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  1. 3 minutes ago, Airbear232 said:

    Objective, fair and honest review.  Was your server in Chops G (Gopakumar)?  He was our waiter in May (as well as in many past cruises on Explorer) and by far the best we’ve ever had!  Glad you enjoyed your cruise!


    It was Andrys, from Ukraine. He was especially happy the first night he served us as is wife got on the ship that day. She was to work in the Adventure Ocean program. 

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  2. 8 hours ago, RocCruisers said:

    Any comments on the ports / excursions?  Was this a Ravenna embarkation?  What were the choices and cost when leaving?  Were there many B2Bers?


    The ports were over the top beautiful stops. We only did one of the four ports w/ RCL. We had private guided tours for Kotor and Athens. Small group tour for Mykonos, and then RCL for Argostolli. 

    Kotor - Viator Private Walking Tour (Rick Steve's Recommended) Miro & Sons actually handled the tour and the tour guide was actually from Kotor. He knew his stuff and was extremely proud of his small but independent country. After the tour he recommended a family owned restaurant which we enjoyed a nice lunch. 


    Corfu - RCL's Glyfada Beach Transfer. Was good. Not great but good. Water & Beach was fabulous. Accomodations so-so. Kitchen was opened... but the bartend literally walked me over a small store around the corner and pointed out some freshly made 'pies'. Think turnovers. Spinach. Cheese, and Fruit. I bought one of each for 1eu each.


    Athens. Viator Private Guide. I wanted to learn, hear as much as possible at a place I wanted to see since I was watching Hercules cartoons. Peggy was our guide and she was absolutely incredible. Occasionally I got lost in her broken English but this woman is a walking google machine in regards to the Parthenon & Acropolis. Our driver took us as far as possible and then the climb began. It was hot but not as hot as Texas is right now. We thoroughly enjoyed the museum. Incfedible stuff. 


    Mykonos - Viator - Small Group Tour up and all around Mykonos from the mountains, to the old lighthouse, to the  only public beach left in Mykonos, to the beautiful small street shops of Mykonos. Good time. Would do again. We docked at the 'new' port. Odyssey was tendering her passengers at the old port of Mykonos. We shared an incredible greek gyro sandwich. We had to take a water bus back to new port. 2eu.  Heads up, the guide told us that the average beach entrance fee is around 80eu these days. We saw the new resorts and villas being built all over the sides of the mountains. Mykonos is hot property these days.


    Argostolli - Paid for a RCL excrsion but did not get of the ship. 


    Ravenna - So many options to get there from Venice & Bologna. We did Venice & booked the RCL transfer. a 2 1/2 bus ride there and 2 1/2 hrs back to Venice. It sounds ok when you're making plans, but it's taxing on travel day. Especially on the way home. Our cost was $90 for the two of us, eacg direction. But I can clearly see why Venice moved the ships out. Saturday in Venice was like crazy w/ people. Unreal. But wow is Venice special. We loved Venice. 


    Venice - We stayed at the Canal Grande, a very nice boutique hotel. We water taxi'd from airport to the hotel. No dragging our bags over any walking bridges for us! The hotel has a dock. Worked out great. We then set our phone gps to the Rialto Bridge and took off exploring. It's a beautiful city. Amazing shopping, and near the Rialto Bridge, it's lined with resturant after restaurant for excellent food, and drinks. We thoroughly enjoyed it.  


    Met a few B2B couples. But don't have any details. 

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Another_Critic said:

    The issue is that too many people want to eat early, so they now use the MTD level (room) for early seating and thus don't start MTD until 6:45 or 7 PM.  This creates a backlog for MTD.



    It was a total fiasco on the Explorer.  Cruisers were talking about it throughout the ship. I asked what the issue was and the person at the desk w/ the walkie talkie told me that the busiest time frame on that cruise was 7:30pm. "Everybody wants a table at 7:30."  So I don't know really. but it isn't going well for Royal. I expect we'll see some sort of changes soon. Perhaps placing a maximum limit of MTD placements. 

