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  1. I was on the Dec 6 Horizon and called Sunday to see what my options were, I had only put down $100 for deposits so worst case I'd lose that. But they moved it for me, no extra fees or penalties and somehow I didn't have to pay any more. I moved it to April 2023 🙂 and now have a BTB booked then. The person on the phone was very helpful. I could have cancelled and lost the $100 but am happy I was able to move it. Good luck!
  2. My son was just 5 on our first cruise, we did an Eastern route. He wasn't keen on San Juan, no beach time and while the fort was neat to walk around, it was HOT and a lot of walking. I think he would have preferred a Western, there are a lot of kid friendly excursions to do, Though with that Eastern you could do it with the port area at Amber Cove, free beach in front of Grand Turk and walk to the Fort. So no transfers required (if you are worried about that).
  3. I don't think Belize really has a beach near the port. When I went with my son (he was 8 ) we did the cave tubing, it was ok, but not something your mom would be able to do. We are going again in 2022 (fingers crossed) and I'm planning to do an excursion from through the ship, there are some that seem to pick you up at the ship (it's a tender port, unless you are going to Harvest Caye, NCL's port?) so that seems really convenient. There are a few excursions that go to nice little islands with beaches, and snorkeling if you want to do it.
  4. Hello, I am planning to book Carnival Horizon for January 2022 (this better be a safe time to travel!!) and my son will be 12. We travel just the two of us and I was planning to book us in Family Harbor, I think the access to the lounge would be nice for breakfast and snacks, and the decor looks kind of fun. However, he will be 12 so we could look at the Havana area, it would cost more, and I think the only real bonus is the extra pool? He will want to be at the water slides and ropes course on seadays, rather than just swimming, though that may happen a bit too. We'd be in an inside, I am planning to book back to back 8 & 6 nights so we need to save a bit of money on the cabin to make that work. Thoughts? The other option is to book an outside cabin, which I think is less than the Havana but probably more than the Family Harbor. We'd have a window which might be nice for two weeks on the ship. I have an outisde Family Harbor booked this December but given the situation I don't think we'll be able to go, and sadly that cabin is not available in Jan 2022.
  5. My December cruise is the same, changed from Seaside to Meraviglia, though I get error messages when I try to look at the reservation, the web check in shows the changed ship and a G0000 for the cabin. The dates are the same though which is weird because Seaside is Sat - Sat but the other is Sun - Sun. I do believe I'll be losing my deposit, thank goodness it was pretty small.
  6. I don't believe it would be a Havana guarantee, only interior. That's why the wording doesn't specify. I normally book myself online and wouldn't book a guarantee if I wanted a particular area of the ship. Like for my next cruise I wanted to be in the Family Harbor area so I booked a particular cabin instead of just a guarantee. Only way to be positive though would be to call I think? So maybe put the Hanava cabin you want on hold until you can call, just so you don't lose it between now and then, when you call they can change it to a guarantee if that's what you decided to do.
  7. My Fitbit did the same thing! Well, I was cleaning my closet, switching winter to summer clothes, and it tracked 20 minutes of swimming. It tracked eliptical the other day when I went for a power walk as well. How silly. I miss a sea breeze as well. I am hopeful my December cruises will be good to go though, with the stuff NCL has announced I am feeling better about the experience (even though I'm not sailing on NCL). The flights do still worry me, my airport has no direct flights to or from Miami or FLL now, I can drive a few hours to get to a couple different spots, but what a pain in December when the weather may not cooperate. I haven't booked flights and will be waiting until I decide what to do about them any way. Today has been a tired day, I am just exhausted. I did my workout though it was hard to be motivated. I suspect it's the dreary weather, looks like it wants to rain but hasn't yet. Kiddo is eating jumbo freezies while I sip iced tea. And try to keep my eyes open while I'm supposed to be working.
  8. I can't believe May is almost over! I have finally found a groove. I've been getting up early to do a workout before I work from home, walking the dog in the morning before it gets too hot (crazy weather here this week), and because I see I've done so many steps and worked hard already, I seem to be less likely to totally blow my points over the day. Evenings are still a struggle but I hope it will get easier as I go longer. I am down 4 pounds from my start in March which is nice to see instead of boucning back and forth between the 2 or 3 lost. I hope it continues down now that I am focused. Thanks Belle for starting the posts every week 🙂 melmar02 - great job on the loss! Jan - I think the past few months have been a struggle for everyone, keep trying. You can reach your goals. Diana - great job staying the same! Much harder to stay the same than it is to gain 😉 Jo - two pounds is amazing! Are you enjoying the heat wave as much as I am? I think I may be melting, wish the weight would melt off me too lol Liz - great job staying the same, I bet you will see a loss next week.
