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  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad, hope he makes a speedy recovery. Must dash as off to work. Take care.
  2. Sorry to hear your daughter has tested positive with Covid, but hope she only has a mild dose. The rules regarding children going to school when someone in the family has tested positive are just plain madness!!
  3. I can understand the disappointment, but as the saying goes better safe than sorry. I am sure your husband will still have a good birthday. Take care
  4. Dry and sunny down here although the wind is a bit on the chilly side. Although it's now more like a breeze compared to last night!
  5. I don't know. I can only say what happened to me.
  6. Have heard nothing about boosters for us. Hubby is due for his now and I'm due for mine three weeks later. My eldest daughter (with MS) and my youngest son (front-line worker) have had theirs, but not sure if my youngest daughter who's a nurse has, but they all work in Truro, so a different area.
  7. I had a cruise booked for November this year with my TA and wanted to move it to January 2023 when they were released, but had to wait until they went on general sale. It was the same price when I transferred it.
  8. Probably by tier then , as I am Mediterranean and our surname begins with C!
  9. I haven't had anything from P&O, despite having cruises booked, but have received e-mails from a couple of travel firms.
  10. Sue, sorry to hear you're feeling low, hope you feeling better today. I have nothing interesting lined up. My job finishes end of next week, so I suppose I should be looking for something else, but I've got that can't be bothered feeling. On a brighter note, the sun is shining after all yesterday's rain, although it is still windy.
  11. Morning all. It's a damp, dull and breezy day down here but not really cold at 16oC. Not doing anything exciting again today, just got work this afternoon and early evening, but it's so quiet it makes the shift seem endless! Hope everyone has a good day, whatever they have planned.
  12. Thanks for the advice, but having looked into the cost of transport, getting to the port, etc have decided it's not worth it!
  13. Nice to see what everyone has been up to since I was on here yesterday lunchtime. I spent a very quiet evening at work yesterday, so quiet that we sat and watched Strictly Come Dancing, between checking in a few guests and serving drinks in the bar. Finished work at 10 pm last night and back in again at 8.30 am this morning, feels as though I didn't go home! Another quiet day, quite a few check-outs but only three check-ins, so spent some time online looking at cruises. Been looking at some cruises with MSC in November, undecided, but I'm very tempted though!
  14. Fish and chips here about £8 for a regular portion, a bit more for large. I have no idea what they are in St. Ives, but I expect they are more!! Have been up to Tesco and quite a few of their shelves are empty. I couldn't get the wine I usually buy either, so am trying some alternatives! Did get a turkey crown for next week, which was the main reason to go. Everyone seemed to wearing masks too.😀 Just having a bit to eat before I head off to work in a while.
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