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  4. 20 minutes ago, Sunshine3601 said:

    Happy to hear you a Goodtime.   Was this the Greek Isles sailing?    

    Hope you both feel better soon.


    Yes. Aug 6th. Wonderful cruise. So beautiful. We enjoyed some great guides and took advantage of the trip and took in Venice while over there.  Thanks for your concern. We both are like zombied out looking around gong, "what happened?" But we'll be fine given the time.

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  5. so I thought I'd share some thoughts. It was our first cruise since the pandemic hit so this will be a bit of comparison of what I liked and didn't like. And perhaps a comment or two on the different cruise eras. This is not a review on Royal overall but just my cruise and the Explorer.


    What I didn't like.

    1. I'll start w/ MTD. At one time it was really a great concept. Offering tables for hungry passengers that didn't want to eat early and didn't want to eat late. Well guess what ? It appears few want to eat early or late nowadays and most everyone wants to eat between 7:30-8:30pm.  Try as they might, the staff, the kitchen, and the dining rooms just can't handle it any longer. Perhaps it's all by design to move some passengers who grow frustrated to the specialty places. Who knows?  But it was bad pretty much all week. Night 3, as walked out of the Sapphire the MTD line w/ reservations had a line of 150+ at 9:05pm. Crazy man crazy. But I know, there will be a ton of comments on how things went perfect w/ them & MTD. Not so on this cruise.


    2. Turn down service at night was greatly missed. Paying $16/day/person for room service is crap. That's another $112 to one's total cruise fare. Royal should adjust the rate properly at the sales point. Our cabin attendant had 14 cabins. She was golden. We gave her a nice tip. I'll get toasted for this but paying more for less is not good. Going forward and given the option, I'm removing my gratuities. I'll pay out the $32 daily to those that serve me directly. Those that don't need to be paid better by Royal via the cruise fares, not w/ a forced gratuity by me. Or they need to improve their skill sets and find ship jobs that gain them tips. Royal is already getting more money for the cruise fares these days and have less staff. 


    3. Men's restrooms were not as clean as the past. In fact, I never saw an attendant once cleaning a men's room. And believe me at my age, it is frequently visited. Pool deck and Promenade decks are the most frequent used decks and I never once saw an attendant.


    4. Bread. This is one area that is obvious in the MDR. And the same selections are not offered either.  


    What I did like.


    1.I loved the two dudes singing and playing the guitar at the entrance of the Windjammer. They actually enforced people to wash their hands. Each side offer 5 cleaning stations, w/ soap, sink and paper towels is good stuff. Singing "I'm leaving on a jet plane" on the last day was creative & entertaining.


    2. As always, I enjoy the spirit of the bartenders and servers. In fact, we had our very best server at a Chops on this cruise that actually restored our confidence in Chops.


    3. Speaking of bartenders.... I've read that some believe that the drinks are weaker for DBP holders and that is far from the reality. In fact, the drinks are open poured. They were good.


    4. The shower heads in those Beam Me Up Scotty shower tubes...they're actually pretty damn good. I'm amazed at how good the showers feel. The flow of hot water is strong and I'm puzzled on how the ship keeps it going for so many people.


    5. Lastly, not once was I handed a slip to sign to pursuade a tip. Not once. That was nice.


    Everything is subjective from the food, menus, to the looks of the ship. By the way, despite washy washy before yummy yummy singing guys, we both got pretty sick day 7 and while traveling back to stateside. The covid tests came back as negagive but we're not so sure. We're staying away from all for awhile to be safe.


    Goodimes I tell ya, Goodtimes!

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  6. If you track it, it most likely will not be an accurate reflection of the purchase as it will probably 'sway' a decision to either drink more to make the math come out to your favor.... or.... it'll slow you down when you realize how much you're drinking. My calculations are always based on the number of sea days vs port days. Or how often I plan to be away from the ship. 

