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  1. On 8/21/2023 at 1:47 PM, SilkySal said:

    You can give anyone of legal drinking age a drink with your vouchers but I would ask them to be sure to tip the waiter/bartender since the vouchers do not add gratuity. Just my opinion on tips. Cheers!


    Actually, I don't believe one has to be of legal drinking age as they can be used for Virgin drinks, fresh squeezed OJ, and specialty coffee (prepared by RCL)  are just a few examples.  

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  2. 3 hours ago, A&L_Ont said:

    @Goodtime Cruizin I can’t remember if I said it yet, thanks for your feedback and welcome back to cruizin.


    Thanks buddy. It's good to be back at it again to be honest.  Although I must say, it was a bit different. But still fun and enjoyable. RCL cancelled 3 cruises, we cancelled 1... and after 4 tries, we got the Greek Isles done. I think we're done w/ Europe now. The time and aggravation of traveling to get on a ship literally wore us out. Our next cruise is out of our home port of Galveston and w/ the new port, the big girls can come in now. 


    One hour drive to the Harmony in a couple of months. Ez Pz. 

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  3. 6 minutes ago, Driftwoodgal said:

    Wow, I haven't been on the boards for ages. I hit the jack pot tonight when I logged on. 


    I am not understanding the tip thing. I would appreciate it if you can elaborate. We have been to Europe before and tips were included in pricing in restaurants.



    Would love to know what you did in the ports as we have the Explorer October 1st. We prefer the smaller ships as we don't need the bells and whistles with the newer ships.

    Welcome Back!

    We visited Kotor, Corfu, Atehns, Mykonos, & Argostolli.

    TBH, I'm really tired of discussing the tipping thing. But there is plenty for you to review in this thread though!

    I really hope you enjoy your cruise!

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  4. 5 minutes ago, aubreyc1988 said:

    Yes, I am sure they do. but just an FYI, most of the bartenders pool their tips so you better double check to make sure they stick those dollar bills in their pockets instead of in the tip jar because god forbid some of that money go to someone else on the bartender staff, like the dishwasher. 


    Once I hand it off it's their money and they can do whatever they wish w/ it. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, firefly333 said:

    Because I questioned if rcl took a cut of tips .. you tell me I cant post and should run along because of something else you dont have a answer for no one but rcl knows. Triggered??  .. because I asked him for a link to his rumor he posted. As you just pointed out ... none of us knows. 


    No. Because you started by saying you didn't care, but then went a triggered trip. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, yogimax said:

    .., and I prefer to leave the tips in place knowing that removing them may very well hurt some hard working guy or gal who is sacrificing to provide some money to their families back home.  Sure, I'd rather save a few $$$ but not at the expense of someone who needs it a lot more than I do.


    Good for you. But stop the guilt tripping. It's foolishness. You act as if removing the tips means someone is NOT tipping. I have not read any post on this thread that has stated as much. I certainly have NEVER said I would not tip. In fact, I've repeatedly said I will tip who I feel best deserves it.  

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  7. 54 minutes ago, firefly333 said:

    Of course you cant document this. You heard it from joe blow and after all it was on the internet so you post it as if it were true. 


    I dont care who you tip, just dont like rumors posted unless you know they are true or not. If its true post a link .


    And nobody can post anything that proves how much of the 18% goes where and to who either. And if you really don't care, have some self restraint & just move on. Or just put him and anyone else that triggers you on ignore.  

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  8. 3 minutes ago, yogimax said:

    I'm not making the allegation that RCCL is being deceitful.  The ball is in your court but you have already confirmed you have no proof.


    You mad?

    Look, I aint playing ball w/ you or anybody else. I believe what I believe and I'm entitled to do so. You do the same. Go on and keep giving that $16/per/day or whatever you pay. I have no problem with it. I seriously don't care. I'll use the opt out that Royal allows and issue tips where I see fit. 


    Move along now.


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  9. 3 hours ago, sgmn said:

    So I always say to myself, don't get drawn into 'tipping' arguments, but here's my two penny's worth.

    We always leave the suggested gratuities in place and usually tip extra at the end of a cruise to room attendant, and our waiters. 

    But I don't understand why people regularly talk about tipping the bar staff on top of the 18% they already get. Even a $ a drink makes the gratuities almost 30% for maybe just taking off the cap off a bottle of beer or sloshing out some wine from an already opened bottle. The only time we tip bar staff, is for our diamond drinks.

    And why is there gratuities on stuff you buy in their shops?



    I don't think the 18% mark up on the drink packages and/or the dining packages go to the bartenders or wait staff. This mark up & the 'gratuities' on purchased items are nothing but revenue streams for RCL. Given the option, I'd opt out on them as well. LOL 

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  10. It's a weak attempt to slam me for my honesty in another thread saying that I plan to remove my gratuities on my next cruise if given the option. I'll be tipping direct going forward. Bottom line... he doesn't like it. 


    And you're right, no one actually knows the %'s much less if there really is a 'tip pool'. He's just spouting what someone else has told him. It's Royal propaganda.  



  11. 10 minutes ago, taglovestocruise said:

    Book your time and day through the cruise planner. Pay full price and once onboard just switch the reservation to your UDP. You will get a fully refundable OBC. Use your UDP for lunch on embarkation day,  as you are eating let the host make all your reservations for the week. 


    I have a feeling if this is done, you'll get re-p;riced to the on board price. Not sure if it's worth at the price I paid but surely will study it. 

  12. 4 minutes ago, taglovestocruise said:

    Book your time and day through the cruise planner. Pay full price and once onboard just switch the reservation to your UDP. You will get a fully refundable OBC. Use your UDP for lunch on embarkation day,  as you are eating let the host make all your reservations for the week. 


    Now that's beating the system. 

  13. 11 minutes ago, pattak619 said:

    Last year on the Anthem we had the UDP and yes ,could only make reservations once on board, when you embark go to any of the Specialty Restaurants and there you can make all your reservations (lunch and dinner)for the times you want. We had them all written down beforehand.

    Sounds like a plan. Did you make dinner plans around your reserved show times? or vice versa?

  14. Question???s regarding Unlimited Dining Pkg. I'm told one can not make reservations for dinner nightly until you get on board. When I look on the app for Izumi- Hibachi as an example, it allows you to make a reservation if you buy a one night dinner but only 5:30 or before... or 9pm or after. Since were required to wait until we get on board, will we be able to find better times?

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