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  1. Thanks for the thread! Happy to have another connection to the ‘outside’! I live, with two Cardigan corgis, in south central Idaho in a county where only 2 cases have been reported. We assume that’s a number based more on the scarcity of testing than reality. We’re just a couple of days into a three week state mandated stay at home period, but many of us chose to self-isolate a week or more ago, so are getting a bit of cabin fever. Fortunately, on one I know has contracted the virus, but I worry a good deal about the many in the area who have limited resources and now, no jobs. With neither health insurance nor discretionary income for health care, life must be scary and there’s the possibility of many undiagnosed, untreated COVID-2 cases. I’m keeping faith (and crossed fingers) that this will be well resolved before my Oct. Azamara cruises. Meanwhile, landlocked Journey Cruise Director Eric is hard at work keeping his Facebook friends well entertained. Kudos to him for that! My best to all of you who’ve been touched by the virus. Everyone, stay well, stay safely at home! Melissa
  2. Melissaghoti


    Phil, Hope there was more meat in your lasagna than there was in the video. Melissa
  3. However, perhaps with consideration of the potential impact on the cruise industry, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases said, “If you are a healthy young person, there is no reason if you want to go on a cruise ship, go on a cruise ship.” Healthy and young may eliminate a big chunk of the cruising demographic, but it leaves room for common sense to prevail.
  4. Does one specialty restaurant for 2, equal two specialty restaurants for 1 on a 7 night cruise? Seems like it should to me. Yay, to all the clean clothes I’ll have on my fall Veranda Plus cruise! Melissa
  5. All tests in the U.S. should be covered by health insurance now, but there are simply not a sufficient number of tests available. On another forum, I’ve read posts by exposed, but asymptomatic people who can’t get tested. They may be contagious, but have no way of knowing, so are going to work, going out socially, conceivably getting on cruise ships. COVID-19 will have an interesting evolution here. Melissa
  6. I’ve never run into this. So there are excursions I can’t do if I’m sailing solo? Are they overnights? What if I paired up with someone I met on board? We couldn’t participate because we weren’t in the same cabin? Interesting, but not a problem so far. Melissa
  7. Thanks. That’s more like what I’ve heard with the caveat that many cases are going unreported because they’re either very mild or testing to confirm wasn’t available, thus perhaps lower mortality. Also, hear that a vaccine is a year out, assuming the virus is still around when it becomes available. In any case, no fun for travelers to Asia! M.
  8. Can you share a source for this? It’s very scary, but not the information I’ve read or can extrapolate from numbers I’ve seen regarding either mortality or a vaccine. If either are accurate, it’s a different picture than I’ve had. Thanks, Melissa
  9. I’ve done a good number of Azamara tours and they’ve varied in quality, but most have been more than acceptable. The numbers have varied from a dozen to maybe, 30. On a couple of the larger tours there’ve been two guides, so the groups at the destination weren’t unwieldy. The buses have been just fine, never ‘ratty’ in my experience. I travel solo, so private tours can be discouragingly expensive. When I’ve been able to join a group private tour, I often do, but when that doesn’t happen, I usually have plenty of OBC to use for ship’s tours and haven’t had much to complain about. Melissa
  10. Since Azamara didn’t specify a time frame for refunds, I don’t imagine the fact that the booking was only a week old will change their policy. That would open the door to people requesting refunds after 6 days and, then 8 days and on. If you aren’t interested in transferring your deposit to a different cruise, perhaps the appeals process will work in your favor, if you were very, very nice when you explained your situation. It could be worse. I failed to read the fine print on a contract with a large, online cruise agency. When I wanted to cancel a cruise because I’d changed my mind about both date and itinerary, I discovered that I had a specific time period to do that, or face not only the Azamara cancellation fee (which I was aware of) but also the agency’s own cancellation fee of 15% of the total cruise price! I had never heard of such a thing, couldn’t even believe it was legal, but yep, there it was in the fine print, page 3. That was after 4 previous bookings with these people! I found another cruise, of course, as well as new travel agent. I ended up happy not to have had my fine print reading failure cost me anything but embarrassment at not knowing what I should have. FYI - All my cruises have been on Azamara and I have two coming up. If you can get past your current disenchantment, you might love them. I certainly do. Good luck, Melissa
  11. I’ve used magnets, more to keep the floor dry than because of the shower curtain. I don’t find it a problem. It’s a small shower, but if mobility problems can be dealt with, it should be perfectly adequate. Hope you’re able to get all the info you need to say yes to an Azamara cruise. M.
  12. There’s far less live music on the Azamara sister ships than there was just a year or so ago when some major entertainment changes took place. I miss it too. That’s probably not something that can change quickly, but a dimmer switch shouldn’t be hard and would be a hug improvement! Melissa
  13. ‘My cabin’s right below the Kid’s Club. It’s impossible to take a nap.’ Melissa
  14. A couple of years ago, there were lots of complaints here about how difficult the clocks were to set. Because they were so ‘user unfriendly’, clocks may have had a slow, uneven attrition as they quit working. If that’s the case, removing them all when some still worked wouldn’t make sense. Apparently, having a supply of better clocks to transition with didn’t make sense either. At least, that’s my late-night hypothesis. My usual experience with clocks when traveling is to forget to check what time the previous user had set the alarm, thus often waking up earlier than I’d wanted. I wear a watch, use my phone or iPad for alarm, so I’ve never missed the clock. Melissa
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