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  1. If these protocols are so effective, properly submit them to the CDC for evaluation and let's get on with business. I'm not talking about the "Healthy Sail Panel" which was the equivalent of telling people to wash their hands. Real actual procedures and documented policies like they are so used to providing. The documents are public. It clearly says these are recommendations (not hard and fast requirements) and exceptions can be made for ships that maintain a Green, Orange or Yellow status. This is a worst case scenario for ships that have no vaccine requirement and/or are in Red status.
  2. My point is the CDC has already said they aren’t making that call. It’s up to the cruise lines to put together plans that incorporate the CDC guidance but there will likely be no more specific instruction given. There were strongly suggested to include vaccines but it’s not required. The next phase moves into simulated cruises with solid plans approved and in place. We’re waiting on the cruise lines, to act now, not the CDC.
  3. He can talk about the benefits of vaccines all day long. Until a requirement is submitted as part of their return to service plans, talking about it doesn't mean a thing. They continue to sidestep the matter.
  4. Huh? The cruise lines are free to mandate a vaccine and put it in writing within their plans. That was the strong suggestion by the CDC. But the cruise lines won't do it. Until then, the CDC will operate under the premise that there is not a required vaccination protocol in place.
  5. That's the problem. There is no vaccine mandate. The guidelines are designed with the mindset that no one is vaccinated.
  6. The reality is even with great vaccine progress, in the past month we've gone from a 7 day average of around 52,000 cases to now nearly 70,000 cases per day as of yesterday. Hospitalizations are also ticking upward, with deaths slowly ticking upward as well. People are living like COVID is over and we're going to see the result of that. More disease incidence is more opportunity for variants. Death rate is important but that's not the only worthy element. It's now even more obvious than ever that people need to continue being cautious and get vaccinated, ASAP. For the entity responsible for di
  7. At this point it is abundantly apparent (to everyone but the cruise lines?) that the CDC is not wavering. The CSO is not going to disappear. And after the CSO does go away, CDC required COVID protocols and policies will live on for a long long time. Why do cruise lines think this is just going to magically disappear based on their good word? The CDC is open to discussion and proper proposals through the appropriate channels, including vaccines and no vaccines approaches, but sternly worded open letters and ranting television interviews are not how they operate. Cruise lines need t
  8. Some adjustments were made at the beginning of the year. https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/CEL_CruiseCare-Enhanced_Product_Flyer.pdf
  9. Some apparent infight within the industry is stirring. Carnival's president says they are against a vaccine requirement while NCL says vaccines are the golden ticket to allow cruising from US ports again. Not sure how CLIA plays into all of this since they are acting as a mediator of sorts. If they can't even get on the same page, this will be slow going.
  10. Worth noting, one of the more rigid points of the CSO with the 12 hour rule has now been adjusted. The agreement must specify procedures: to avoid congregating of embarking and disembarking travelers, to ensure disembarking and embarking passengers do not occupy the same enclosed or semi-enclosed areas (e.g., gangways, terminal waiting spaces, check-in areas), to the extent practicable and to ensure disembarking and embarking travelers from different ships do not occupy the same enclosed or semi-enclosed areas (e.g., gangways, terminal waiting spaces, check-in areas)
  11. I'm with you. I really just don't get it. If they wanted to bolster their argument, explain why these steps are so difficult to process and show us your 'robust tiered plan' you have in place. I'm afraid they are working in the opposite direction of their goal with each day that passes. Is there something to hide? Something ugly we don't want to bring attention to? Their level of refusal is going to become suspect. If they are not quietly working on these plans behind the scenes, they've wasted more time complaining than it would take to move forward as asked. At this rate of spur
  12. And still no word on why these plans they are being requested to work out are so prohibitively difficult to execute. They have 'plans' in other parts of the world. Right? Maybe? No? Such a bizarre stance for an industry in which literally every aspect of their operation is regulated in some way. In my industry if we told regulators "hey thanks for sharing, but no thanks, not interested!", we should probably just turn the lights out and lock the door. Game over.
  13. So many fallacies........ The CDC thinks cruise ships are in the same category as prisons. Makes for a dramatic topic, but no. CDC explains clearly " For purposes of these instructions, CDC considers cruise ships to constitute a residential congregate setting." How do we handle a congregate settings? https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated-guidance.html Fully vaccinated residents of non-healthcare congregate settings (e.g., correctional and detention facilities, group homes) should continue to quaranti
  14. That's what I thought. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/No-Sail-Order-Cruise-Ships-Second-Extension_07_16_2020-p.pdf This is where their inaction is brought to light. All of these orders are communication are on the Federal Register. Richard Fain, Christine Duffy, Frank Del Rio, etc. all have multiple statements and videos that say nothing for months. CLIA? Can't even decide on a temporary vaccine protocol. Are their plans and efforts top secret? If they wanted to paint themselves in the best light they would have released all of their actions and plans that were rej
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