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  1. do you know if you can Uber from the Galveston port to our hotel near Hobby without much problems? We will not be in a hurry to catch a flight so didn’t want to schedule a shuttle. I wasn’t sure if it would be hard to get one if we are not off the ship right away.
  2. Is stairs the only option to get to the upstairs restaurant?
  3. Thanks for sharing the menu! I am glad to hear you like their food at Saltwater, my DH wants to try some Texas filets while we are there. Once he gets his belly full of steak we will probably move on to another place for drinks, we are open to any suggestions. We usually like to watch the action on the beach and water when we sail out of Florida, but since this is our first time in Galveston I just don’t know what to expect since it is not as warm there.
  4. Can you elaborate on the name of the steakhouse? I had looked at the Saltgrass Steak restaurant but would like another opinion. I searched for Galveston steak houses but there are several so I am not sure which one you are recommending. We do not want to spend $100 on a meal for 2 though!
  5. Walking out the gate down the hill then back up it when we return is exactly what we can’t do😳. So we decided to just do Tabyana Beach since it is right by Infinity. I really appreciate everyone’s input on this!
  6. We decided to do the Carnival Tabyana Beach excursion. Since it is just the 2 of us we don’t seem to be as brave to venture out that far from the port on our own. I think the accident in Belize has impacted us some and we normally are with a group of people. I am really glad you shared the information on the other places, I have saved it in my notes. My husband will be with me but he tires easy so I do need to pay attention to where I am at😊
  7. Everyone has posted so many great options it is going to be hard to decide!! I am sure this information will help other people too. Storing the luggage will be our first order of duty. thank you for all of the options.
  8. There are some posts here in CC but there are just as many reviews of people having great experiences. I don’t understand where we meet to get the transportation, meaning is it in the port or not. Then I have not heard back from the one company I did email with my questions. It was https://roatancruiseexcursions.com I am not committing if they can’t tell me where we meet at🤷‍♀️
  9. Lifes-a-beach - thanks for the picture that really helped with seeing where each place is listed. I was reviewing more U-Tube videos to see the different places and I found this guy that walked the beach area so I could tell my husband will be able to Infinity and the other videos helped me with the decision to go to Tabyana with the ship excursion. Thanks for your input!
  10. I have read posts on these places but still have some questions so I can make a decision on which one. We will be coming from a Carnival ship. I have checked out the Utube videos on both places which really helped, thanks to the lady that suggested that! I had originally planned on going to the Infinity resort but not comfortable with that plan since it is not a Carnival excursion and read mixed reviews on the transportation. Is Tabyana beach in the area with all of the boats that you need to watch out for? If we go to Mayan Princess resort how is the snorkeling there? I understand it will not have the reputation as Infinity. Which place has the better lunch? Calmer water? We liked the idea of all inclusive but didn’t want to sacrifice the snorkeling for it.
  11. Thanks for the great description of the different beaches! This really helps with making our decision.
  12. No, that is not what I was implying at all. I was checking into other options since we do not fly out the same day we return.
  13. Besides Uber and Lyft has anyone used a private car service from the airport to your hotel? Since we are not flying In the day we embark and not flying out on the day we return we need to make arrangements with someone other than Uber/Lyft. Thanks!
  14. I wonder if this has ever happened at Nachi Cocom before? I just made our reservation for them last night. I appreciate you sharing this as a reminder!
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