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  1. The required doctor recommendation, as was mentioned in an earlier post in this thread, is very concerning. Would be nice to see when that goes away. Then of course there's flying. Who knows what will be available to go where we need to go to catch a cruise. Trying to guess when cruising will start again just doesn't seem all that important. It must be so difficult for all of the families who have lost a loved one in all of this pandemic.🙏 Yet, I do understand that maybe it gives a bit of something fun to anticipate.
  2. Well, maybe at least everyone will still be supplied with toilet paper! LOL
  3. In response to the poster who began this thread and being loyal. We're trying, but Royal isn't making it easy. My frustration is that I took the original FCC due to the fact that the group we were sailing decided they could not afford to be away from jobs if quarantined. I opted for the Cruise with Confidence FCC. Our cruise was ultimately cancelled, and if I had waited a very few days, we would be eligible for a refund. Not now. Why is that a big deal? It would not have been. We gladly took the FCC. But....Royal keeps changing the game. Now, Royal requires a doctor's note for 70+ cruisers. Doctor has told husband he would write a fit to travel note, but not the one Royal Caribbean crafted. My husband is not handicapped in any way. He just happens to have a condition that is well managed. I do understand a refund would be offered if a note is not presented, but is that only for my husband? I don't yet fall under the 70+ rule. We have two future cruises booked, I will definitely be waiting to see if either of our two future cruises are cancelled before taking an FCC, and we can get a refund. We were happy to take an FCC, but with the rules of the game changed. It does sadden us to think of not being able to cruise. Our hope is this requirement will change in the future. Footnote: I would never put my husband in harm's way. We have been following the "stay put" rules. Have not left our home. Have groceries delivered. Haven't even gone to pick up food from local restaurants. If cruising constitutes him being in harm's way, we obviously won't do it. Like everything else, these are uncertain times.
  4. Sad to hear. Not sure who the concierge was on your cruise. On our Harmony cruise, the Jazz on 4 was opened from the first day with a complete set up of hors d’oeuvres. The Diamond Lounge on every ship we sail is always crazy busy. It eventually slacks off. The Diamond Lounge size from the beginning on Oasis class ships have never correlated to the amount of cruisers on board. So glad they do have the three drinks on the card now, and if in a restaurant during same hours drinks available in the lounge, the drinks are honored. Wish you'd had a better experience.
  5. I can totally understand no doctor going out on a limb, as long as that one is in that note, and signing it!
  6. Yes, hopefully, once the virus has quelled, the note will go away.
  7. Of course, that is what I would suspect as well. Haven't inquired with Royal directly if that specific note is the requirement or a doctor could craft their own. From what I've read, this note was a requirement the government wanted implemented for those cruisers 70+. This was put into place after the Princess ships had been quarantined, but cruise lines were still cruising. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens with the required doctor's note.
  8. Does the note have the be the exact one that Royal Caribbean has drafted or can a doctor craft their own?
  9. Abe Hughes, a former cruise director on the Anthem, among other ships, is doing a virtual cruise over on other social media. It is so fun. He's doing his Late Night Morning Show live each evening. He's created a Cruise Compass with events listed each day. Today is Taco Tuesday! Headed virtually to "Cozumel". If you're missing cruising or will miss a cruise, this is a fun way to go! ⚓🛳️
  10. I also booked through a TA and cancelled. I was sent an invoice showing my cruise was cancelled and the break down of the FCC. Seems whoever you booked through would send you the information regarding the FCC. May need to contact who you booked through and get them to send you the information about your FCC.
  11. Agree with all! From TX here, and need extra powdered sugar and no chocolate syrup also. Think State Fair of TX!
  12. We're 45 days out and haven't had any news in Cruise Planner either. Rather antsy for the entertainment to open. Hydrophillic and I are on the same roll call.
  13. Thank you for the information. We were thrilled this technology was implemented on our January cruise on the Allure. Now, if they would have just provided Luggage Valet in Miami, we'd be even more thrilled! We are so spoiled with this service. It will definitely be missed.
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