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  1. Please add us to the following two cruises on Serenity: May 31 (OCY200531) Rome to Venice - gabelle (Nancy/Ken) June 7 (OCY200607) Venice to Athens - gabelle (Nancy/Ken)
  2. The farm to table was a wonderful experience. Wish you had joined us. Would have been fun.
  3. We did an evening walk of Havana. Don't particularly recommend that. Cruise friends did both of your first two options and enjoyed them.
  4. We just did this tour on Regent (I presume the same as Oceania) and thoroughly enjoyed it! The farm is quite impressive. We had lunch at the farm rather than at the restaurant. Do not expect to see anything of Havana as this is an all day outside of Havana tour. The people at the farm were very knowledgeable and friendly.
  5. Great review! We are on Voyager in March to Cuba, and you have made us look forward to it even more than we were. Thanks
  6. Moorea is very doable on your own. Take the ferry over from Papeete and rent a car. Avis rents there as does Alberts. Reserve your car ahead of time particularly if you want an automatic. There are probably others, but those are the two I am aware of. There is one road that circles the island. Belvedere is a must as the views are spectacular. French Polynesia is one of our favorites. Your trip will be wonderful! While staying at the Hilton on Moorea a couple of years ago, we witnessed a beach wedding. I know you aren't staying there, but it might be worth inquiring about a beach vow renewal.
  7. Can't imagine they don't have them. I know they have Stoli, Grey Goose, Belvedere. Others, too. Just can't remember.
  8. Pretty much anything you want. Are there specific brands you are looking for?
  9. Wendy - The Marquesas was our first trip on the PG. We liked it, (obviously we have returned to the PG many times!!) but it was ridiculously hot in January when we were there. We enjoyed the beauty and enjoyed the local performances, but we much prefer the reefs and waters of the other islands. On the other hand, we would cruise back to Fiji in a heartbeat as we had wonderful weather with relatively calm seas. Others on this board would disagree with that!
  10. Might be interested, but not Marquesas. And isn't the Marquesas the next reunion cruise itinerary?
  11. Come on Wendy. There are a bunch of us you know who are going. It will certainly be fun. And the Marina isn't that big!!
  12. Great review!!! I have not experienced the south Pacific on Oceania (although we have sailed them many times), but have been there on the Paul Gauguin many times. I am sorry you didn't choose huahine nautique with Marc for Huahine. We have done both his island tour and his picnic tour twice. Both are wonderful experiences and his picnic in the water is wonderful! The first time we were there we got to do a shark feeding which still goes down as one of our most memorable excursions of all times. Unfortunately I don't think he does that anymore. I am thrilled you enjoyed our favorite paradise on earth:):) :):):)
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