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  1. 10 hours ago, WonderMan3 said:

    Kids are often the third or fourth passenger in a cabin which come at a reduced rate and don’t necessarily include the same amenities such as with the packages.

    So are adults (I would hazard a guess more often than kids are from the cruises we have been on) and while they are happy to pay for the packages are they going to be happy to shell out an additional $99 per day for the sanctuary as well??


    If a child doesn't get to use this perk and an adult does on the same fare then why are they paying the same price?

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  2. 6 hours ago, stevenr597 said:

    I do wish that Princess would stock Laphroaig and Isle of Jura.  Both are heavily peated and smoked scotch Whiskey.  

    On the Grand I did find they did had Laphroaig though only a single bottle tucked away in the Explorer's Bar. There were a couple of other whisky's to be had that were not on Ocean so checking out the bars is your best option but if you are looking for peated don't hold your breath....

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  3. 31 minutes ago, CalTexCruiser said:

    I'm not a Princess veteran by any means but the "Indulgences" extra charge items on the lunch menu seem new.

    Yes it is new, we had no issues having Lobster Benedict for breakfast on our cruise in January if we asked in advance and it certainly wasn't an upcharge item......


    They are always looking for ways to wring another dollar from passengers it seems.

  4. 39 minutes ago, cr8tiv1 said:

    Hmmm. thanks, but who picks it up?

    🤷‍♂️Dunno, we send the message and it magically disappears. I am guessing the same person who comes to collect trays/dishes as it is in the same category?

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  5. On 1/16/2024 at 9:36 AM, cr8tiv1 said:

    Suite laundry:  In by 9 AM returned after dinner same day (express).


    It is safer to leave your laundry bag on the bed before you head for dinner. 


    On occasions, my steward had not picked up the bag in my room/by my door, and deliver to laundry before 9 AM if I left it out the same day.

    There is an option now on the app to notify that you have laundry ready to be picked up that you can use rather than waiting for your steward to collect during their rounds. Similar to room service.

  6. 14 hours ago, arxcards said:

    To my surprise last week, I read that 360 was no longer going to be doing invitations to suites, and it was only available for a PP booking charge. Further digging led to a confirmation that all suite bookings made from 1st December 2023 onwards would no longer be entitled to a 360 invite.

    Yes it has been removed from ours as we were rebooked while we were onboard the Grand a fortnight ago. Upside is we have an extra $600 OBC to offset the cost 😉

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  7. Listening to quite a few people on Grand this trip and it seems one of the downsides to the packages is the inability to use the benefits. 


    This being a 6 day leg there is no vacancies for any of the specialty restaurants leaving plenty unable to use their 2 included booking with thier package. Lucky we are doing 20 days so no dramas for us.

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