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  1. Great, thank you both! I figured it would be refunded, but just wanted to double check with others. Appreciate the quick response!
  2. I was in this last group of cancellations from carnival (mardi gras, nov 14th) and I had purchased cruise cash through the fun shops when they were offering a percentage off. (I got $500 cruise cash for $400.) In the cancellation email it says all fun shop purchases will be refunded, so I'm guessing that means I'll be refunded my $400. I'm just hoping someone can confirm or clarify that for me. I'd also be ok with it being moved to whatever cruise I rebook (I took the fcc/obc offer). Thanks!
  3. I got the email and I have Mardi Gras booked for nov 14th.
  4. I'm also already booked on the Nov 14th sailing and I have the same worries! I'm also trying to be realistic about the fact that this sailing could get cancelled also. I know for us, we'd be greatly disappointed, but it's still far enough out that we'd be able to figure out other plans.
  5. I also don't have it popping up for me or my husbands accounts. I'd love this promo as i'm booked in Nov 2020.
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