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  1. Good question. Celebrity can convert those Aft section cabins to premium cabins and make the corridors One Way Street on the Solstice class ships.😀 Another way to generate revenues.
  2. Cruise ship bring in thousands of passengers that needs accommodations and food before and after the cruise. Cruise lines industries can lift off the businesses of Airlines Hotels and Restaurants is consider one of the engine to boost the economy.
  3. Its not worth dying for WITHOUT a VACCINE or a CURE
  4. The best way to rebuilt the trust of previous customers is to give extra points for those who sail right after they restart sailing.
  5. This cruise lines and airlines stock's is on an uptrend now because Of Gilead drug Remdesivir. I am waiting for a good entry point to get back in.
  6. The best solution is Test and Quarantine all cruisers for 14 days before they get embark for cruising. Same as ALL CREW members. It sound crazy but that is the safest way before we have cure or vaccine.
  7. Don't worry GOD is fair to let everyone suffered started from the Northern Hemisphere, then to the Southern Hemisphere. We experienced first and give you people times to prepare and get ready.
  8. Will Coronavirus still spreading in Europe?
  9. Common sense will tell you stop ALL the revolution at this very bad situation to preserve CASH.
  10. For those posters have CRUISE WITHRAWAL please bring this medicine with you while you at sea. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/28/very-scary-pleas-for-safe-harbour-from-stranded-cruise-ship-near-panama?CMP=share_btn_link
  11. Warren Buffet has 128 Billion. Wish he bails out BA.
  12. Can anyone explain to me why Dow is UP 1000 points and RCL is DOWN more than $2.00😂
  13. No body knows how high it will goes. You did the right thing. There are absolutely NO revenues at this time for cruise lines. They are burning CASH.
  14. I love BA the only thing that I hate is the seating configuration of the Business Class.
  15. I still think is hard for them to survive without government bail out. US most likely won't bail them out since they are not registered under US flags
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