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  1. Thanks all for your suggestions! I can now quit looking on the website for open dining reservations and wait until I am on the ship. Hova
  2. It's been a few years since I sailed with HAL. Recently on my RCL cruises, I chose My Time Dining, and then a couple months in advance, go into my reservation and book some dining times. I realize that I don't need to do this, but I never have to wait when I show up at my desired time. Anyways, I was wondering if HAL Koningsdam offered this option as well? I haven't been able to find anything, so maybe I just need to show up and wait my turn? thanks for your help hova
  3. It seems to me, that you are over-thinking this. It comes down to this: If you would be happy with any room that you got with a guarantee, then book one. But, if you have any concerns at all over the location of your room, then forget about the guarantee and spend the few bucks for a room of your choice. No point about fretting over a terrible room location, when you could have spend a few dollars and gotten a great room. hova
  4. Last month on the Celebrity Summit, all passengers were offered a free Galley tour. We (and about 100 other people) took them up on the offer. Tour was good, but I would never pay for one. hova
  5. Boston and New York cultural and enriching? Not in my books. I would take the Valencia and Lisbon stops any day. I guess it depends what side of the pond you live on and what you want to see!
  6. Nov.5th passengers are being compensated. See the RCL email on post #7.
  7. Actually Navigator passengers did find out their itinerary changed before they sailed. In fact, the TA doesn’t even start until tomorrow (Nov 5). I also see no difference between those two sailings.
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