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  1. Having just returned from Arvia, we found that there was plenty of interaction between passengers and staff.
  2. Morning everyone, Hope you're all well or on the road to recovery. 10c and overcast down here, but dry. We've been spoilt the last few days with sunshine😲 and it feeling warm. Our 48th wedding anniversary today so going out for a meal this evening, but not sure where. Enjoy your day, whatever you have planned.
  3. Hi all, Just had a very quick skim through some of the posts on here and sorry to read about all the falls/accidents that people have had and hope everyone involved is on the mend. Been a busy week after getting back from Arvia last weekend. I don't seem to have stopped. This weekend I ended up looking after my granddaughter and dog. We had a good time, although with 1250 children on board it was busy. The good weather was good the majority of the time too. The first couple of days were cool and breezy with the Bay of Biscay a bit choppy on the way out, but calm and foggy on the way back. The rest of the time it was warm and sunny.
  4. I was on this cruise too and got off Arvia last week. We stopped in Marseille this time too, but there was not mention of the port bus or a boat service, although there were a lot more shuttle buses and the queue wasn't (when I saw it) wasn't as long, and seemed better organised than in May last year. Perhaps they have learnt a lesson?
  5. We sailed on Britannia in September last year and due to bad weather didn't dock in Southampton until 10am.
  6. I know. Just sitting reading. Quarter of the way through my book already!
  7. Good Morning, Happy Easter everyone, hope you all have a good day. Not so bright and sunny, but can see Arvia. Don't know whatvto do today as have a lot of time to kill as boarding time isn't until 3.30pm.
  8. I won't be home to change our clocks. OH probably won't bother🙄
  9. Have now arrived in Southampton and can see Iona from our room.
  10. Stopped at our local post office e en route to Mum's to post a card and our post box has been decorated for Easter.
  11. Thank you. Was on Arvia last May and had a lovely time.
  12. Morning everyone, I've been up for the last couple of hours after a sleepless night. I'm all packed and ready to leave here in a couple of hours to go to Mum's from where the car leaves for Southampton. Hope you all have a good day and enjoy the Easter weekend. Pam
  13. We sailed on Azura in January and they were very hot on the sanitising of hands on entering the buffet and MDRs.
  14. We flew from Bristol to Tenerife in January with Jet2 and weren't able to check our luggage in the night before. The Hampton at Hilton, although on site is a far step from the airport terminal. We also had to collect our luggage on arrival and it was then transfered, with us, by coach to the ship.
  15. Sorry to hear about your experience on your cruise. I do think that being a solo passenger, someone should have checked up on you more. Hope you have fully recovered. Norovirus is doing the rounds down here in Cornwall.
  16. Still very breezy down here and 10c but expected to rise, but it is dry and the sun is doing it's best to come out, which is a plus. Waiting for a Tesco delivery today, no substitutions or items unavailble, so all good. Need to find birthday card and get it in the post, and finish packing today ready for the off tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend.
  17. Have a lovely cruise. Hope it's not too windy. My turn on Sunday☺️
  18. Dispite the fact that we are supposed to have showers all day they have been very few and far between. Looking out of the window now we have blue sky, although the weather warning that we have inplace for strong winds has been extended until midnight.
  19. Another day of showers here, with strong winds forecast and the sun is out, at present! I really must start packing as it is only three days now to my cruise and as we leave home on Saturday that only gives me today and tomorrow😬 A trip out to Boots to collect my order and then the Post Office for some stamps. Also need to update my Tesco delivery for tomorrow, although I won't be here OH and son will be. Have a good day all.
  20. Welcome to the forum. I sailed on Ocean Village back in the day too. Yes, food is available nearly 24 hours a day. The exact times will be available in The Horizon newspaper each day. Various excursions, with details and pricings will be available to view under Shore Experiences when you log in to My P&O.
  21. I board Arvia on Sunday. I'll ask!
  22. Good Morning to you all. Although it is a lot colder than of late at c, not sure what our weather is going to do today😕 Forecast is for rain all day, but sun was shining when I got up, we've had rain and the sun is out again. So I'm guessing we are in for a day of showers. Didn't get currency yesterday as planned as the exchange bureau was shut dispite saying they would be open, so will phone to check before going again today. Hope everyone has a good day.
  23. My mother has a allergy to cheese (and any product related to rennet) and she has always been well catered for.
  24. We are on this cruise too and it'llbe our first cruise on a religious holiday.
  25. Morning everyone, A lovely sunny day down here, after an afternoon of heavy rain yesterday. I ended up going out in the rain as the optician rang to say my glasses were ready to collect. Today I'm taking Mum to collect some currency and then we're going somewhere for lunch. Then I really need to think about packing, as before I know it the weekend will be here and I won't be ready! Hope everyone has a good day.
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