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  1. Front of Coral going in to Disenchantment Bay
  2. I have also heard that the Royal can have issues going under the Lyons gate bridge in Vancouver and as a result they have to time low tides or in a number of cases skip the inland passage. In addition they have had some docking issues in high winds as well in ports like Ketchikan. This is less of an issue on the Coral.
  3. The Coral has an indoor pool. Royal does not if that is important to anybody.
  4. Yes you are understanding it correctly. It’s pretty bad when a brand new ship like the Sky Princess does not even have it. My room steward would actually use large duct tape to tape an industrial extension cord across the floor. Royal Caribbean new ships are a little better in this arena. we just did a New England cruise tour and staid at Fairmonts in Toronto, Ottawa, Montebello, and Montréal. In each place they had nightstands on each side of the bed with built in outlets. They get it but Princess is way behind it’s customer base.
  5. I would strongly guess no. I asked in the thread on the brand new SKY princess and the couple had a premium suite and they did NOT have outlets. The nightstand light did have a USB outlet though. We did the Royal in May in a regular balcony and they did not have outlets near the bed. I had to string an extension cord. I just came back from the Caribbean Princess and there was only one outlet at the desk which we had to multi task big time.
  6. Thanks for the answer. I wanted to see what the latest build from Princess had. Given that this is a premium suite it pretty much answered the question for me on all the cabins.
  7. What about outlets on both sides for spouses that use CPAPs?
  8. The return itinerary is so different. We did not hit St Johns or Newport coming down but did Saguenay instead. I chose to do the cruisetour and always prefer the land portion upfront since its somewhat tiring getting up early every day. Too bad my wife really wanted to see Fundy again OTOH hand it seems the weather would have messed a lot of things up.
  9. From what I heard the Noro issues have happened on the previous couple of cruises and that its was only at most 3 people but they were being very conservative. When did they announce the overnight in port? Did people know they were able to spend more time in Boston and not rush back. I ask that because when we were in the North End last Saturday most of the restaurants we wanted to hit had a 2 hour wait with long lines outside in the streets. Did they miss ports (Bar Harbor/...) as a result of the delay.
  10. Did the Caribbean stay overnight as a result of Noro or something else? We got off the ship on the 14th and had a delay arriving last Friday because of hurricane Melissa. I don’t know about the turnaround back to Quebec but an overnight in Boston would have been something I would have loved. They did it last year.
  11. As has been said tipping is a personal thing. So how about we all keep our mouths shut and not tell everybody about all the ways we tip. Please!
  12. We did Sabatini's on our May cruise and Crown Grill on this cruise. I have to say I was disappointed with Crown Grill this time. The Filet was very good but I thought the sides were no better than Outback. My wifes ribeye was dry and tough for a $29 cover it was not there. Flanks for a $12 cover worked the best for me.
  13. I never saw a problem with amounts of food being doled out. Sometimes there would not be a server at a particular station and I would like around a flag one down rather doing it myself. The only issue I felt was the food being somewhat mediocre but thats just me.
  14. But of course they make you sign an invoice at the end with the extra tip line.
  15. Just got off the Ca,rib bean Princess. I found the Explorers Lounge often so crowded that I never found a seat. the on demand movies on th tv had sou disuse where the background music was much much louder than the dialog. It became. uncomfortable at times. i found the food somewhat boring although I did like Planks. I don’t think the Crown Grill lived up to its copay. The a Filet was good but everything else was a outback quality.
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