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  1. Here in the Boston area, Gillette Stadium, home of the NE Patriot football team is a vaccine center. I guess you could call it a Cathedral of American Football???
  2. Check if excursions are included. It has been said on these boards that the less expensive cruise lines that typically do not cater to the US/CAN/UK/AUS market do not include excursions in their cost.
  3. We could not have purchased our air fare for less than Viking's price.
  4. If you search these boards, menus from Viking and others have been posted as pdfs. We are not vegetarians but seem to recall that there was at least one vegetarian option for every meal (with Viking).
  5. Viking does not include all liquor, just beer and wine at lunch and dinner---wife and I are very light drinkers, so I would not get value paying for a cruise whose fare included all liquor. Viking ships have no spas, but neither one of us is into that, so again, not missed by us. A butler? Please. Viking's minimalist Scandinavian style is fine by us. Uniworld's French boudoir style, OTOH, I think, is over the top. An excursion in every port? Good. We chose to pay for 2 additional excursions, and passed on all the others. The 2 that we took w
  6. We looked around before booking our Rhine cruise with Viking for 2019, as we liked their itinerary the best. Honestly, we cannot come up with any negatives---from our perspective everything was perfect. (Maybe we're just easy to please). We didn't have any problems dealing with the US operations pre-cruise (some have found them difficult), and once you're on the ship you are treated like royalty. We did a DIY in Lucerne after the cruise and they took care of booking us a taxi to the Basel train station. The ship was full, but we never saw the free-for-all getting to dinner that
  7. Our Boston to Reykjavik flight was just a little over 4 hours. Left Boston on a 90 degree day, arrived to 45 degree temps!! Plane had been uncomfortably warm, so the cold was refreshing!
  8. Out of Boston, we have flown round trip to Dublin, Reykjavik, and Zurich for less $$ than flights to Calgary for a Canadian Rockies tour that (maybe) will occur in the fall.
  9. Sending bags ahead on Swiss rail was incredibly easy. In Basel you go downstairs to the baggage counter and fill out the paperwork and pay. When we got to Zurich Flughaven station, below the air terminal, even faster retrieving those bags we had no need for in Lucerne. Went to Lucerne for 3 days/2 nights with a single carry on suitcase. Sent a large bag and another carry on ahead to the airport. You can look up the costs on the SBB website---it was reasonable, given the incredible convenience it afforded us. Our last on the river, we organized our bags so that we only carried
  10. Your post reminded me of a former boss who retired and went on a trip to Australia from the US. He was basically on a plane for almost 24 hours, AND ONLY STAYED IN OZ FOR A WEEK (!!!), then spent almost an entire day on a plane to come home. I can't imagine how his internal clock dealt with that!! We are starting to think like you---our 3 trips to Europe have been 7, 9, and 12 days. We are now looking at tours of at least 2 weeks, rationalizing that we would essentially get two trips out of one set of flights.
  11. You can send clothing out for laundry service with Viking---put it out when you leave for the morning excursion, and it's back before dinner. Prices are reasonable. Viking also has a river/ocean combo where one sails from Basel to Amsterdam on the Rhine, then get on an ocean ship for a Scandinavian cruise. Not sure how many days that combo adds up to. @Smokeyham, have you done a river cruise before? I ask because some folks who are accustomed to ocean cruises do not adapt well to the more low key style of river cruises. Many on CC have recommended a shorter (8 day)
  12. We pretty much did was @texasstar did---taxi from ship to Basel SBB station, 1 hr train to Lucerne. We stayed at Hotel des Alpes, probably a 5 minute walk across the river from the station. Stayed there 2 nights, walked all over the place, and took the train to Zurich airport--1 hour train ride again. In Basel we sent bags ahead to Zurich airport station, so we wouldn't have to lug unnecessary luggage around. Also, Zurich flughaven station is in the lower level of the air terminal. If you are in Lucerne on a Saturday morning, along both sides of the river they have the most inc
  13. This wasn't on a river cruise, but on a land tour of Iceland there was a guy and his pal (their wives were OK) who carried a bottle of whiskey and 2 glasses on all excursions and loudly and conspicuously and boisterously toasted themselves whenever possible. Just obnoxious, seemed like they loved calling attention to themselves. So my suggestion is, as was mentioned above, remember that there are others on the cruise and don't be a dink.
  14. Thanks @Daisi Globus has a tour of the St. Lawrence/Gaspe that interests us. There aren't many companies (at least that I can find) that offer tours of that area--my wife's late uncle was a teacher who led tours for a NYC company during summers, and the Gaspe trip was always his favorite. The tour with Globus starts and ends in Montreal--since we fly out of Boston, that would be a fairly inexpensive 1.5 hr flight. They have a 2-week tour of the atlantic provinces that starts and leaves from Boston--no flights for us at all! We've had a tour of Gaspe cancelled by a tou
  15. I live in Massachusetts, in my mid 60's and have a couple of co-morbidities. During my annual physical earlier this week I asked my physician (who was a bit curt and unfriendly, not his usual demeanor--must be overstressed due to COVID outbreak, but I digress) how the vaccine would be handled when my "group's" turn comes up. He barked at me "NO ONE KNOWS, NO ONE KNOWS, NO ONE KNOWS!!" I wonder how much of a "plan" is in place. My guess is that folks are making up a plan as things go along. Some governmental guidance might have been helpful.
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