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  1. Anybody notice a correlation with their current promotion sale ending date!
  2. I understand but the fish I saw were not flying like a knife through the swells instead they would jump up from the water and splat on their sides. Sort of belly flops so to speak. One explanation is that salmon do it clean their gills and scales.
  3. We had the platinum insurance but failed to pay for it early but at final payment. Lessons learned. That being said we canceled about 50days before sailing due to my wife being actively listed for a kidney transplant. She got the transplant literally the day before we would have sailed. Princess did not refund our money but they did give us credit for a future cruise which we are taking this year.
  4. That map is pretty accurate. We did a Pacifica Coastal and were able to stream the NHL playoffs from our cabin and our Comcast streaming app. There was only minor stutter but once we hit Seattle it degraded noticeably.
  5. Yes Oceania and Seabourn are on my todo list I have one more Princess run booked but after that I may give them a rest.
  6. No You are right. It's just when I read Bisque I think soup. That aside the splash of "sauce" seems kind of fake marketing. Lobster thee ways where the 3rd way is almost impossible to taste.
  7. I asked them where was the bisque and they said it was on the plate. I expected at least a cup of soup. Basically the picture above is what I got. You tell me. This is the quote from the menu: Tris d’Aragosta lobster three ways - lobster tail, lobster orzotto and lobster bisque sauce
  8. We ate at Sabatinis for a Pacific Coastal on Royal In May. I was disappointed. I had the lobster 3 ways and the 3rd way was supposed to be a bisque and was just a splash of sauce on the plate. The Tiramisu was heavy and Dense not cloud like. I stole this picture off the net. The bisque was actually much smaller. I could barely soak it up with some bread.
  9. SO did you kick everybody off the ship to take pictures. I have never seen it so empty.
  10. I stopped wearing a watch like 10 years ago and used my phone. When the smart watches came out I got one. It would be interesting to post a survey and see smart vs non-smart in this forum.
  11. People on Ebay might help me out too!
  12. We just did it on the Royal. I enjoyed the tour but the robes are just sitting there in the bags in our closet. The stationary got dumped. We gave the picture frames back to reduce packing weight. I appreciate their effort here but at some point you have all you need.
  13. If you walk outside of baggage claim across the street you will see an escalator up to the Canada Line with a sign to the city. You can see other people taking the train with their luggage. No stopping at lights as its mostly underground.
  14. Rome2rio is your friend. Note the big price difference and some of that time difference is simply a few minutes walking to the station. Credit cards are welcomed.
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