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  1. Yes, when I first read about this I thought "Uniworld needs an infusion of cash for cruises that will inevitably be re-scheduled into 2022."
  2. It's not the dog on the pulpit in Strasbourg Cathedral---I've already used that one for an earlier quiz!!
  3. @Host Jazzbeau, my comments refer to visiting Scotland in 2022, not 2021. I REALLY hope things are much better by fall of 2022!! I don't know if I could take a THIRD year of this. We've been to Iceland, actually. Nice short 4 hr flight from Boston!
  4. Thank you @gnome12, no need to be sorry. We were frankly relieved when our trip was cancelled last September, and would rather not be forced to take a trip when we don't feel completely safe, lest we cancel and lose our money. I guess we pray that at some point the world becomes flooded with vaccine and 2022 becomes "safe". I cannot see opening borders just to save businesses on either side----human lives are worth more than any busines, IMO.
  5. Question for our Canadian brethren out there: I've mentioned here a few times that we were to go on a Canadian Rockies tour Sept. 2020 that was rescheduled for Sept. 2021. As we move through 2021 I am feeling less and less confident that the trip will take place this coming fall. Canadians out there---is the border closure renewed every month like it was last year, or is it closed until further notice. I would be shocked if Americans are allowed into Canada 5 months from now. This impacts future trip planning. We'd like to visit Scotland fall of 2022 (Lord, please
  6. We enjoy watching Murdoch Mysteries here in the states, which for those unfamiliar, is a Canadian Victorian-era police show set in Toronto. It has a lot of quirkiness that we like. When they filmed at the Kingston Jail we were inspired to look up Kingston ON and it appears to be a lovely place ( based on youtube videos we watched). There was one episode when a character left Toronto to attend a medical conference in London. We were baffled when she traveked back to Toronto in just a day, then realized the conference was in London ONTARIO!!! Quick visit to Google Maps confirmed
  7. I spent my entire life, almost 7 decades, in southern New England and can attest that New England fall foliage really depends upon where you are. The "peak" foliage in northern Maine vs. southern RI/CT and Cape Cod can be as much as six weeks apart. We live between Boston and Providence and our peak is usually about 7-10 days after Columbus Day weekend, sometimes as late as Halloween week. Northern Maine can peak as early as late September. It's really a continuum---pre-peak, peak, and post-peak all have their charms. For example, the red maples can be impressive as heck, but the leaves ha
  8. We sailed Oct. 3-10, 2019, and do not recall seeing much fall color---maybe just the start of it, perhaps.
  9. I retired from teaching 4 yrs ago and have never looked back. I returned to my old high school for the last 7 weeks of the past school year to fill in during the maternity leave of a former colleague. It was remote learning, being designed as we were teaching (like building an airplane while flying it at 20,000 ft). This year they have had a hybrid system that please no one at all. I HEAR THEIR TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS AND DO NOT MISS IT FOR A SECOND. Dear wife works part time for her family's business--you could call her semi-retired. We traveled overseas in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Ou
  10. If you fly into Reykjavik for a connecting flight, you can stay up to seven days before leaving on your connecting flight. Encourages short visits to Iceland on your way to some other destination.
  11. Also, given that docking times are extremely fluid, booking independent excursions on a river cruise is very difficult. Docking and departure times are often not assigned by rivermasters until last minute, and often ship is navigating locks while folks are on an excursion. So you could return to the ship and it may not be where you left it. As many have said, ocean and river cruising are similar only in that there is a ship floating on water.
  12. I would not blame Viking or Amawaterways or any other company for cancellations at this juncture. It is what it is---vaccine rollouts in Europe have been slow, COVID fatigue has people dropping their guard---the world is neither safe enough or ready enough for travel to resume. Here in New England we have a very successful football coach, beloved here but despised everywhere else, who has a famous line: "It is what it is".
  13. Thanks @dogs4fun--our Wesley is going to undergo that same test in the near future. We are just so relieved the ultrasound did not reveal something far scarier than enlarged adrenals.
  14. We have been to Acadia for at least 30 consecutive years, until last year--an easy drive from MA. On a terrible rainy day one year we ventured to the Seal Cove Auto museum--what a hidden gem! A cool collection of mostly Brass Era vehicles quietly assembled by a gentlemen who left it behind for all to enjoy. My favorite was the small exhibit that explained how cars evolved from bicycles, and not horse-drawn carriages.
  15. Have my second shot in two days (Monday). Dear wife has hers on the 15th. So on Apr. 29 we will be both fully vaccinated! (Not like I'm keeping track................) Mid May we will drive up to Acadia NP for a few days. Will have our own free-standing cottage with kitchen, all activities there are outside---should be nice and safe. Sister and her husband, also fully vaccinated, will occupy the cottage next door. The 6 hour drive will feel like an exotic overseas tour, after being chained to home for over a year!!
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