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  1. When ever we stay over in Southampton we have never had problems getting a taxis to the port. Some of the hotels had phones which connected directly to a taxi service, others reception phoned on our behalf. We have also booked in advance using West Quay Cars.
  2. It has been a bit dull here but the sun has come out and the wind has dropped making it a nice day, and not too cold either. Wonder how long it will last?
  3. I had a delivery on Wednesday and nothing was missing. Yesterday I booked my slot for the 10th February, as I was lucky to get a delivery saver plan in the first lockdown, but before that I was doing a mixture of deliveries and click and collects. My local click and collect is as safe I stay in the car and the shopping is loaded into the boot.
  4. Guess what I get to do? Stay at home. Nothing new there!!
  5. Mine arrived at the weekend - I'm 63.
  6. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. Hope he continues to have no symptoms and doesn't suffer at all, but worrying times none the less.
  7. I don't have any black dresses and have therefore worn a coloured one. The year before last I did buy a navy one which has only had one outing!!
  8. Morning everyone. Not been around much last couple of days as not been feeling too good. Sunny and windy down here, quite a nice day and a mild 9 degs C (but wind making it feel like 6). Not going anywhere so won't make a lot of difference but it's nice to see the sun again after the last couple of days.
  9. Sorry to read that your husband has tested positive and that he only gets a mild dose and doesn't suffer too much. Hope you stay well and that your dose of the vaccination gives you enough protection so you don't catch it. Take care and stay safe.
  10. When we last booked on board we were asked if we wanted to the booking transfered to the TA that I had used to book the one we on. It wasn't done automatically.
  11. We did a Christmas market cruise a few years back from Cologne down to Ruddesheim and back. Most of the cruising was done during the day so didn't have whole days in towns that you stopped at. Also found the cabin very cramped. The ofa during the day became one bed with the other bed folded out of the wall by cabin steward during dinner. Gap between the two you had to walk sideways!! Food was good but you had to pre-order and options were limited.
  12. Yes, same here. It is very frustrating although I can get logged off just changing pages!
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