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  1. On 8/3/2022 at 5:44 PM, BirdTravels said:

    You understand that the outward facing email address for the execs go to an off-shore call center where sub-minimum wage call center personnel respond with canned, legally approved responses signing the boss' name? That email address gets hundreds and hundreds of emails a day that Mr. Bayley never sees. 


    Disagree. I'm not sure about Bayley's email, but I've emailed other execs and have received returned emails and actually a pohone call. So there's that. 

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  2. On 9/6/2023 at 8:44 AM, Garyjames220 said:



    so I was looking up prices to sail on royal for me, my wife and three year old twin girls. 

    We have been quite enjoying sailing with Disney cruise Line recently but I thought of trying to add in a royal cruise next year, thinking it could be like half the price, a wee extra trip. I haven’t looked at royals prices for mybe about a year but WOW the prices have rocketed 


    I was looking and all months for the wonder next year and even with kids sailing for £99 it’s still really costly. I have looked up all different months and I’m very flexible. I always thought Disney were about double the price of royal. Now there is barley anything in it. In fact I normally get the three night dining package as don’t want to eat in the same restaurant each night and I would need a soda package as Disney normally has that in it. If I take that into it I would say some of there cruises are working out more expensive


    even a 2 night cruise from Southampton next year is like £2000 pounds, not that I would do one that short  


    I know prices have went up with all companies but WOW I was really shocked with how much by


    Is anyone else experiencing this or am I missing something?


    The days of getting a good deal on royal seem to have gone 🙁


    They went up to cover the gratuities and pizza. 😉


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  3. 19 hours ago, nimbex1970 said:

    I agree, not FOREVER, each of us has a cruise price point we are willing to pay for the product. If everything was all-inclusive that higher price point would turn many away. Why should I pay for someone else's ice cream and such would get brought up.  


    For some, RCCL is already at the top of their price point and these recent upcharges and higher fees are causing folks to turn to other lines in the near future. 


    With cruisers like yourself, they'll continue to go up, up, and away w/ prices. Firiggnin' ice cream? Hell yes, your cruise fare should pay for your ice cream. And my cruise fare pays for mine. i like chocolate. And Johnny & Sue's cruise fare in cabin 12916 pays for their ice cream.  It is what it is...stop this non-sense. 

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  4. 2 minutes ago, BNBR said:


    Which is proof it has nothing to do with "all the sharing"... But this is good info. Appreciate it.


    I don't even care or worry about why a rule is a rule. I don't set the rules and I don't try to even understand the why behind them .I just either accept them or I don't.  For example, I didn't believe in the segregating of the passengers when they re-opened... so I boycotted and stayed away for a few years and that practice stopped. I encourage you to follow your beliefs. Whatever they are. If you don't like something that Royal is doing or not doing, then put your wallet away until such time that you feel comfortable. 

  5. 7 hours ago, Mum2Mercury said:

    I suspect you already know this, but it's about stopping people from "sharing" the package.  

    They will allow one person in a room to buy the Deluxe Package while the other buys the Refreshment Package.  

    Essentially all the cocktails are now $14 + mandatory 18% tax.  

    In terms of dollars, the 18% gratuity is a bit of a wash.  You'll either pay 18% on the package OR on individual drinks, but they'll get you.  One way or the other. 

    But no one buys the Deluxe Package so they can have water and juice.  


    But most do use these the by products of the DBP. Fresh Squeezed OJ is an uncharge, as is the Bottled water, and the Specialty Coffees. To not count them as part of the package is silliness. 

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  6. Regarding DBP... my experience tells me the following...

    1. Caribbean cruises vs European Cruises cost more but Caribbean cruises do include island/resorts owned by RCL such CocoCay etc


    2. The more ports per a 7 day cruise, the cost is less... example 4 or 5 day vs 3 day on a 7 day cruise. Or in other words, the more sea days, the higher the cost.


    3. Smaller ships cost less than larger ships. Destination vs Ship experience.



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  7. My take....

    Between 1-2pm cabins should be available.

    Yes, one can get specialty coffees other than Starbucks. But not sure of the location on Navigator but I think in the Windjammer at the bar.

    I'm not sure of the pricing for soft drinks and bottled water as we always get the Deluxe Bev Package. But the alcoholic drink prices are $14/day, Beer $10/day. 

    @ $77.95/day + 18% gratuity, you'll split even 6 drinks/day, not counting fresh OJ, bottled water, soft drinks, & specialty coffees.


    Welcome to Royal and enjoy your cruise.

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  8. 5 hours ago, BNBR said:


    I drink a lot, too. I still couldn't make the numbers work. The new prices ($80+) is so crazy. Have to average 10-15 a day even on port days just to break even. And my wife is not going to be anywhere near that, though I could do it and probably do. Requiring both guests at that pricing seems ridiculous to me. 


    Actually... even counting the 18% gratuity, it would be 6.5 drinks per day @ $14/drink. And that's not counting any other beverages such as bottled water, fresh squeezed OJ, and specialty coffees prepared by RCL.  


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  9. 2 hours ago, RoperDK said:

    He is feeling great this morning!  Fever broke last night and he slept like a baby.  Feeling like his old self now.  I still have no symptoms.  I truly wonder if it was something he ate after golf the day before.  We are proceeding with the trip, minus the family visit.  If something does creep up then we will deal with it.  There is always Urgent Care.  We would never board a ship knowing we were sick.  Wish us luck!


    This is good news for you & the family. I wish you the best and an enjoyable cruise. 


    The reason I suggested to cancel is from our most recent experiences. Both my wife & I got sick on our last cruise. (Aug 6th) She on day 5, me on day 6. So someone got on that cruise ship knowingly they had a bug and it of course spread. In fact, after reading some of the posts from our FB page it appears that many got sick. The wife has lost 9 lbs and she still can't eat well & is still pretty weak. 

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