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  1. In B.C. there is a very strong focus on contact tracing. The success of this is dependant on quick test results...our friend was tested last week after experiencing a mild lingering cough and received results in 24 hours (negative result). I am so thankful for the guidance and regulations our Public Health Officer has given us. She is firm in her reliance on science and has given us the confidence to follow her leadership and keep our numbers low.
  2. I don’t see a cruise for us until late 2022, hoping for a vaccine, a reduction in cases worldwide, lifting of travel restrictions and no masks required on board. Looking back at that statement😟😟😬! We are still holding 3 FCD with HAL and Princess. We plan on waiting till late 2022 cruises are posted and then perhaps using our FCD. If nothing appeals we will cash them in.
  3. We would love to cruise again, but only if a vaccine for this horrible thing Is available. I also think that the cruise lines should require evidence of vaccination for all passengers. It would only take one anti vaccer to bring covid onboard and the ship could be quarantined.
  4. As a cruise lover (40+cruises) and a shareholder I am sad to agree with Princessluver. I honestly can’t see how it is possible to stay safe on a ship in these times...social distancing is just not possible in any venue or activity on board. On our last cruise in September there were a large number of passengers sick with a respiratory illness. In spite of all the precautions I took I still became very sick. That experience had me seriously questioning cruising and Covid 19 has sealed the deal for me. A vaccine is critical for this industry to survive and that may never happen.
  5. Well, as a Vancouverite I can say that I highly doubt that our outstanding Public Health Officer will open our port to cruises for the remainder of this year. We took a bit of a hit with travellers from Wash. state bringing cases our way early on and It is highly unlikely she will want to take a step back after all the work B.C. has done in flattening our curve. By the way, New Brunswick kudos to you, your curve has flatlined.
  6. As much as we are passionate about cruising (40plus trips), I can’t see cruising again for quite some time. We have cancelled our New England cruise in Sept. and a Transpacific in April. Until a vaccine or an effective treatment is developed there is too great a danger to us (in our 70s). I cant even begin to imagine how a cruise ship or for that matter an airline, can address social distancing. I don't think the travel industry will recover from this for a very long time.😔
  7. I would be so fine with a ban on ships in Vancouver and Victoria. Dr. Bonnie Henry’s suggestion yesterday to delay the season is a wise one. She is a voice of calm and reason, thank goodness she is leading the fight here in B.C. Lets hope the federal government pays heed.
  8. Watching our B.C. Health officer right now. She indicated that discussions are currently underway at the federal level re changes to the Alaska cruise season, with a decision likely to be made next week or sooner.
  9. We bought at $23 after the Concordia disaster and have really benefited from the OBC perk that comes with holding shares. We have made up more than the cost of the shares over the years. This might be a good buying opportunity for some but better to wait a while and see where it goes. As dedicated cruisers we are sorry that this industry will take a severe hit. We would like to continue cruising but since we are over 70 it would be wise for us to take a break now and see how this plays out. We are cancelling our two cruises for later this year.
  10. Happy Valentines day ❤️❤️❤️to all on board the Diamond and especially to the crew who are continuing to do the fantastic jobs they always do. We think of you daily and wish you strength. Also best wishes to Princess cruise lines, you are doing the best you can under the circumstances...we are Elite with you and will stick with you!
  11. Very sorry to hear that the little newspapers are out or on their way out. We loved picking up the CDN, UK AND US papers; going to the dining room and reading them while waiting for our breakfast to be served and then discussing content over our meal. Also enjoyed the recipe cards in the ATK. As far as saving paper, what a joke. When they stop littering my cabin with ads which are immediately put into the circular file then I will believe they are concerned about the planet!
  12. I have to say that I have no confidence that the new health declaration forms will be filled out honestly by all passengers. Having been on over 40 cruises I know just how quickly illnesses can spread on board in spite of taking all precautions. Got a horrible respiratory infection on our September 2019 cruise which was filled with sick passengers from the previous leg of the back to back. We had decided after that cruise to take a break from cruising in 2020 (thank you to the angel sitting on my shoulder!) and with recent developments we are cancelling our Diamond Princess cruise to Asia next year. I think the cruise industry is well aware of the hugely negative impact this will have on the industry, hence some of the extreme measures they are taking (e.g.RCCL and NCL banning some passport holders). We love to cruise and will continue to do so but we will pick and choose our itineraries carefully and always will continue to get the “cancel for any reason insurance)
  13. We took an excursion to Mijas, fairly close to Malaga. Lovely little town, very picturesque, famous for its sweet donkeys.
  14. We just used National Express from Victoria Station in London to Southampton, very inexpensive, reliable and comfortable. You will need a taxi from the station in Southampton to cruise terminal but it is a short taxi ride.
  15. Sailed on the MSC Opera to Norway about five years ago (a very good price). We are Elite with Princess so obviously they are our preferred cruise line. Doubt we will sail with MSC again because: Food in buffet and dining rooms not to our taste, geared to Europeans and with limited variety (seemed to have an over abundance of fish).The dining room was very cramped with far too many tables for the space. Kids often sail free so there are a lot of them on board and many on that cruise were unruly and poorly supervised. As stated by another poster, entertainment is to European tastes. Staff service was adequate but not very friendly. Princess has always given us excellent value, A variety of delicious food; good (used to be excellent) entertainment and first class service. Our MSC cruise was in Europe so their focus was true to the area and the majority of passengers but for us it was not a repeatable experience.
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