a little disconcerting to hear the F-word, a sex scene and a few other “interesting” bits of dialogue at full volume in the middle of the day. If they were showing movies at night, I didn’t hear anything, even while we were in port. And you aren’t treated to the Maltese flag in the same in-your-face way that you are with 1140. At least that’s only while you’re in port. We have 1138 next year, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’d book any of the aft A1 in a heartbeat!
  13. critterchick

    Cruise ends in Miami - Is 11:15 am flight too early?

    POM doesn’t have a Global Entry option the way Port Everglades does.
  14. critterchick

    My really stupid cruise move

    Do you flight Southwest? Most airlines would charge $150 in change fees unless they've already issued a travel waiver. I'd rather just spend the points or money on a hotel in the first place. And I don't think that status gives you better options, but you do get to the phone reps a little faster than hoi polloi.;)
  15. Huh? Since when? I'm in a JS on a couple of upcoming cruises, out to 2020. To the OP: I would do it in a nanosecond. I spend a lot of time in my cabin, so enjoy the extra space. But if you only use your cabin for SSS, then you might not get the same benefit out of it.