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  1. Forgive me if this has been asked (and answered), but I just wonder why we are not hearing about any issues of passengers with fevers and coughs on any other cruise line. Clearly this is not a Princess issue. How is this being handled on the other lines? I admit I don't read every post made on CC for all lines, but I am curious that there is nothing on the news about infected people tracing back to cruise ships other than the two "big" news stories (Diamond and Grand). A friend currently sailing on Azamara reported that they had to miss a port (Madagascar) as it was closed to ALL cruise ships.
  2. Bon Voyage Bob. Looking forward to following along. 🙂
  3. Just read all 13 pages (so far) of your thread, Keith. Loved every minute - thank you so much for doing this! We were booked to sail for the 21 day itinerary, but sadly had to cancel. We have many friends on board. So through you I am able to feel like we are with you all!!! 🙂
  4. Just came across this review today for the first time. Absolutely AMAZING. And timely for us as we will be boarding the Equinox on Saturday for the first time. Hope you are enjoying your current cruising season, and I look forward to your review. (from a fellow RCMP retiree from "O" Division) 🙂
  5. We don't care for Club 6 either, and after a couple of initial visits, we never went back. I was hopeful that Take 5 was different/improved (like they seem to have improved Princess Live).
  6. I hope someone is able to provide some context. We are waiting anxiously to book for next August, and are very interested in the different dinner packages.
  7. Thanks so much for doing this Live. We board Equinox next weekend. Not happy to hear the service is so poor in the two areas you mentioned. Quick question - did you dock in Crown Bay or Havensight in St Thomas? Thanks
  8. Thanks everyone Sorry I didn't say the ship - we are on Equinox out of FLL in a couple of weeks. Sounds like it can go either way from what some of you have experienced!!!!!!😲
  9. We have never experienced on line check in before. I have completed the on line check in, complete with photo and credit card info. I have the app on my phone. I have both electronic and hard copies of our boarding passes. So my question is - what happens when we arrive at the port? Do we still have to line up at the counters, or do we just head straight to the ship? Many thanks in advance 🙂
  10. Princess honoured the lower fare AFTER final payment was made? That's incredible. I always thought we could only refare up until time of final payment. I've honestly never bothered to track the fare after that (in fear of seeing the price drop significantly and not being able to take advantage of it!!!)
  11. So glad I saw this thread, as we will be on Equinox in 2 weeks and in a Concierge cabin for the first time. I know what is listed as "perks" on Celebrity, but have also read on here that some of these perks are actually no longer available. So if there are any "must haves" in a Concierge cabin, please let me know. Our boarding time on our boarding pass is 12:30 - 1. But if I read correctly, the main dining room is open until 1 pm for lunch for Concierge. Will we be allowed to board earlier?
  12. Thank you for doing this! We are doing the same itinerary in 2 weeks with our daughter/son in law. It will be our 2nd time on Celebrity and their first (his very first cruise). I look forward to learning about the ship (and the ports) from any information you post.
  13. You're right! That is definitely one of the best features! 🙂
  14. So far, the app is a great tool for info. We are in the Equinox in a couple of weeks, and look forward to trying this out. As many of you have indicated, we do NOT need to purchase an internet package in order to use the app. But when I am on a ship, I always switch my phone to "airplane mode" in order to ensure my data package is turned off. Will the app still work in this mode?
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