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  1. @Debbie819, not the same airlines, but we did Boston--Zurich--Amsterdam, and our checked luggage was not touched by us until we reached Amsterdam. We did Amsterdam to Basel last month--you will LOVE it!!! We fly out of Boston so like you, we generally get direct flights to Europe, but had no problems connecting this time.
  2. @ural guy, agree 10000% regarding extension prices. We did Lucerne after a Viking cruise for no more than half the cost Viking wanted. We did splurge and pay Viking for Amsterdam pre-cruise (it was a bit cheaper than Lucerne would have been), mostly because we wanted the hand-holding while jet-lag-addled for the first 24 hrs. I will say that their included walking tour was excellent and set us up nicely for what we wanted to do (walk ended at Rijksmuseum, where we wanted to spend the afternoon).
  3. Viking has tables for 2 in the Aquavit Terrace, which is open for lunch and dinner. DW and I don't recall much interaction with other pax during excursions, unless one wanted to interact. At dinner, we sat with many different people and there were varying levels of interaction--some meals were very chatty, and others, were not. Similarly, some couples were very outgoing, and others less so. There may be fewer places on a river ship to "hide", but we did not feel like others were intrusive.
  4. Also another question that pops up occasionally is the left/right ear issue. We found out last month that the earbud rotates such that it can be worn in either ear. Default position is left ear, but it can be reversed for the right ear.
  5. I should add that Viking does have a clothesline in the shower, and DW was able to wash quick-drying synthetics some socks and they dried in a day or so. The things we had laundered were cotton items that would take forever to dry in the shower.
  6. Viking laundry is per item. OBC can be used to pay for it, or it can be just added to your tab. An internet search should locate the price list--we had a mens shirt and 2 pairs of my wife's pants washed for about 15 euro.
  7. We did AMS--BSL last month and we arrived in Kehl at 8 AM, bus/walking tour at 8:30 AM, and there were shuttles from the Strasbourg cathedral to the ship at 2, 3, and 4 PM, with sailaway at 6PM.
  8. @Host Jazzbeau, might I suggest that the Viking pdf document listing was is and isn't allowed be pinned to the top of the page with the stickies? The curling iron issue keeps coming up and folks are finding outdated info when searching the internet. This caused great consternation with DW until Viking changed the rule.
  9. AMS to BSL is upstream, against the current. So, of course, BSL--AMS is downstream, with the current. This will affect both sailing times and time in port.
  10. Wife picked up her dual voltage curling iron at Target for no more than $10. It selects the voltage itself--no switch. She's used it in 6 European countries without problem. It stays with our luggage, at the ready, when we pack for Europe. All it needs is the plug adaptor, which only cost $1 from Rick Steves website.
  11. @USC Adventurer, with all due respect, please find some punctuation!! My brain gets out of breath reading your one-sentence paragraphs!! (Meant in jest, please do not take offense) PS glad you are enjoying the Rhine. We did the Rhine earlier last month and had the time of our lives.
  12. Viking now allows them. Do a search and you will find several threads on the subject, including a PDF of Viking's "What's allowed and NOT allowed" document that lists them as allowed. DW used hers earlier this month on ship.
  13. There is a law in place (its name escapes me) that mandates US built ships and US crews in US waters. It's the law Viking hoped to get overturned when they announced with great fanfare a few years back that they were entering the Mississippi river cruise market--it went nowhere, as the law is still in place.
  14. I'm sure AMA handles this just as Viking did for us: a couple of days prior to end of cruise, we received a questionnaire where we listed our transportation needs--in our case they arranged for a cab to the train station--it ended up costing a few euros less than the estimate I had calculated on a website. All river companies seem to treat their passengers fantastically--I wouldn't worry about getting to airport.
  15. Earlier this month we were put up at the Pestana Amsterdam, which is about a 15 min walk (8 min. drive) south of the Hyatt. You are at the edge of the de Pijp neighborhood, which is a great upscale neighborhood with lots of restaurants, shops, etc. We enjoyed being away from the chaos of city center, yet close to the de Cuyp Market, Museumplein and the canals. I think you are near the botanical garden and zoo (?).
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