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  1. I "Frankensteined" some creole/cajun recipes last night. Probably a mortal sin in some eyes. I combined a shrimp creole recipe with a vegetable jambalaya recipe (shrimp creolaya?). Rice, beans, raw shrimp, red, green, and yellow peppers, onion, celery, tomato, corn, garlic, creole spice mix.... It turned out rather good but might need a little tweaking (maybe more salt and spices); I'm pretty sure I will be trying it again - Stingray sandbar near Georgetown (December 2, 2015) and a crowd of ships tendering in/out. It poured rain for part of the day - the weather w
  2. I think it was last Sunday that some photos of the previous iterations of the Noordam and Nieuw Amsterdam were posted. In looking through my files of photos, I saw something that looked very similar. In the Spring of 2018 we did an east-bound TA combined with a Mediterranean cruise and a couple of days in Rome. We were in Gibraltar on April 14 and the Marella Celebration was moored alongside of us (Koningsdam). In looking closer at my photos, the Celebration must have been a former HAL ship. Can anyone confirm?
  3. It is supposed to get to the mid 40s (F) today - And then several inches of snow tonight and Sunday! But it should not last too long as we go back into a warming trend on Tuesday. The question is, what to grill today? Sirloin? Shrimp? Maybe both! The Mohawk cocktail sounds like a horrifyingly bad idea - why do that to a delicious rye whiskey?! Returning from our snorkel excursion in Cabo with the Diamond Princess sailing in to join us -
  4. Pistachios might be my favorite nut for snacking. In the summer, we usually have a big bag (from Costco of course!) of them in the shell. We'll have them on the deck, dock, or patio with cocktails and the shells become garden mulch. About 2-3 years ago at our Canadian cottage there was a blue jay that would come by every time I sat out on our deck and patiently wait for me to put a couple of pistachios out for him (or her). It never got to the point where I could feed it by hand, but it would come pretty close.
  5. Mitzi is an engineer! She got her degree from the U of MN in electrical engineering and had a long career in military avionics and medical device manufacturing (pacemakers and leads). Here is some wildlife in Cabo from her 2005 retirement cruise. We didn't go into town to partake in alternative forms of wild life...
  6. In honor of Bartender's Day, here are some shots of HAL bars, bartenders, and staff!
  7. I somehow missed that it is Tennis Day when I first looked at the Daily today. As you might guess from my CC name and my signature, I do like my tennis! Unfortunately, I have been off the courts for about a year now due to the pandemic. I normally play twice a week or more. We have a large group that gets together for doubles Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings year round. We usually have at least two courts full. Indoors in the winter and outdoors for the summer. We all like the physical activity of playing, but I really miss the social side of it too. Two weeks after I get
  8. Curling is quite the deal in Minnesota too. There are lots of curling clubs and many have waiting lists to join. I grilled a porterhouse steak yesterday and didn't even need to wear a jacket, not a typical February activity in MN. We had twice-baked potatoes and sautéed asparagus with onions and Ghirardelli brownies (Costco had a giant box of mix on sale) for dessert. Tonight is our typical $10 Tuesday pizza. Our inherited Christmas cactus (that my parents brought up from Arizona in 2010) bloomed yesterday. Maybe it thinks it is a Margarita Day Cactus? Or maybe it is h
  9. We will all be cheering you on for each step of your journey
  10. It is supposed to get to the low 40s (F) today and tomorrow so I have pulled out a steak to grill! Oosterdam (February 2005) anchored in Cabo San Lucas. Tendering in and heading back out on a catamaran for a snorkeling adventure -
  11. Your pizza looks good! On a side note, your plate looks like Pfaltzgraff "Aura". We had an extensive set that we used everyday for 30+ years. They got donated to charity when we sold the house last year. With the hand-me-downs that we got from my parents and Mitzi's mom, we had way too many sets of dishes!
  12. We made a pot pie with the leftover roast chicken and veggies for dinner last night. It turned out pretty good - Now it is time to boil up the rest of the bird for soup! It seems like I haven't posted any flowers for awhile, so here are a couple more orchids from around Hilo -
  13. Well I got some good news yesterday after posting on the Daily. I got a call from a local community clinic offering me a first COVID vaccine shot! I had "applied" on their website about ten days ago and now I am scheduled for March 2nd! I haven't had a haircut or shaved since early on in the pandemic. I told Mitzi I wasn't going to shave until I was vaccinated as a social distancing aid; looks like I'll be giving up my Rasputin impersonation soon! I wouldn't mind being here for Hoodie Hoo Day (Oosterdam, Feburary 2005) -
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