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  1. In the following post you can see them lifting and welding plates into place before wrapping it with tarps.
  2. You are allowed 1 bottle each without corkage fee (although you cannot bring these to the dining room) and as many bottles you would like with a $15 per bottle fee that can be brought to dining. There will be a table set up past security to pay corkage where they will apply a sticker to your additional wine so that dining room staff know that corkage has been paid.
  3. Our local airport (Calgary, Canada YYC) has a coat check for winter coats, but it's $2 a day. Not sure I'd pay that over a week or more.
  4. Looking at a 2020 Asia cruise aboard the Quantum of the Seas. When I get to the dining choice in the booking process, I'm given two options: Cosmopolitan Dining or a blank option (which I can check). Cosmopolitan dining is described as "Cosmopolitan Dining lets you choose between two dining times and sit on a first come, first serve basis in any of our main restaurants." So I have to show up at either 5:30 or 8:00? Can I get a table for 2? Has anyone had this and how did it work for you. Also, any idea what the unlabeled choice is? Here's a screenshot:
  5. Looking at a 12 day Asia cruise in OV room. When I add 'Reduced or Free Air', the price gets a tad high. For $1.3 million each, is it at least First Class?
  6. Just got back from a week on the Preziosa Northern Europe cruise out of Southampton. Went to Guest Services the first night with our paperwork and had vouchers in our cabin within a couple of hours.
  7. Just checked the Oct 2020 cruise on the Canadian site again and now it is showing all the same room avails as the American site. Price with exchange works out to be almost exactly the same.
  8. Comparing a Mediterranean cruise we've booked for Oct 2020 - Both the US and UK sites show Bella and Fantastica balcony rooms available, Canadian site shows only Aurea rooms at $1300 more than what we paid. If MSC doesn't get this fixed, or allow us to book on the US site, we won't be cruising MSC in the future.
  9. I wonder if this would also mean that more Canadian travel agents (big box warehouse club) would start offering MSC as an option?
  10. This would be great. We book many cruises over a year out and it would be nice to know what the final price is when I book without having to worry about how the CDN$ will fluctuate over that time.
  11. I believe it was posted on their website in June of 2018. We booked in July and already knew we wouldn't receive the vouchers this coming May (although they are still on our e-tickets!).
  12. So if we want to come back at 2 or 3 in the morning, there will be someone to let us on the ship?
  13. Seems like every time we walked past Eataly earlier this year, it was empty. The decor didn't appeal to us at all.
  14. When you stay overnight in a port, what time do you have to be back on board? We're overnighting in Rotterdam this spring and were wondering if we can return to the ship anytime before we sail the next day.
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