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  1. You are probably correct regarding number 1 since that was the rule with O Life’s YWYW 25% deal. Any package purchase was not refundable once onboard. Even had the rule printed on the tour tix. As for number 2, I don’t have a definitive answer. I do know that the old YWYW rule was a minimum number of tours were required and that the cited number was per person in the cabin.
  2. There are still many folks who booked upcoming future cruises before SM booking started. The pricing you see is for folks who still have O Life or Cruise Only. It doesn’t adjust specifically to your booking status.
  3. The Search function here is Boolean. With the right query terms, one can find seemingly obscure posts.
  4. I’m exactly the opposite. The only “mix” I need is what is found in the cocktail shaker at Martini’s.😎 O ships are our “vacation home.” And, despite, occasional hiccups in overall performance, O checks off all on our travel preference list pretty regularly. Among those preferences is the current “regular O clientele” profile which I consider to be culturally diverse, well traveled, professionally accomplished folks who have worked hard for their money and understand the true meaning of value. I trust that you’ll find some subset of similar types of folks on mass market NCL and luxury Regent. But, if I’m going to continue to spend 75-100 +\- annual nights on O ships, I don’t particularly need or want an uncertain demographic future that might alter the profile described above.
  5. Not really if you’re an O regular. Some trips you come out ahead and others you don’t.
  6. Many O regulars were previously Celebtity cruisers who jumped ship and never looked back. We’ve got almost 500 nights on O ships (more than 100 of them since post-Covid restart; and we have several future multi-segments already booked in 2025-26). As for the age demographic on O, it varies with the itinerary. Cruises under 3 weeks to the Med or island locations draw a “younger” crowd of not-yet-retired folks (and are extremely popular with college alumni groups) while longer cruise (> one month) will see more 60+ passengers. BTW, on Alaska cruises during summer school vacation, O even has a kids program. Plenty of places to grab a cocktail in the evening - even with post nightly show dancing available in Horizons. There’s also a pianist in Martini’s. As for your other concerns: even O’s two newest ships are under 1200 passengers with the same excellent crew and space ratios we have enjoyed for more than a decade. Add stellar service and meals considered by several leading food publications to be the Finest Cuisine @ Sea and Celebrity will become a distant memory quickly. All this said, it still remains that the only way you’ll find out if O is a good fit for you is to try it.
  7. Patrick Tairua, Bora Bora native and owner of ultra-popular Maohi Nui Tours as he motors across the lagoon in front of the iconic twin-peaked extinct volcano, Mount Pahia.
  8. There’s a casino? 😳
  9. Unknown until someone(s) confirms that SM $ work.
  10. LaReserve is on that PDF too. But, the name of the tours purchased PDF does say something like “ShoreEx and other…”
  11. Lots of great Pinot Noirs in Sonoma County. Our favorites come from Martin Ray.
  12. Interesting. Regular cooking classes do appear on the prepurchased shorex PDF. 🤔
  13. Smooth as silk… ….unless it’s not.
  14. Check out the website for Fincantieri shipyard in Sestri Ponente, Italy. Perhaps it will point you in the right direction.
  15. We’ll- sorta: it does cost some time and energy in learning how best to use it. 😎
  16. My post was a challenge/puzzle 😎: There are only four of these cabins - each on Marina and Riviera. Check out the deck plan and you’ll actually see where extended balconies are located. Then look for the four corner cabins where the extended balcony sections begin. Hint #1: They are all only on one deck. Once you figure out where they are, just look at the deck plan color key for which cabin category. Hint #2 If you want to book one, you’ll need to do it immediately upon bookings opening for your selected cruise. In most cases, they go very quickly.
  17. Find one of these (four only) on the Riviera and Marina deck plans.
  18. Yes. One per restaurant for four different restaurants (O Class ships). But, each day aboard, you can ask (at the reservation desk) for a space available reservation for that evening (no extra cost).
  19. Important: folks on multi-segment cruises need to know that their allocation is split per segment (as though they are individual cruises). And you cannot book all of your allocation on less than the number of restaurants on that ship. So (for example): eight spots in your total allocation for a two segment O ship cruise totaling 21 days? If so, that means one reservation per each of the four specialty restaurants in each segment. The online reservation system will not let you do anything other than that.
  20. It’s Saturday: Time for O web maintenance (in which case they lock passenger accounts for security purposes).
  21. No - only certain top categories. If you decide to bring your own, consider marine ones: 7x50.
  22. Yes- particularly if air travel is in the deal. But, theoretically (even without air), one of you will not appear on the manifest while the other will appear twice. You’d think that RC software would catch the double. But, would you really trust a cruise line that possibly created the issue to begin with. (Please don’t tell us that you erroneously registered the same person twice 😳. In any case, you need to fix it now.
  23. Once ITA Matrix gives us a framework of availability, I always call the preferred airline(s) directly. And, there are occasions when their prices will be significantly better than what was posted on ITA Matrix. One reason is that legs or all of a desired flight itinerary may be subject to a “flash sale.” I’ve seen this with Lufthansa connecting short hauls in Europe. Also worth mentioning is also calling the airline direct to double check their own website pricing and routings. With large carriers like United, a web search without specific input (e.g., time span for departures) may not yield all flights during that span. Always call and ask the rep what s/he finds for your preferred itinerary specs (and otherwise if worth the $ savings). Stellar phone customer service, great accommodations for flight changes, Star Alliance hubs, best app in the travel industry, etc. are why United is our preferred carrier.
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