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  1. Our final payment for our Nov cruise is due Aug 6th and we made the payment a week early. All the features of Ocean Ready and Ocean Now apps were made available to us 20 minutes after we submitted our payment, approx 100 days prior to cruise. The final payment was the key.
  2. Our Nov 2019 cruise on CB also cancelled Antigua. That was a big disappointment to us but we stayed with it even though they replaced it with St. Maarten.
  3. We are on CB in November doing a B2B. As soon as I made our final payment today, the circle turned green. Hallelujah!
  4. I must admit that I have trouble remembering faces and names, but we were absolutely surprised on our last cruise when a couple got on the elevator with us and identified us first by our hometown and then they called us by our first names. We had met them a couple years earlier as part of a group of wonderful people and had really enjoyed that trip. To our surprise, they let us know that they had not only stayed in touch with that group but had actually set up this current cruise and in fact all the others were on board as well. What a delightful reunion cruise that turned out to be.
  5. I agree, too! It is the shape of a pizza, at least.
  6. Maybe it depends on the particular barista but we have never had extra punches taken for a double shot.
  7. We have the same tags and they work great. At the hotel, the morning of the cruise I pull them out and loop them through the handles our suitcases and we are all set. They are very durable. I think ours cost about $6.
  8. They still leave the vouchers in your cabin for you to cash out at the casino cashier. I had to sign each of them and provide photo id, as well. Easy enough!
  9. We were on the two cruises just prior to dry dock in November and had a great time. I really couldn't find anything to complain about, including ATD. Each person sees thing through their own eyes.
  10. The coffee credits do carryover the the second leg of your cruise. We had the same type b2b cruise in November and all remaining credits from the first week were added to those we acquired for the 2nd week. We traded our elite minibar setup for coffee cards on each leg of the cruise.
  11. We recently downloaded the Ocean Ready app and created a login. I was able to add photos and personal info but it would not find any future bookings. Is there a time frame for future cruises? I entered my booking number but received a error message that name not found on this sailing and to check my spelling. Is this app only effective a short while before you cruises?
  12. Same experience for us on the Royal in November. We were on b2b 7 day cruises (booked as 14 day) and traded the minibar each week for coffee cards. During the second leg of the cruise we found those unused punches leftover from the first week rolled over the the second week.
  13. How far in advance of your cruise can you create logins for the Ocean Medallions apps. I have downloaded OceanReady and OceanNow but can't seem to create any logins.
  14. We have been on the Royal and Caribbean Princess since the new coffee card deal went into effect and both times we were asked which card we wanted to have the coffee packages added to. Room service gave us the option as to the distribution. The status has nothing to do with it. If you had booked a suite, for instance, you could trade out the minibar for coffee cards, even if it was your first cruise.
  15. The 15 coffees are encoded onto your ship account, fifteen each for the two people in the cabin. The barista scans your cruise card or medallion and deducts one coffee each time you get a premium coffee.
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