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  1. Saint Kitts, 2019, Koningsdam Cooking Demo at the Fairview Great House and Botanical Gardens. The meal was delicious and we got a bunch of recipes too! From the gardens -
  2. More flowers and Lego(tm) sculptures from our visit to Palm Beach's Mount Botanical Garden in 2015 -
  3. While I enjoy watching football, I must admit I don't follow it too closely. We have our own team in St Paul; Minnesota United FC, aka The Loons, (https://www.mnufc.com/) with a new stadium close to where we live. They were a pretty hot ticket prior to the virus mess. I haven't managed to get to a game yet. How is Mrs VMax doing? Please give her our best wishes!
  4. We would have to have been on the same cruise! If you saw a couple with Tim Horton travel mugs wandering around the ship, that might have been us. I can think of worse places to be quarantined than Malaga!
  5. I think I will do something with Spaghetti Squash tonight, not sure exactly what yet... Here are my last Malaga pictures from our 2018 Transatlantic. We really want to do more of these crossings! Not quite sunrise, but fairly early morning (for me at least) looking over the cruise terminal - The local football club. Our guide said they weren't very good - If you get the chance, do not miss this! Picasso in the square - View of the countryside from the castle -
  6. I learned how to make a Sunsicle during a HAL Mixology class. The recipe that @summer slope posted is exactly the same as the one I got from HAL! Birds of Paradise in Malaga - View from Malaga's Alcazaba and Castle of Gilbalfaro showing the bull ring and the Koningsdam in the distance -
  7. We do like pot pies and usually have a couple of Marie Callendar's in the freezer for "emergencies". I have been inspired by the Great British Baking Show to make my own using hot-water crust pastry. I should do that today since the weather is cooling down, but maybe next week would be better..... This is a bar/restaurant in Malaga, Spain (from our 2018 Transatlantic). Note that a Mojito is the first drink on the sign. I also just noticed a Mojito Negro on the bottom row, I will have to try one if we can ever sail Europe again! Roman Theater in Malaga where we stumbled across a wedding -
  8. Walleye (often called Pickerel by our Canadian friends) is the State Fish of Minnesota! But today is Tuesday, so I'll be heading to Papa Murphy's. I don't think they have come up with a Walleye Pizza yet. My Uncle Lou on the dock at our old cottage on Deer Bay sometime in the early-to-mid 50's. Looks like a Largemouth Bass on the left and a Walleye on the right - The boat is a cedar strip, probably made in Lakefield. I remember it as a kid, we kept it afloat as long as we could but eventually it was more patches than original boat! I don't have that motor, but I have one that is very similar. I am going to try to get it running next summer...
  9. Barbados, April 2019 (Koningsdam). Bathsheba Beach -
  10. Here are some more Lego(TM) sculptures and flowers from our Mounts Botanical Garden (Palm Beach, FL) visit in 2015. This was just after my retirement cruise -
  11. Ooowhhh Aurrrghh 'n shiver me timbers! Tis me favortist day - break out the rum! Some scurvy landlubber must be standn' watch here - ready the cannons 'n fetch me cutlass! We be go'n ashore to plunder San Juan!
  12. Nice little runabout just off Sint Maarten, December 2016 -
  13. I wish we could celebrate National Cheeseburger Day here!
  14. Our son (Niall) finally has internet at his new house! I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and my Mom made fantastic apple dumplings (and pies!) in the Fall. I think we will try our hand at them soon since it is now cool enough for extensive oven use. Planter's Punch is a great drink but there are several variations. My favorite comes from Greg Titian who does a series of You Tube videos on making cocktails. If you search "How to Drink" you should find his videos. Planter's Punch - 1/4 oz Allspice Dram 3/4 oz Demerara syrup 1 oz Lime juice 3 oz Dark rum Dash of Angostura bitters Shake with ice and "open pour" (i.e. let some ice through the strainer) into a glass (or just combine in a glass and serve on the rocks). Garnish with mint sprig and/or a lime wedge or wheel. Notes: You can use pretty much any rum, but amber or dark is preferred. Something like Appleton Estate is a great choice (several types are available). Cruzan "Aged Dark" is a good choice if you prefer amber rum. I would not recommend "Navy" style rums like Goslings Black Seal or Cruzan Black Strap for this drink since they may overpower it with their molasses flavors - Allspice Dram is a very useful thing to have around as it can be used in Tiki drinks, holiday drinks (eggnog, Tom & Jerry's) and in baking and desserts. It is made from rum, lots of ground allspice and brown sugar. You can make your own but I buy St. Elizabeth - Demerara syrup is basically simple syrup made with demerara sugar instead of white sugar. You could probably use light brown sugar instead of demerara. Cane syrup (if you can find it) or agave syrup also works. Lyle's Golden Syrup is another tasty option, but it is awfully thick and difficult to mix into a cold drink. This is what happens when you let a chemist do bartending!
  15. Yesterday in St. Paul, I could really notice haze in the air from the western fires. For Mexican Independence Day: Leaving Cabo San Lucas, April 2017 - After sighting "Pirates" -
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