  7. We've always enjoyed Lobster on our past cruises. Typically on the 2nd formal night as part of the menu offering in the MDR. We're heading out in a few days for the Explorer in the Greek Isles and I'm hearing this is no longer offered on European cruises. Can anyone confirm this? Is lobster night a thing past the past these days as well? 

  8. 3 hours ago, NateUpNorth said:

    Sometimes I complain about the things my kids do..... doesn't mean I want them out of my life or to trade for new ones.......


    While this is so so very true, I do bet you discuss w/ your children what you think they do is wrong in an effort to bring to their attention ways to improve. Unlike the OP on the LIE thread that failed to communicate to the powers to be so but decided the best way to fix the problem was to tell us. I can't imagine you telling your butcher, hair stylist, or complete strangers the issues of your children thinking this would help them.


    Something tells me that the 'H&H' container still has milk in it and few if any employees know to care.  

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  9. 2 hours ago, little britain said:

    Exactly - very fattening and unhealthy ! 

    Cream in coffee always reminds me of the 1970s/80s when you were served it when you went out to dinner - a real luxury and a treat to a child! 

    65% of milk sold here is skimmed. 


    You'd be shocked to see and hear how people order their coffee at Starbucks. Very fattening indeed. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, Tlbecker1 said:

    We will be on our 24th with Royal since the restart.  We have also been on Celebrity twice and we are fine with the changes.


    Wow 24th since the re-start! I don't know that I've been to a grocery store 24 times since the re-start! LOL

    But it's very nice to hear. We sure hope we have the same thoughts. But to be honest, I so disliked the seperation of the passengers during the re-start. It really sent a message to everyone of us. And now, reading this board, the negativity can really mess w/ you. 

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  11. 35 minutes ago, Cruisemaster54 said:

    Perfect example of one of the reasons we are leaving Royal. Just too many cut backs that they have got away with by blaming Covid. No it not Covid it’s called being greedy.

    we have been loyal to Royal for years. But with the food, service, and all the cut backs it’s time for us to move on to a company that really appreciates our business. I truly believe Royal has shot themselves in the foot. General attitudes on the ships has changed dramatically and I personally think they could care less. Up charge, Up charge and more Up charge. You can have your fancy slides, zip lines, and merry go rounds.

    but you are losing the people who paid to make Royal great. 


    In less than two weeks we'll be on on 12th cruise w/ Royal and our first since Sept 2019. We're very excited of course but also a bit concerned about the cutbacks. We'll experience firsthand these changes and if the 'wow' factor has left RCL, we'll be right behind it. I'm not sure what to expect. Reading these boards helps. one educate themselves some but it also can make one a bit jaded as well. It's a balance for sure. 

  12. 10 minutes ago, firefly333 said:

    Oh good another person passing judgement telling me what to do. 


    Hahahaha. I dont care what others do, I dont like posts telling me what to do.. it's not up to you. Lots of bossy people. Carry on. ... I think its amusing so many people getting so upset over cream for coffee. I do prefer cream. But I sure will not choose a cruiseline over half and half. Too funny. Well I've had my fun for the day. I know you argue a lot, I've seen it. I read your post to see which way you came down.... interesting. I cant understand why posters feel they need to tell other posters how to think and cruise. 


    "I agree they are a dishonest company. I put no faith in their honesty." 


    But he continues to put money into Royal's checking account and hates on others.


    For the record, I drink my coffee black or occasionally w/ whiskey.  

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  13. 1 hour ago, firefly333 said:

    I hate it when rcl loyalists post rubbish like if you are not 100% pleased you should go cruise another line, over something trivial. It gets tiring to hear go cruise another line if every single thing isnt perfect. Over cream?? The OP noted what seems like another cutback. Why are people rushing to say go to another line if they post even a tiny negative. Very judgemental. 


    Give it a rest will you? You're the one that has been extremely judgmental about Royal. And when you get called out for it for continuing to drop your $$$ on this company that you claim lies to you about multiple things, you then get all 'hateful' to others. Move on already.  

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