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  1. Was this the ship that was going to do the tattoo and drag queen itineraries? There was a lot of fun on these boards when those were announced!!!
  2. Bottom line: the captain of the Viking ship was NOT DRUNK OR ON DRUGS, and this runs counter to the narrative pushed forward by the Viking haters. Again, to repeat, accusing someone of being drunk when they are the captain of a ship carrying passenger is a BIG DANG DEAL, and he was NOT.
  3. @Got2Cruise, if you deny that Viking gets escoriated on these boards you are in denial. Viking gets regularly dumped on in these threads. I for one think that accusing the captain of a ship of being drunk at the helm, resulting in multiple fatalities is a BIG DEAL and a terrible accusation if wrong--and apparently it is incorrect. I am NOT an investor or stockholder. My name isn't named Torstein Hagen--just calling for fairness. There are folks who are fans of Tauck, Scenic, Crystal, etc that look down on those of us who find Viking, Vantage, Avalon, more in our price ranges than the above-mentioned lines. I AM NOT calling you snooty, but some of the comments from this group come across that way--mind, you these anti-Viking experts have never sailed with them, but hold their noses at the thought. We personally know almost a dozen couples who sailed with Viking and have nothing but good things to say about them. Enjoy the luxury river cruise lines, but don't begrudge those who are happy with their adventures on other lines. It's OK to say "Viking (or any other line) isn't for me, it's something entirely different to look down your nose at those who do. Now let the attacks from the one-percenters begin.
  4. I'm sure the anti-Viking faction that posted here and bludgeoned Viking for allowing drunkards to pilot their ships will RUSH to their computers and apologize...................(turn on sarcasm indicator)
  5. @djh1959, thanks for the comments--we are very much looking forward to wrapping up our 12 day trip with a couple of days in Lucerne. Appreciate the comments about Hotel des Alpes--we booked it because Rick Steves seems to like it. Yes, what we paid is in US dollars--maybe the dollar is stronger than it was in 2014, don't know the exchange rate of Australian dollar. Thankfully, for the both of us, October is getting closer!
  6. @jpalbny, YES, those gas station cafeterias were both reasonable, and the food was not bad at all. In some areas, like between Vik and Jokulsarlon, gas station cafeterias were the only option.
  7. Thanks @jpalbny. After paying for meals in Iceland last year, we feel prepared for the prices in Switzerland!
  8. @1island2go posted a request for restaurant suggestions for AMS and Lucerne, but the thread went in an Amsterdam-only direction. So I am following the suggestion that a new thread be opened for Lucerne restaurants. I have read good things about the brewhouse in the old town hall. Any thoughts about this place or any others? Thanks in advance.
  9. One has to keep in mind that no company, even Viking (cue Darth Vader's Imperial March) can control the weather and river levels. River cruisers need to be flexible and go with the flow (or lack of flow).
  10. Any recommendations for restaurants in the de Pijp neighborhood? Viking's putting us up in the Pestana Amsterdam. Interested in trying a rice table.
  11. What, no one here saying "I HAVE NEVER SAILED WITH FRED OLSEN, BUT THIS CONFIRMS MY OPINION TO NEVER NEVER NEVER HOLD MY NOSE AND SAIL WITH THEM!!!!" Now, if this was a company with a certain 'nordic' name.................... (apologies to those offended by cynicism)
  12. @doverboy the stat quoted was top 1% of the WORLD's population, not the US. That I would believe.
  13. Actually,not too late--we cruise in October, so your advice is appreciated--thanks!
  14. Wouldn't the larger (Viking) have the right of way over the smaller excursion boat? Larger ship is less maneuverable and cannot stop as quickly. I always thought it was sail over motor, and larger over small.
  15. No sweat @GoTravelLife, couldn't resist poking a little bit of fun your way!! We will be cruising in the opposite direction in 4 months--can't come fast enough.
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