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  1. What all above said.....also may depend if you get "attached" to a particular waiter or don't want to sit near the "prep" area in the back. We usually were there by 6:30-7:00 and had problems only one night....waited for just a few minutes to get a table with "our" waiter for the cruise. If you are a large party, and there are other large parties too....that may cause some delay in getting enough tables together to seat you all (we saw that happen once or twice in November).
  2. We had it on our 12 or so day Panama canal cruise on Infinity in November. I don't order many deserts (trying to keep my "girlish" figure), but I always succumb to the spectacle and love when it comes around. And no extra charge....in fact we were in Tuscan (husband request) and missed the sphere night....the waiter and Matre 'd were happy I asked about it at lunch the next day (not knowing what i had missed) and they had one for me that night, with great ceremony!
  3. Yes....you can play it. I sat right down on our last cruise and "played" some Chopin. (Sorry for those who don't like classical....it was in my brain from youth)....problem was, for those of us who like to play the piano...it was out of tune and the action was really off. However, what do you expect from sea air and the motion of the ocean? I really enjoyed playing a little here and there on our relatively long (for us) cruise...but would never have subjected guests to the music (so out of tune!).
  4. Just checked and we are now RS guarantee for a Connie cruise in late 2020. Who knows! We've booked hotels, flights etc.....so much for early planning (we still work so have to get those sorts of things done when we can). Hopefully it will sort itself out.
  5. My understanding of the robe question was that the robes to take were only on Edge or revolutionized older ships in RS/PH. Thus I have never seen them either because I have so far been on a pre-revolutionized ships, though always in a RS/PH. I really don't need another robe at home anyway. So I am glad it is now an optional thing.
  6. We were on Infinity in PH last month (Panama canal transit). Not revolutionized yet. Butler, suite attendant and Michael's club concierge were all fabulous. Loved the room, the deck and layout. Booked another M class penthouse for Carribean before the ship is changed, just so I can have that fabulous suite and deck. I prefer the M class PH to the S class because of that deck alone. The butler's kitchen area doesn't hurt either. We do find the specialty restaurants limited on M class....but are most of the time quite content with Luminae. I frequently ask for "extra green vegetables" and specify lightly steamed of sautéed and have no problem adding it to the entree. Sometimes I just want an extra plain salad and if I ask, they make it happen. Our Luminae waiters have always been ready to please and if they were not, I would ask the maitre d' to change our table area to another waiter! But this has never happened in multiple cruises on both S and M class ships. We have cruised other lines, but Celebrity seems to fit us best at this time in our lives.
  7. Just got back from crossing, on Infinity, pacific to Atlantic. It does not matter which side your cabin is.....because which side of the locks you enter can change at the "last moment," depending on the traffic that day and time (ours did....the pilots and canal control changed us to one side because of traffic that day) so you can't plan on that unless you have the penthouse, which will afford you greater cabin views, but only aft. As others have said, plan to be outside, plan to move around the ship, take sun protection (A loose Coolibar shirt and a sun hat work wonders for me and I don't need as much sunscreen). Take good binoculars (we did not and regretted it). Take good sunglasses and stay hydrated.Take closed toed, sturdy shoes if you want to view from the helipad (they opened the helipad to all for viewing during our transit, but you have to have the appropriate shoes and the helipad has to be dry). Also be prepared for torrential rain.....you never know, especially during the rainy season. Read David McCoullagh's (hope I spelled that correctly) book before or during your transit---I did and it was a great accessory, though teadious in some portions---and go to the lectures about the canal, panama and the history etc.....especially if you are at all interested in that sort of thing. The lectures re-run on board on a TV channel, on the hour, but only on the day after the lecture----so we were not guaranteed we could catch a lecture if we did not attend. Also on the TV replay you do not get the benefit of the use of the pointer by the instructor as in the theatre...so as they point to "....as at this point of the lock...." or whatever, on the TV replay you only see the overall picture, not the "point!" On Youtube, you can also find a repeat of an old PBS NOVA show from 1987 where essentially McCoullagh narrates a summary of the book (search Panama Canal, NOVA etc on YOUtube and its about an hour long). Celebrity replayed this show one night in the theatre, but it was at 10:00 and we were too tired to go, but found the show online. I would suggest watching before you go, since internet may not be powerful enough onboard to watch it when you like. Let me know if you have additional questions. Good luck....it was more fascinating than I even thought it would be.
  8. Glad all are safe. A great trip when we went and yes, so sorry to hear about all the problems the area has had recently. Makes it more "real" when you have been there, experienced the ship and country.
  9. Interesting and appreciated review of Luminae. Not much to add except this.....about the vegetables..... While I appreciate fine dining and great food and wine parings, I usually find the offerings, on land or in Luminae short on vegetables of the "usual" sort. Especially after several days of not having a home kitchen and fresh market at my disposal......So I begin each cruise by politely asking my waiter for "extra green and fresh/steamed/lightly sauteed vegetables." I may have to explain or remind them one more time, but from then on I always get a small serving bowl of whatever is "fresh" that meal....maybe a mixture of spinach and carrots or brocolli and string beans or asparagus etc. etc. It's always plenty and enough to share with DH or whomever may be with us on the trip (if we have a large group the waitstaff usually adjusts to several bowls of "fresh green veggies for Mrs _____.") I also at times ask for extra fresh salad greens to make an appetizer more of a salad dish. So i encourage you to ask if you want extra, "plain" veggies with your meal. I've never had a problem with the Luminae staff making it happen.
  10. We did Vancouver to Hawaii and spent extra time in Hawaii before flying back to the mainland. We love sea days because our home/work lives are intense and very busy. My DH likes the gym on board, I like to relax and read and be quiet. We both like the onboard nature/cultural talks that come with sea days. We don't do games, don't do the casino, do like nightlife/dancing. I like having my meals available without having to shop and prep for them. I like to be pampered and relax, because I'm on vacation and not retired. So my answer on sea days is what do you like to do? Only you and your travel companion know the answer to that.
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