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  1. Thank you for your review. We've not tried the Quantum class ships. We'll be on the Ovation in Alaska late summer 2020. Your information is most helpful.
  2. Small world....that is exactly what we may have to do as well. I was checking Houston, but will keep San Antonio in mind. We didn't do this on our last cancelled flight because the new fare was just too cost prohibitive! Thank you for the input.
  3. Thanks so much. We've never had to have this information for a cruise since we're on long before 90 minutes prior to sail away!
  4. We are very seasoned cruisers and always fly in the day prior. We are flying from deep south TX with very limited flights. We have to change planes in Houston. Our last cruise flight was cancelled, and we actually had to cancel that cruise because there was no way to get to Florida by the time the ship was leaving even by the next day. Always purchase insurance! First time we've ever had to use it, and it paid off everything! Now fast forward...Scheduled to leave Saturday morning for a Sunday Allure cruise, and weather once again may be our nemesis. If we could at least get to Houston, there are a couple of flights that could get us out of there to Florida on Sunday prior to the cruise. I'm no longer watching the Weather Channel since it puts me in panic mode. 😀 My question has never been a concern since we're always in port the day of the cruise. What time do we have to be on board for a 4:30 sail away?
  5. Read recently on the planner, with the unlimited package, there is a $10 up charge for Izumi Hibachi.
  6. Yes, it is truly among the earliest buffet closing times among the major cruise lines. Don't really understand why Royal closes their buffets so early. And they begin to remove items from the line starting around 8:40 P.M. I believe Royal's idea is the Windjammer is a substitute for dinner and not a venue for late night snacking.
  7. Our cruising addiction began in Galveston on the Rhapsody. We were totally enthralled with cruising, and have neve quit since that first cruise. We enjoy the bigger ships and can hardly wait until one of those ladies are cruising out of Galveston. Even having a 6.5 drive from deep south TX, it beats flying to other ports. So glad to hear there are new things happening in the cruise world in Galveston. Now, if some different itineraries can come into play, that will be awesome.
  8. I have found the wide responses to this thread interesting. Being the OP, it wasn't my intention to suggest luggage be left inside the cabin. Previously, we would have our luggage outside of our cabin door. Hasn't been the case recently. We've even seen other cruisers looking for their luggage later in the evening on the deck. Curiosity was my main focus. Just wondered if this was a new practice to place luggage on the deck on the luggage tag rather than outside cabins. We have no issue or concern to get it. We'll be on the Allure in January. Will be interesting to see.
  9. We were quite surprised and unusual. When it happened more than once we were wondering. That being said, we'd rather go down the hall and get our luggage than not to get it at all! LOL
  10. The last three cruises we've been on, luggage has just been lined up in the hallway. Cruisers have had to go and hunt down their luggage. The first time this happened just thought maybe they were short on staff or running behind. However, seeing this on two subsequent cruises, just wondered if this is the "new normal"?
  11. We were on Coco Cay recently and didn't spend a dime. Not interested in the water slides. There were plenty of loungers. We were with friends and didn't get off very early, so we did have to hunt for four together. Not a big deal. Had a great beach, pool day. Looking forward to going back in January.
  12. I know where to stand on an Oasis class ship out of Port Everglades to wave at the webcam so friends and family can see us as we leave. Anyone able to tell me where we can do the same thing as we leave Port Canaveral? Do we stand on port or starboard? And what deck? We're cruising with friends and this would be fun to do with them. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the info. Thought this should be the case, but you just never know. Cruising with friends soon, and told them I'd find out.
  14. Wondering what locations can a coffee card be used on the Harmony? Interested to know if the card can be used at: Park Cafe Promenade Cafe Windjammer Dining Rooms Thank you for any information you can provide.
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