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  1. Still working from home. Lots of things off the round to it list. Becoming worried about the governor inciting enough people that Olympia sees civil unrest or the rest of the state seals us off. We're closer to trouble than people want to believe.
  2. We really enjoyed our Alaska trip a few years ago and want to do more HAL trips. Very interested in Mediterranean and South America travel. Are some of these trips truly exceptional?
  3. Hmm, I may bring my seal and book if I go on a long trip like this
  4. Sadly I marked the wrong day and have 9 pm reservation for our special night, 9 pm is our normal bed time. Epic fail on my part
  5. While I do not like my poor vision, I appreciate being able to take off my glasses and blur the world in such circumstances
  6. We're really looking forward to our trip in November and as relatively value conscious folks, we've been on NCL and HAl. Sigh, we do fit the budget shopper profile, but long term financial planning requires the discipline. Both of us are a bit worried we'll get spoiled and need to get second jobs to support the cruise habit. 🙂
  7. Me too, for several weeks. Using an android phone
  8. The Alpha Centauri itinerary sounds great. Totally booking that one
  9. Small folding knife with less than a 2.5 inch blade
  10. Heck, bought a small folder to meet HAL requirements. You're not dressed without one in our neck of the woods
  11. Sorry to hear, totally justifying my overstuffed carry on bag
  12. We're on this one and since we are local, love the idea of not flying. Looks restful
  13. Just booked! Chance to try Oceania at a much lower rate. Probably get spoiled, or more probably my wife will.
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