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  1. We are also on the same b2b leaving on Feb 5. As long as it's sunny and warm then everything is great with me. We've never been on Crown but know that Princess does a great job on all their ships. We've sailed on Royal, Regal, Emerald. Ruby and Pacific Princess. February the Crown, June the Enchanted and following February the Caribbean. We love cruising.
  2. This was super! We are on the Crown in February on a b2b and this really makes you appreciate how hard everyone works.
  3. I like the adult only Terrace pool on Deck 14 (Riviera). Secluded and has a bar close buy. International Café on Deck 5 has what I call an Egg McMuffin which is something you can grab before early excursions and also has great salads/deserts/pastries/sandwiches - I think it is open 24/7. Deck 7 has Crown Grill which is a great steak house (30 addt'l per person) and also a great lounge called Crooners which usually has a pianist or some other type of music. I have found the service to be very good on the Emerald. If you like coffee be sure and buy their coffee package as it is well worth the cost (coffee in dining rooms and buffet are not so great). Emerald also has a chef's table that you need to sign up for right away after you board the ship. It's well worth the additional cost if you like wine and pampering - you get a tour of the kitchen, cookbook, rose and picture at the conclusion. I think the price was around 125 per person. You can also sign up for a ship's tour - my husband did this and really enjoyed it. You also need to sign up right after you board as they only allow a very limited number of guests. For any of the shows you need to show up 30 minutes early as the seats fill up rather quickly. In the cabin the shampoo and conditioner are not the greatest . Bedding is very comfortable. Balconies are not overly large. Self-service laundries on each deck - I always bring detergent pods and softener sheets. There are also irons and ironing boards in laundries. For a 28 day cruise you are probably going to have at least 4 formal nights - you can either dress to the nines or if you like men can get away with dress pants and a collard shirt and women can wear slacks and nice blouse or dress. You will get a suggested time to board but they pretty much let you on board anytime after 11 AM or so. You may not get into your cabin right away. First day you can either eat lunch in Main Dining Room or buffet. This is a lot of info but I think you will enjoy the Emerald and Princess.
  4. We really like the Terrace adult pool on the Riviera deck (aft). We have cruised from small chips to large ships and just like Goldilocks said "this ship is just right."
  5. This thread is driving me crazy. OP - get the darn process going now. No need to expedite. Better safe than sorry.
  6. On your flight home you may want to do it using your first booking and changing the date to the last day of booking #2. It might less expensive than to have a one way on each segment.
  7. We used a shuttle service - Metro-City tours for 8 of us. Total cost was $170 (plus tip to driver) for roundtrip Miami to cruise ship and on return from ship to Miami airport. They provided excellent service and were waiting for us with a sign at the Miami airport. On return they were in area where shuttles/taxi's go and they again were very prompt. I highly recommend them. METRO-CITYTOURS Gisela Reservations 954-849-7612 T.Free 888-470-3130
  8. Another party to hear from. We booked (a year ago) a Mini-Club Class on a 20 day (b2b) on a cruise in Feb 2020 on the Crown. The price for the deluxe balcony is now more than what we paid for the Mini-Club Class. That being said - I enjoy the extra pampering you get in the club class dining room. It's like the Cheer's bar where "everybody knows your name." Not sure food tastes better but the presentation is wonderful. We enjoy being able to go anytime we want. It is generally much quicker getting in and out so you can go to that special show you wanted to see. One time they didn't have seats available and they comped us a meal at the Crown Grille. Our next couple of cruises we have booked the deluxe balcony where the price is much less which allows us to go on more cruises. We are on the Enchanted on its maiden voyage in June 2020 and are booked in the deluxe balcony. Happy cruising everyone.
  9. They asked me to be Captain but I wasn't available for those dates.
  10. There is generally only one non-stop a day on Delta from JFK to Rome and that is usually about 8 PM at night.
  11. we're also on the Crown B2B beginning Feb 5th. Go directly to Sanctuary upon boarding - there is usually a big crush to get reservations.
  12. We are also signed up for the Enchanted but our trip is for June 19, 2020 - can they possibly have two inaugural cruises? I don't think our cruise has been canceled but you never know.
  13. I just checked on our EzAir fare from Minneapolis to Rome and back from London to Minneapolis. Air fare went down a total of 284 for the both of us. Love the ability to do this.
  14. With Delta they allow one free checked bag on international flights (that's been my experience).
  15. Don't sweat the small stuff. Live and let live. This too shall pass. Grin and bear it or is it bare it? Adages to live by.
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