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  1. We just got off the CB. There are no USB ports in the room. There are a couple AC receptacles one in the bathroom and one on the desk by the hairdryer. Depending on you room, you may be able to reach the ac port located behind the TV. We were able to plug a USB charger hub in there.
  2. I just logged in with Chrome 1 minute ago. Maybe the problem is solved?
  3. We took these pics last week. It is a nice place for youngsters.
  4. I ordered the clip from the MedallionClass app with my medallions. It is a plastic thing that the medallion sets in but is not very secure at all. With a little bit of shaking, the medallion falls out. I don't think I would trust it.
  5. You don't need a second app. You could log onto Ocean Ready and pan down to Ocean Medallion & Accessories. After clicking on that, at the very bottom of the page you will see "View previous orders". If you tap on that you should see if one or two medallions were ordered.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I read that the Festivale first joined the fleet in 1978. It caused me to look at our old pictures and it was 78’ when we took the cruise.
  7. Our first cruise was in 1976 on the Carnival ship TSS Festivale. We had an inside cabin where the two beds folded down from the wall and the bathroom & shower occupied the same space in some sort of a combo room. I've elected to forget that image. We cruised out of Miami into the Caribbean and had a great time. We didn't spend much time in the cabin, for obvious reasons.
  8. Sky Princess at port in Trieste, Italy getting ready for her first cruise.
  9. As we have experienced, they can split the coffee package by sharing, in that, the package of 15 specialty coffees will be tied to one of their medallions and that individual would need to purchase the drinks or at least be in possession of the medallion.
  10. Pretty much agree with you. We've been fortunate so far.
  11. We have done several B2B cruises. You will get 2 cruise credits. Internet minutes will carry over to the 2nd leg and when you run out, you will be able to purchase the free minutes awarded for your 2nd leg of the cruise. Coffee allotments also carryover , although this may vary from ship to ship, but we have had good experiences with that so far.
  12. Great feeling the last night when everyone else is putting their luggage out, and during the 2nd trip you get to stroll around the empty ship while everyone goes to the lifeboat drills.
  13. The only item that shows up on my calendar is Sabatini's everyday from 5 til 10PM for 24 straight days nothing else. shows on any day.
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