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  1. An election. They've seen several state governments get back with increased majorities because voters seem to be happy with their handling of the pandemic. It's just too politically risky to allow a ship go to sea and come back full of covid until after the next election.
  2. The good old panic button that keeps the virus from spreading. Here we are nearly a year and a half into the pandemic and still we are relying on a gimcrack, jerry built hotel quarantine system. If the Feds would just fix that properly there would be a lot less need for "panic".
  3. In the last 25 years, Labor have been in for 6 years and the LNP for 19 years. So I suppose Labor gets 24% of the blame and the LNP 76%. 😁
  4. I can't help wondering if the CSIRO hadn't been defunded and nobbled over the past 25 years, whether there might not have been a research program on mRNA vaccines already up and running when the pandemic hit.
  5. The really isn't any information as the powers that be, at both the state and federal level, just don't know what they want to do about cruising as yet. It's possible that they may spring into action at any moment and set a start date for cruises, but given the calibre of our politicians I seriously doubt it. I would say it's probably at the bottom of their to-do list. At the moment we only have guesses. My guess is that there will be no cruising this year. 😪 My other guess is that international flights from the US, without quarantine, won't start before the middle of n
  6. Just speculation, but I wonder if this could be done with OceanMedallion and the onboard app? Put up a menu on the app, select some items, have them delivered directly to you at your table. No queueing. Maybe only allowing orders to be made by people inside the Horizon Court or Marketplace. I seem to recall MSC or someone similar doing this for their MDR.
  7. I have a November Tasmania and a December NZ cruise booked. If I were a betting man I'd put 5/1 odds on them happening. Still, you've got to be in it to win it.
  8. It looks like today Jacinda will be announcing that NZ is joining the Oz bubble this month. No more quarantine when going to NZ and no vaccine required.
  9. It might be easier to leave the ship there and build a new canal. 😁
  10. The Nationalists and the Communists were originally in coalition against the warlords that ran China in the 1920s. Once the country had been unified the Nationalists turned on the Communists and purged and killed many of them, although the communists were probably planning something similar for the Nationalists. This started a civil war that was interrupted by the Japanese invasion in the 1930s and resumed after 1945. The Nationalists were anti-communist and supported by the US, but lost in 1948. So they left for Taiwan and established a brutal military dictatorship there, while the communists
  11. If you are keen, there is the WatchAFL app. 39AUD/mth or 199AUD/yr.
  12. Princess are obviously aware of the concept because Crown, Ruby and Emerald have a disabled elevator going between the Sun deck and the Sports deck. As for reserving an elevator for the use of disabled passengers, maybe that's where the Medallion could be useful.
  13. The atmosphere over the Southern Ocean acts like a conveyor belt of low pressure systems that move from west to east between about 40 degrees and 60 degrees south latitude. Generally about 2 to 3 days apart. These low pressure systems produce strong winds and high seas. As they pass south of Australia they extend into the Tasman Sea to a greater or lesser extent. This is when you get rough seas between Australia and NZ. It's also why you see relatively smooth seas between low pressure systems. In winter these systems tend to be more intense and to move further north, ma
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