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  1. We are visiting Oman on a cruise in Feb. - my understanding from other cruise forums is a Visa is not required for Oman if you arrive and depart on the cruise ship (the cruise company will organises the Visa as part of the passenger manifest) - the only time a Visa is needed is if you fly into or out of Oman to either meet the ship or finish the holiday. hope this helps
  2. Sorry - I have to disagree. I feel this could start a dangerous precident where other port location to start to charge. As tourist the visitors are already putting extra money into the local economy - by paying for all the trips etc. Further the ship is already paying port fees. It seems to me that tourist are just seen as a cash cow, where they are milked for as much as possible.
  3. Thank you for your review and your photos. Your trips have given us ideas to think about when we do a similar cruise in February.
  4. You keep the perks you got when you originally booked - you do not get any new perks The haven gratuities are more than a standard cabin - so this may have an impact - but very much doubt it
  5. Thank you - on Dawn week on Sunday...cant wait
  6. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2604270&page=2&highlight=dawn
  7. Hi - cant hel with the balcony, hiwever have you read the ussues concerning disembarkation from Dawn at Tampa. People seem to ge saying that this is still a problem and as a result boarding is starting later and later. I think the last post about this said boarding only started around 11.30 and passengers are queueing to get into the terminal from 10am We go in a couple of weeks and its something that is of concern. You may want to try and follow the thread especially due to your early flight when the cruise finishes
  8. Thank you to you both for the copies and the upload to google Can have a read now and get ready for our trip.
  9. Ok - its the registration aspect - still really dont understand why you have to register - as when you board all passport details and esta info is taken at that point. anyhow I will keep this in mind on our last night
  10. great review - very informative Cant wait to go now!
  11. Out of interest why did the non americans cause immigration issues. I go on this cruise on 1st April and I am from the UK I have sailed from Tampa in the past - a few years ago on a carnival cruise and i didnt recall any ussues on return to Tampa - it was very straightforward. It was just a case of having a valid Esta and oassport . If you boarded at Tampa then iI dont understand why on return there would be an issue for non americans - unless i have missed something
  12. Everyone is different - everyone has different values. I do like to save money where I can - £ saved is a pound earned etc. That saving can be put to something else eg a trip, a nice meal or kept for another holiday. Its a personal decision, that people should be respected. No one has any right to be critical of anyones choice, so long as rules are not being broken. Its the same with choosing a cabin - owners suite or inside on deck 2 - One choice but each choice has own values attached. On the funny side - take cling film to top your wine glass that way filling to the brim without spillage! - I might do that. I am considering the drinks package, however I am only on a 4 night cruise, we have 2 cabins and there are only 2 adults so in theory thats a bottlle of wine per night - however we do enjoy a drink or two in the day. So have to take into all factors, plus we get off a 7 night cruise on the Sunday and board the 4 night on Monday - the 7 night as all drinks included. I think I have just convinced myself not to spend the $53 a day plus tip
  13. might sound a silly question - do you have to drink the wine in your room? or can you take it to dinner
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