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  1. It is a shame that there’s no hinting at agency names, but I know that would turn into chaos. My best advice is to avoid the huge agencies that have the clout to aggregate cruises at a huge discount. There are plenty of smaller agencies who will see you as an individual, and treat you well. I’m still waiting for further resolution of this. I’ve had a response from Azamara, saying that it didn’t sound right, but nothing more. I won’t happily take a loss of nearly half of what I’d paid, so will keep at it and update as I know more. I also, obviously, don’t want to book anything else where
  2. Thanks for the kind thoughts and good ideas. I’ve contacted Azamara Customer Services, Carol Cabezas, Sycamore Partners, and the LCV Ambassador. There is also a group in the U.S. that tries to resolve travel issues like this. I’ll go to them if necessary. I’ve thought about my credit card but haven’t called them since I don’t know if they have a dog in this fight. Uktog is right, had it not been for the pandemic cancellations, I’d never have known what was happening. And wouldn’t have cared! The agent even said no one could have known the pandemic was coming so they cou
  3. I do indeed have a serious issue with the agency! They’re absolutely stonewalling me at this point, saying the discrepancy is Azamara’s and resulted from an audit of FCCs before Sycamore takes ownership. The only reason I returned to the agency was because they’re holding the credit they issued. I’ve asked for the updated voucher from Azamara and hope that shows how the amount was calculated, though it didn’t show that on the original FCC voucher. I’ve looked at my original invoice and saw that part of my final payment appears as a payment to the agency, not Azamara. If I’d been wise, I
  4. I booked an October 2020 Journey cruise through a large agency and it was, of course canceled. I opted for the 125% FCC and got the voucher when it was promised. It was, however, for only about 90% of what I’d paid for the cruise. I called Azamara and learned they couldn’t talk to me about it, since I’d booked through an agency. So, I called the agency. They said that my booking had been aggregated with others for a deep discount from Azamara. Thus, the FCC voucher was correct, based on what the agency had paid Azamara. The agency then gave me a cash credit that, with the FCC, came out to clos
  5. I’d be happy with a vaccine requirement. Perhaps an exception and rigorous testing for the minuscule minority that can’t be vaccinated, to be fair. I got my second vaccine today. Happy to have it done and as luck would have it, got the cancelation info for my May cruise. I’d expected it, but now must decide what to replace it with. Melissa
  6. When I first started cruising with Azamara, I remember more guest entertainers. Some were wonderful, some not, but that’s a matter of taste. While all the CDs are fabulous, and I go to shows most every night, I’d still enjoy more variety in Cabaret. And bringing the dancers back would be a popular move too. I certainly agree with Azamara offering more attractive solo rates, more often, and adding some more unusual ports ( I love Paris and an itinerary that included it brought me Azamara originally ). Melissa
  7. I’ve never cruised the bigger lines because I prefer the more personal service Azamara offers and I don’t care too much for the Vegas style shows the bigger ships can offer, either. Of course, entertainment is a matter of taste, but I certainly wouldn’t describe Azamara’s as poor. I enjoy the variety of shows that are offered in the Cabaret lounge nightly. All of the Cruise Directors are excellent entertainers, and their back-up singers, dancers and musicians are quite good too. There will also be a few shows offered by performers brought onto the ship for each cruise. Some I’ve been impress
  8. Yes, thanks, Riocca and Odd. I did the research that I should’ve done before asking and see that she was R-8. It’s somewhat reassuring to think that it’s an old listing. If RCCL was going to downsize Azamara, it would seem unlikely they’d choose the most recent addition that’s been updated. Journey is do for refit in the fall, but I imagine, like most everything else, that remains to be seen. Again, thank you. Melissa
  9. Yes, I should have realized that, but only looked at Date: 2001 per photo below. I also see that it says location: U.S. and Engines: 0, and wondering what that means. What confirms that it is Pursuit?
  10. It would be fun to see pictures, but I’ve never taken or seen other people taking any at M&Ms. There’s not a lot happening to photograph, it may not last long, and there are more Interesting backgrounds for onboard memories. I’m afraid when it happens at sail-away, we’re all anxious to get out on deck - that’s a hint, if anyone’s paying attention! Melissa
  11. As long as it matches my ‘sea mask’! “Cruise line operator Royal Caribbean is seeking a trademark for face masks that could be used for "virus isolation purposes," according to an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The name of the proposed item: "Seaface."
  12. How sad that stress may be a factor in these tragedies. It seems as though there hasn’t been much cooperation between government entities and cruise lines in getting seafarers home. I know that a couple of Journey crew members were moved to Ovation, then to another ship and have made it back home to the U.S. in the last couple of days. I understand there was no coronavirus on Journey, so they’ve made a difficult trade-off! Melissa
  13. I am too, and wish I had an answer. I know lots of planning has gone into the Azamazing Evening and I was really looking forward to it. I think it would be a great cruise. There are just too many unknowns for conjecture at this point. What countries will be allowing cruise tourists? Will there be flights? A vaccine isn’t likely by then; will there be good therapeutics accessible to everyone? Will there be a seasonal aspect to this thing? I’ve read that RCCL has a Sea-mask in the works, but don’t know who or what that’s planned for. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but real
  14. Journey crew has been transferred to Ovation and are assuming they’ll fall under the RCCL plan. M.
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