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  1. It's more money but we just booked a Viking cruise to Norway for 2022. Really looking forward to it. I noticed on our last few cruises we did not even go to the theater it was just too crowded. We spent most of the time in lounges talking to people.
  2. We booked this particular cruise through a well known big box travel agency. We cancelled through them but when it came to trying to get the FCCs and Cruise with Confidence they gave us a special email address to them. As a result of that we wound up getting in an email thread between them and RCI. I don't know if the RCI reps we are dealing with are specific to this wll know big box travel agency. If you booked through a travel agency I would start with them.
  3. Our US booking with a 2022 sailing required Final Payment by Dec 31 this year.
  4. We canceled March 6 the day Cruise with Confidence was announced. They screwed us because our sailing was March 7 and they did not have 48 hours notice. With a doctors notice we eventually got FCCs but they were only good for 1 year till next March and not till the end of 2021 like Cruise with Confidence has. We got our port fees and taxes 30 years in early April. We are at Day 85 or so on Cruise Planner purchases. I have been sending regular bug emails to them. Finally this week a rep said they sent in an expedited request but it still may take 2 weeks or so. We also had $100 in Next Cruise credits for this sailing and the rep said those are toast we do not get them either as money or as credits to another sailing. We do have a down under cruise for next March that we could apply the above FCCs to but I have my doubts that cruise will happen or that things will be healthy enough for my multiple risk factor wife to sail. I have the feeling those FCCs will get tossed to the wind by RCI. I would like to Lift and Shift next March's cruise after applying the FCCs but the 2022 sailings for Australia are not available yet and who knows if they will be by the August 1 deadline. This whole experience which is still not over has left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. I am on the edge of writing off RCI for the future after all this.
  5. Considering it gives you Wifi that means it's literally a giveaway.
  6. I think there is also the question if they want to space out the booked cabins. Meaning you have to change from your previously booked rooms. If that is the case I can't see them giving priority to classes of cabins.
  7. So here is a question I don't see discussed yet. We cancelled a March 7th sailing on March 6 the same day they announced the new Cruise with Confidence policy. Because we did not have 48 hours they said it would not apply to us (Not Fair). After some wrangling with a Doctors medical note explaining my wife had multiple risk factors they gave us FCCs but they were only good for 1 year till next March not Dec 31 2021 as stated in the Cruise with Confidence scenario. We have a down under cruise next March but would feel more comfortable if we could move it to 2022. However our FCCs are only good till next March. If we applied them to the next March sailing and then did a Life & Shift would the FCCs come with? IE Be extended to the new sailing. It's also not always clear if you have to sail by the expiration date or book by the expiration date. Of course the next problem is they haven't opened up 2022 sailings down under yet. Hopefully they do it by Aug 1.
  8. We did this on a January 2016 Celebrity Solstice sailing. We really enjoyed it. It's a long ride but with a number of stops. We had no issues with weather. Lots of stops. We enjoyed Queenstown and the steamboat/sheep sheering. The hotel was very nice. We also stopped at a bungy jumping river gorge along the way. You can sign up to do it. You can upgrade to something called private journeys to a much smaller minivan type vehicle with more intimate stops for of course more dollars. Here is a small video clip of Milford Sound as we got off the ship and the bungy jump. Good luck as Jan 2021 may still be at risk. IMG_1330.m4v IMG_1376.mov
  9. My son in law's family is from Toronto. We did a New England cruisetour starting there last October had a great time. So much for this year.
  10. Yea I hope they bring Joe back for one more year and Marleau is another question especially since he will most likely get the "Most Games Played" status this coming year. Yea we wonder about it. We may try for an antibody test at some point. The problem is many of them are unreliable.
  11. As much as I love my San Jose Sharks hockey we will be skipping my ten pack this coming season. The wife has multiple risk factors being a kidney transplant patient. Even before this outbreak we think she caught the flu a couple of times there as well touching all the rails just to move around.
  12. I agree with that we just need to get mask wearers to be more compliant. Dense crowds like sporting events probably need some more thought. We learn more stuff everyday and fine tune as we go. I wish more people on both sides could say I made a mistake on that one and evolve.
  13. Thats the concern because they may not even know they are spreaders.
  14. knees like other joints can be a pain 🙂. Maybe try upper body weights. My wife has a recumbent stationary bike that she adjust that takes weight off the body When peddling. She has some torn hip tendons that are difficult to repair. Stay away from Cipro as it can make tendons brittle.
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