  9. I think it's Wednesday? I'm working from home but even so if my phone didn't beep to remind me it's a work day I'd probably lose even more track of what day it is. I started last week doing 250 steps per hour I work, it went well so I'm keeping that up this week. Trying to get a walk in as well. My dog is happy when we go but he always runs when I pull out the leash so I get extra steps in chasing him around the house. Silly puppy! I'm trying to focus on the walking even though I know it's the eating that will lead to weightloss. I haven't lost anything, again, but I'm switching from "green" to "blue" WW to see if it's better for the way I live, we'll see! About 200 days until I'm supposed to be going on a cruise. It somehow feels crazy far away and not far enough at the same time. They finally announced that schools won't be reopening here until September, so now I have all that time to fill. I'd planned to get a season pass to the local water park but of course that isn't an option now. Not sure how I will keep my son busy, he needs to be a lot more active than he is at the moment. But he's also scared to leave the house so won't go for bike rides or walks with me. Hopefully I'll be able to find some activities to keep him busy.
  10. Morning! Thanks for the welcome. I've been trying to focus on what I'm eating, and trying to move more. It's hard because it has been cold up here! Long range forecast shows it will warm up so hopefully I'll be able to get out for more walks, and eventually bike rides. My son loves to ride his bike and hasn't been able too. Normally he'd ride off and find some friends and they'd go to the park, but of course he can't do that right now 😞 Hopefully in a few more weeks he'll be able to do that, or he'll agree to go with me. Last summer we went and he cut the ride short because he thought I looked like I couldn't do it. Once upon a time I loved riding, so hopefully I'll get back to it. I love cauliflower so often do it in place of mashed potatoes 🙂 I have never been able to get them "riced" so I appreciate the how to for that, I always thought you had to cook it first! Oops. Rice is a lot of points so it would be good to be able to replace that with cauliflower. I have 208 days until I'm supposed to be getting on a cruise... if that happens I'd really like to be down 30 or more pounds. And even if I can't get there, I'd still like to be down that much 🙂
  11. Hello. I'm new to this group, not really new to the boards. I started WW in late February right before everything went nuts. I've been really struggling with my eating ever since. I have a couple cruises booked for December (fingers crossed) and would like to get in better shape before then! I've lost about 3 pounds, which doesn't really count for much since I gained and lost them a couple times over the past 8 weeks. Any way! I'm trying to move more, eat less, eat better and focus on not eating my feelings. I've tried many things in the past, Keto was the one that made the most difference but was too hard to maintain as a lifestyle. I am single mom to a 10-year-old boy who loves his carbs, and I'm trying to get him eating better as well. Not for weight loss since he doesn't need that, but just in general for health.
  12. December 2020 on Horizon, I booked MSC for the week right after as well... to try something different and extend the vacation. I can't wait and really hope everything is relatively normal by then.
  13. We did this, my son was 8 I think? He didn't really enjoy it, found it "boring". It was a long day for us, we were on the same bus as the people also doing the ziplining and 4x4 rides, so our cave tubing ride took the same amount of time as their excursions with their extra activities. The walk through the jungle was ok, we didn't have to carry the tubes so that was good. I think it would depend on the child, my son is very active and just wants to be doing things, he found floating down the river wasn't very exciting, even in the dark caves, he would have rather been swimming or walking with the guides.
  14. Facebook is reminding me that two years ago today we were just getting to Orlando to cruise Carnival Magic. We were supposed to go March 14th this year but had cancelled before we were due to fly. I am crossing fingers and toes we'll be on the Horizon in December. The Magic cruise was so great, we had such a fun time and enjoyed the whole trip so much. I travel with my son, he loves cruising as much as I do, he loved the water slides and ropes course, and even went to the kids club a couple times. It was our second time on Carnival, we did a few Royal cruises in between and we both agreed that it was much more fun to be on Carnival (though we do still want to try an Oasis class on RCL someday).
  15. I could stay in Jersey City area again on the Sunday to Monday, my flight would leave at 8:20 so I assume I have to be at the airport 2 hours earlier, and it would take half an hour to get there? So leaving the hotel before 6 AM, I could take a later flight but they seem to go up in price later in the day, and I'd like to get back home early so we have the day before we're back to school/work. We are comfortable walking, we normally do Disney which is a lot of walking 🙂 and I have some time to make sure we're in shape for that, plus it'll be May so not as hot as August. I think seeing some of the highlights, like Times Square, would be fun. Maybe seeing the 9/11 memorial. I'm not sure where everything is in relation to the rest, New York seems rather HUGE compared to home lol. I think the top two are really the Statue and Central Park.
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