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  1. This was my first thought LOL
  2. Also, people are rude and don't care about other guests or the rules.
  3. MSC might want to address this, especially after 2 people were detained in Miami with cocaine in their possession just very recently. Some ports of call are very strict with drugs.
  4. From the Rucomped website regarding Dollars through slots for points. The cycled through is getting to my point earlier. To earn loyalty tier points on a slot machine at MSC Cruises, players must cycle through $5.00 dollars per tier point
  5. On the slots there definitely is a very specific point per dollar. The thing that is forgotten is the you might put in $20 but if you are winning a little than losing some from the same original $20 but it adds up to maybe $200 through the machine each spin gets points. Also there are double point times that help points add up.
  6. I can't imagine a water park goes with the whole marine reserve theme. Also, I would not think they would close the island to build something in the middle of the island that is pretty much closed off now. The more I think about it, it most likely is to widen and deepen the channel and maybe extend the docking area. This will also make docking in higher seas easier for the other ships and less missed spots. Other work on the island can then be done during this time, like making the Ocean House bigger. They might even address a lasting fix for the YC rock issue
  7. This is why I always find the host the last night and get my certificate from them directly.
  8. We have sailed a few times on Cruise Certificates earned on a previous cruise. Do not expect too much from the casino. It really is dependent on the host. When we had Lucky Lynn she was great. A welcome gift and checked in a lot during the cruise. The next cruise we had a horrible temp host. The following cruise the host was decent but he was very busy since it seemed like a lot of casino certificate people were on board.
  9. This article is just plain wrong. The ship was NOT shut down. IT is poor journalism and ridiculous that MSN would allow this completely false statement be published. Also, the person they list as a source is a lawyer that specializes in suing cruise ships. He makes money off issues with cruise ships.
  10. We have been on the Seashore 2 times last year and both times the bridge was closed due to cracks.
  11. We had 2 experiences last year both in the YC. On the Meraviglia, people with shorts and a nice t-shirts at the dinner in the YC restaurant they were told to change. On the Divina, shorts and nice T-shirts were allowed in the YC restaurant. Depends on the YC restaurant manager, I guess.
  12. This I understand but I still would let them know of my disagreement. I mainly was talking about the friends and family of Other Guests not in the YC.
  13. I have never found this to be the case in any of my YC trips and will keep an eye out for it later this month. I would be very vocal if I found this to be true. I would keep pointing it out until people listened. People pay for this exclusivity and I expect that the rules would be enforced. To be honest, if the YC director wouldn't enforce it then I would go above him.
  14. I checked the Match chart I found online and looks like Silver only matches to the lowest MSC level and as someone else said, they do not match points only level. If you had been Gold on NCL they would have matched you to Silver at 2,200 points.
  15. What level where you on NCL? If you had 5 cruises I find it hard to believe that you would be matched to Classic. I would look at what you sent in with your match request.
  16. We loved Bimini Beach, it is very far from the ship
  17. I have stayed in the YC 3 times the last was just last week. I feel that the lack of detail in service and lack of training is a valid point.
  18. We were just on a 10 day. 3 and 7 night on the Meraviglia. First 3 night 5,200 and the 7 night 2,200
  19. I do not, I was in the YC and had use of the Thermal Area
  20. We just returned from the Mera, I used the spa several times and found it to be ok. I thought it felt a bit cramped. It was fairly busy every time I used it and that was first with 5,200 passengers on board and then 2,200.
  21. This was another thing that I felt the ship lacked was a good casino host. They had a Host/Dealer that was horrible. He rarely even talked to guest and he never did anything in the casino other then call out the lotto numbers. He had the double points times 1 am to 3 am on 2 days or a 10 day cruise. The casino manager told us a new host would be joining the ship in the end of November because this one is not up to the job.
  22. We too sat a few times and never had a server come to us. It is not acceptable since that is what you are paying for in the YC. Also, they pulled assistant waiters to work in the YC with no training at all and it was apparent when they served.
  23. So, I talked directly to a Director and was told that the sailing was not properly staffed as the future sailings are at a lower capacity. While the 100-200 staff that did not board that number was not even sufficient to cover the added capacity. I stand by my statement that this was an issue caused by MSC corporate as they chose to sail the cruise sold out knowing that the staffing was not even close to sufficient
  24. But this a MSC Corporate decision. They chose to sell out a ship knowing full well they did not have the correct staffing. Even with the crew that was held back they were very short staffed. They came directly from a director.
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