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  1. Only to coffee drinkers. I imagine cigar smokers think that Churchill's smells divine as well.
  2. Just remember that the more tipping that goes on, the more tipping will come to be expected.
  3. Wouldn't you have to make sure that your credit card doesn't have international transaction fees? If someone is heading to Manly they could do worse than catch the 135 bus from Manly wharf up to North Head lookout.
  4. Entertainment is in the eye of the beholder, but don't Carnival and RCI also partake of the Quest? It's almost a nautical tradition. I've been on P&O several times, but I can't recall seeing the Quest featured anywhere. Maybe they leave it to the professionals of Love Riot.
  5. The point of the Quest is that it is in bad taste. How could you run a "tasteful" Quest. Why would anyone expect to see a tasteful Quest? I don't expect anything better from ACA, which is tripe, but I'm finding whinging cruisers tiresome.
  6. So is the smooth hard limestone in the water at the bottom of the steps. I knew it was slippery and still slipped on it.
  7. On Ruby last November there was an adapter supplied by the ship already plugged in. There was also a little note saying that if it disappeared $20 would be put on your account.
  8. As someone who often solos, what you do is get up and take your chances that it or something like it will be there when you get back. If not, them's the breaks.
  9. I don't have a horse in this race since being a Brisbanite I can look forward to a world class Cruise Terminal at the end of year and I will no longer have to fly to Sydney to get on decent ships. But I have to say that Rod has a point. If a cruise terminal at Yarra Bay goes ahead it does represent a loss of increasingly rare undeveloped foreshore in the Sydney region and that's not something anybody should be happy with. Yet those that say a third cruise terminal is desperately needed are also correct. Perhaps the terminal will make up for the loss of foreshore, maybe not. Since this is a cruise website it's obvious which view holds sway. However it's pretty poor form to mock someone who holds a legitimate point of view and it disappoints me. Anyway it's very early days in the approval process and the fate of Yarra Bay is not decided. It may turn out to be Molineaux Point. Who knows? The best we can hope for is that the NSW government doesn't cave to various monied interests and treat Yarra Bay as the default simply because any other option is inconvenient to the big end of town.
  10. That's surprising. According to Windy.com they had 4m seas and 50 knot winds at the time.
  11. But what you quote is pretty much exactly what I said.🤔
  12. There has never been a land bridge between Australia and Asia. The closest to it was a gap of about 100km between Timor and northern Australia about 18,000 years ago during the previous glacial maximum. At the time Aboriginals crossed, about 50-60,000 years ago, the sea levels were slightly higher. In either case Australia was over the horizon from the view of someone on the shore of Asia. There was also a longer island hopping route through the Moluccas to New Guinea which probably needed voyages of 50km or less. So to get here Aboriginal ancestors would have had to have boats capable of surviving in the open ocean. There are two purposes for boats, transport and fishing. In early cultures they were used for both. So whatever kind of boats were used to reach Australia they were almost certainly crewed by the people who used them, fishermen (or fisherwomen).
  13. Just noticed that the dual occupancy rate has now dropped to $1199pp Inside.
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