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  1. By fall of 2021, isn't there hope that a vaccine is ready to roll out by that time? The progress of vaccine development may factor into our vacation planning.
  2. Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive, ha, ha, ha, ha, .............
  3. @Lois R , I just saw an interview with the governor of Nevada. He was asked about the possibility of re-opening sparsely populated states, like Nevada. The governor made it very clear that he isn't reopening anything. He continued to say that he is guided by the medical and scientific community, not politics or economics. He feels his top responsibility is the health of his citizens.
  4. I feel a TA may have more influence speaking to Viking, in that they represent MANY customers, while an individual calling for themselves represents a single customer. Again, we were going to ask the TA to ask for a later final payment date, but it was offered to the TA before we had a chance to ask.
  5. Reopening Mississippi is going to be a TERRIBLE idea. They can say "we don't look like NYC", but if they reopen and dump social distancing, give them a month and they WILL look like NYC.
  6. It's been mentioned in the news that the rapid spread of the virus in Louisiana is probably related to large crowdes attending Mardi Gras celebrations.
  7. My post referred to us using a travel agent. @californiagirl and @clojacks, did you folks use a travel agent or were you dealing with Viking on your own? I did end my post by wondering if it made a difference that we had a TA dealing with Viking for us. It's been mentioned on these boards that there was a period that Viking tried to hold the line on payment within 30 days of booking but the pushback was fierce. It may be that you folks unfortunately booked during that period.
  8. There is this misconception about when Viking must be paid. Up front they say they want their $$ 1+ years ahead, but they somewhat readily move final payments up. Last year they tried to hold the line on this and got so much pushback that they backed off. We traveled last October, and our TA was told, without even having to ask for it, that final payment was due in May, 5 months from departure. I realize it's too late if one already agreed to pay over a year in advance, but when booking future cruises with Viking, insist on a different final payment due date. Maybe even mention that upfront----would they want to lose a sale over this policy? I wouldn't think so. This is one instance when having a TA can be helpful. Cruise lines want happy TA's as they can refer to them a lot of business.
  9. Our TA was told without us asking that we could pay 5 months out (cruised in October 2019). It wouldn't hurt to simply ask them for a more favorable date--I would think they would like keeping customers happy during these distressing times. BTW, we are just about neighbors, about 30 miles apart in MA!
  10. Because there is a large Polish-American population in Western Massachusetts, this time of year our supermarkets sell "pazcki" which is a pre-lenten type of filled donut. They remind me of the berliners. My son's research tells me that pazcki were baked (or fried?) as a way of getting rid of eggs, butter, and flour in anticipation of the fasting and sacrifices of lent. Nothing like good donut trivia. 😁😁
  11. I believe ACL owns their own shipyard, which would allow them to do this.
  12. Sorry @Host Jazzbeau, but those Krispy Kremes look sad compared to the Berliners I enjoyed while in Germany!!! Krispy Creme tried to establish itself here in MA, but left with their tails between their legs, unable to conquer the Dunkin Donuts dynasty! Tim Horton's also tried unsuccessfully.
  13. @Coral, that's my point--you said you READ it. If one does not read for comprehension and just looks at the headline, being a cynical person, I saw potential snark, which was not notamermaid's intention. I may be oversensitive, but Viking takes so much crap here from the "never-Viking" crowd who looks down their noses at us who had excellent experiences with them. If you don't want to pay well in advance, then don't--I'm OK with it. I can't afford Tauck, Scenic, Crystal, etc., but I can afford Viking. So I let the haters enjoy their butlers and unlimited hard liquor, and hope they let me enjoy what I can afford.
  14. So, to be fair, these ships are "stuck" due to weather conditions, not due to low water, high water, poor design, etc. This story hypothetically could be written about ANY cruise line if their ships were in that situation. Because they are Viking ships, some would not read the entire post and assume this was Viking's fault in some way. @notamermaid, your reporting is always "fair and balanced", but the headline has the appearance of a slam vs. Viking ("oddity"--Viking ship stuck could be misinterpreted as sarcasm) Before the Viking haters come out, I do NOT work for Viking, but am a VERY satisfied customer.
  15. Thanks @KathyK13, sometimes you wonder if you actually read/heard something, or did you imagine it!!!!!
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