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    MSC Divina current bar menus

    I'm also trying to decide whether to upgrade or not. Does anyone know which of these beers are included in the Drinks on Us Package?

    Car Rental Galveston

    We've done this a few times, both via taxi and uber. I think the taxi fare was about $40 each way, while uber was 20 - 30% less (for an Uber X). Very easy.

    Future cruise bookings

    We recently transferred our on-board booking to a Canadian big box store and had to contact the store to get the transfer completed.

    MSC Southampton Transfer?

    Thanks for all the info!

    Opinions please on pricing on MSC Divina booking

    The $1200 difference also includes an unlimited drinks package, a spa package and 2 extra days of cruising (The Horizon cruise is a 8 day, right?). That being said, the cruise is 6 months away - I would think that someone would cancel and some Fantastica or Bella balcony cabins would open up, you'd just have to keep on checking.

    MSC Southampton Transfer?

    Does MSC offer airport transfers between either London airport (Heathrow or Gatwick) and the Southampton port?

    Drinks on Us now on ALL sailings?

    Never mind, I see that you're on the Seaview, not the Seaside. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

    Drinks on Us now on ALL sailings?

    Did you book a 14 night cruise? Drinks on Us is still showing up for the 7 night May 18 Seaside cruise, and the 7 night cruise following it. Check the prices because its actually the same price or cheaper to book two 7 night cruises vs one 14 night cruise AND you get the Drinks on Us on the 7 night bookings. Weird.

    Drinks on Us now on ALL sailings?

    Did you not get the "Drinks on Us" promo? Still showing up on the MSC site today.
  10. XLVIII

    Drinks on Us now on ALL sailings?

    After March 2019 the 12 drink voucher program is disappearing. MSC has not announced what, if anything, it will be replaced with (for Mediterranean and Northern European cruises). Drinks on us is specifically for Caribbean cruises (at least right now).
  11. XLVIII

    Fastastica drink vouchers

    I think the website only lists included drinks packages for Caribbean cruises, not Mediterranean or Northern Europe ones after March 2019. It will be interesting to see if MSC replaces the vouchers with a drinks promo, and if that promo is added to any cruises booked before they announce what will replace vouchers (if anything).
  12. XLVIII

    Drinks on Us now on ALL sailings?

    It seems like MSC has really dropped the ball on what, if anything, is going to replace the voucher program for Fantastica. We would have booked the Fantastica experience had there been vouchers or any sort of drinks package, but without that added benefit the additional expense made no sense - over $100 each for room service and a slightly better room.
  13. XLVIII

    Drinks on Us now on ALL sailings?

    Just checked my booking again and now any mention of the Drinks on Us package has been removed. Also don't see it listed on any other Mediterranean cruises I price out. Looks like it was a mistake. :(
  14. XLVIII

    Drinks on Us now on ALL sailings?

    I've only ever seen it offered on Caribbean sailings, not on Mediterranean or European cruises.
  15. XLVIII

    Drinks on Us now on ALL sailings?

    It appears on the website midway down on the page listing my booking under 'Cabin'.