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  1. After a night at sea for staying away from the track of the storm, Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Escape, Sun Princess, Sea Princess are all making U turn today. They will be back into Manila harbour tomorrow.
  2. Voyager's summer homeport was Barcelona in 2010, and was Venice in 2011. I still kept the e-brochures at that time. In May 2012 she started her reposition journey to Asia (Barcelona > Dubai > Singapore > Shanghai). https://www.traveldailymedia.com/dubai-welcomes-second-biggest-ship-in-uae-history/
  3. "26th Oct" and "29th Oct" both have been mentioned in some of the most recent comments from crew members on social media. Not sure how many new crew members have already embarked, or if they are still waiting for the test results in the hotels.
  4. Picture 1: Breakaway in late September (picture taken on Getaway) Picture 2: At the top of Getaway Picture 3: At the top of Breakaway Picture 4: The scrubber(s) before installation All pictures are found on social media.
  5. Indeed the cams of Golden / Sun / Sea / Star are still working until now (23 Oct). You can click on the direct links below to watch them. https://www.princess.com/webcam/golden_bridge.jpg https://www.princess.com/webcam/star_bridge.jpg https://www.princess.com/webcam/sun_bridge.jpg https://www.princess.com/webcam/sea_bridge.jpg
  6. Joy entered the harbour and moored at Pier 15 in Manila since yesterday.
  7. Silversea will send the official notice to the world cruise passengers today or tomorrow. At that time we will possibly know whether the December cruises are included in this round of cancellations. From the experience of previous cancellations, even though the passengers are already informed that the cruise is cancelled, Silversea website is not updated immediately.
  8. We, from Asia, had experienced 12 hour flight to Europe for some mini cruises. Sometimes you really want to try a new (or a really special) ship but cannot afford other much longer itineraries. Or because that 3 day cruise is of great importance (inaugural cruise / christening ceremony).
  9. The OP is referring to summer / fall 2022, i.e. the itineraries after April 2022.
  10. Star Princess will not sail for Princess anymore. She is leaving the fleet with immediate effect, earlier than the original plan in October 2021.
  11. The 14 Oct 2021 Quantum reposition cruise from Honolulu to Sydney is closed now. All Quantum Sydney roundtrip cruises are also closed. Somebody makes a hint that there will be big announcement soon.
  12. I agree with you that Spectrum needs to have some differences comparing with other Quantum Class sisters, in order to cater for the Asians. However Royal Caribbean should already know such characteristics of the Asian (or more accurately, the Chinese) market. It is not the first year they start their business in Asia. They already have more than 10 years of experience. If single cabins are really important, why Spectrum was not originally designed with more single cabins? Instead, Royal Caribbean "suddenly" realized that there is over demand on the single cabins, then changed some of the cabins just several months after the ship entered service / arrived in Asia, and published a wrong deck plan for more than a year without correcting it.
  13. That's a logical point. I need to compare the old and new versions of the entire deck plan again to see if this is the reason.
  14. Cabin 13642 seems to be a regular-sized cabin as well. However as mentioned by @At5920Feet above, it has also been changed to a solo cabin on Spectrum. I am not sure if this is because of the popularity of solo cabins in Asia market, or if there are other reasons.
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