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  1. I dont have any current patters for either Celebrity Equinox or Caribbean Princess. They are different classes of ships but this has been my experience. The princess theaters are a lot smaller than Celebrity which can be up to 3 levels because they design the ship to have multiple parallel activities. This also means if you have a slow dinner process it can be difficult sometimes on Princess to make an evening show as people can be holding seats 45 minutes or more early.
  2. The solstice class ships are definitely nice but it really depends on what kind of people your parents are: crowds vs quiet, entertainment vs socialize in a bar, excursions vs on your own. As I mentioned the biggest difference I have seen is entertainment.
  3. That’s been my experience but It’s been 3 years since Celebrity and 5 years since Princess. Let’s hear what the recent cruisers have to say! i have a couple of Princess cruises this year so I will be able to comment later.
  4. From my experience Princess tends to have more parallel entertainment at night. Celebrity tends to have everybody march to the same beat. As a result the Celebrity theater is larger whereas on princess there maybe a comedy show going on while the theater show is going on.
  5. Do you use Yelp? Do you like heads up on what to look for? This forum is pretty much the same thing for cruise lines.
  6. I called our TA and they worked with Princess to maintain the EZair booking. The new promo lowered my cruise fare, insurance, and upped my OBC. Saved a significant amount of cash today. Yea!
  7. I assume I will have to call the travel agency I transferred it to!
  8. I have a variant question. Right now I have cruisetour booked and got a really good deal on the EZair. I was checking recently and noticed the cruisetour portion is now cheaper with the latest sale. My concern is would I lose my current EZair pricing and have to rebook at current rates if they give me today’s tour price.
  9. Sorry to hear about the hiccups. My one disappointment about the Coral when we did our Alaska cruise was the tech was so backwards compared to the newer ships. I am hoping with the flat screens you will be able to check your onboard accounts, make reservations, and other stuff. I am assuming if they are going Medallion that will be the case.
  10. Here is a list of lines and which ones might be your fit: https://cruiseable.com/cruise-outfits-what-to-wear-on-each-cruise-line
  11. Thats the dilemma it appears cheaper to buy if you use it more than a couple of times but then you have a lot of clothes to lug around especially if you go to a varied climate. My personal decision mirrors the cruise industry is to say goodbye to formal formal nights. If it was a New Years/Holiday cruise I might consider renting but outside of that it's mix and match.
  12. I got caught up in this as well and bought a tux online. Used it once. It sat in the closet. Looking at packing choices I decided I needed more for flexible mix and match clothing. The Tux on top of regular suits/blazers and dress pants was too much. The tux got donated last year along with a couple of suits. My casual blazers that I can pair with dressy slacks or jeans get used the most these days.
  13. We added insurance in sept 2017 for a New England cruise. My wife’s kidneys started to go in April 2018 but we knew once your listed it could take many years to actually get called and she was not on dialysis yet. Well it turns out if you are highly sensitized and will reject most of the population they give you a head start/ handicap so to speak. Needless to say that headstart was large enough she started getting calls as a backup a week after officially being listed which was a week after final payment in June. This was a big surprise. We decided to cancel the cruise. It turns out we get the official call the week before the cruise was to sail. She is doing amazingly well. The lesson I learned is you need to pay off the insurance right away. We didn’t do it till final payment. As a result we got the credit but not a refund. Fortunately we have rebooked for next year. Also had we cancelled a week earlier we would not been in the 50% bracket but just the deposit penalty area. So lots of lessons learned and lots of LUCK!
  14. We haven’t done the larger cruisetour stuff but we did do the overnight from Milford Sound to Dunedin with the overnight being in Queenstown. Highly recommended. We flew business class from SFO to Sydney via Auckland on Air New Zealand. Really nice to have more privacy and all seats effectively being an aisle. A number of the other business class setup are just larger traditional seats. I would definitely check the aircraft no matter how you book. We are using princess air for our New England cruisetour and have booked business class. We got a pretty good deal and I continue to check prices. i would like to do another down under trip in a couple but the budget is consumed for now.
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