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  1. Epic, Breakaway, Getaway, Escape are the ships with lifeboats hanging outboard. They cannot even enter the new Panama Canal. Joy, Bliss, Encore have modified lifeboat positions so they can transit through the new Panama Canal.
  2. Life has to go on. Oceania just announced the name of their 2023 new ship, and other details (onboard features, itineraries) will be revealed in the coming months. If the Regent new ship will be delivered on time in 2023, there should be some news now, since Regent often publishes the itineraries even earlier than Oceania.
  3. Not sure for Question 1. Yes for Question 2. FCC and As You Wish onboard credits can be applied together in the same booking.
  4. I don't mind if they change to the electronic patter, but hope the patters can be downloaded nicely in a PDF format, so that I can save them in my tablet as memories of that cruise. I am still keeping the old paper patters of all my previous voyages.
  5. When I sailed on Crystal Cruises in 2013, they still had the passenger list at that time. During the online check-in process, guests could click "agree" or "decline" to put their names on the list. They could also choose how your name is shown / abbreviated on the list. It was not necessary to be the full first name and last name.
  6. JEWEL is making the transit in Panama Canal, from Pacific Ocean to Caribbean, and heading to Miami. SUN is in Mazatlan, Mexico now. ENCORE left Manila last week and has moved to Singapore anchorage.
  7. The Haven categories will be coded "H2", "H3", "H4", etc. There will be some non-Haven suite categories "SH", "SI", "SJ", etc. 😎
  8. I don't think so. Their category does not contain the name "The Haven". They are just suites but not Haven Suites.
  9. OK I get your point. The Haven facilities are on Deck 16-17. The Haven suites are on Decks 12-15 (plus a few aft corner Haven suites on Decks 10-11).
  10. The lowest deck shown is Deck 5. Hence the Haven is Deck 16 and up.
  11. The second picture (which was already leaked many months ago) is probably a specialty restaurant but not Haven restaurant. It looks like there is the promenade or "Waterfront" outside those windows, so it should be a restaurant on around Deck 7-8, just one deck above the lifeboats.
  12. Other than the date and location (which is mentioned in the notice from Princess Cruises about deployment change), I do not find any other information provided by Princess.
  13. Sep 30 - Oct 16 Approx. 17 days in total
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