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  1. Hello new poster, welcome to CC. If you cancelled the cruise on your own under the peace of mind policy, then only FCCs. If you did not do anything, NCL cancelled the cruise - you get the option of doing a total refund back to the payment method you paid with. The link is on the site for a refund, but it is only if NCL cancelled it, not by you. When you called back in March, did you already cancelled this May cruise? If you chosen to cancelled it, at least you had the "peace of mind".
  2. It will never be the same anymore. Even if there is a vaccine for it, no 100% chance saying you are not going to get it. Same thing with the flu. Heard on the news that it will come back in the same season as the flu. So if this is true, then this Winter - more people will be getting it. Taking temperatures will not do anything. If a person does not show any symptoms, s/he can board the ship and can give it to many cruisers. This is why this virus is dangerous. One of the main reasons for lock down in homes right now is because they do not want to flood the hospital beds.
  3. I believe it mean you have to book a cruise using those FCCs before they expire.
  4. You would be able to see all credit and coupons on your NCL account. When you login, click on your account. It is all listed under: "My Coupons and Credits"
  5. At this point, I do not think you can request a refund if you already accepted the FCC. You can call NCL directly or call your PCC to ask. You should only rebook a cruise only when you have all your FCCs & credits in your account. If $5,200 is all the FCCs you are getting back into your account, I believe you have 360 days to book a new cruise to use it before this FCC expired. Since you said the reservation is off, is it still possible to keep it? I would call NCL if you still want to go on that booked cruise or solve the problem. You have some options here: 1.) Pay the deposit using your FCC, not the full payment if you still want this cabin type / cruise. Since you did not pay the full payment, you can wait to see if the cruise price would goes down later on. 2.) The next option would be selecting another type of cabin on the same cruise if the "Haven" suite is costly. Best wishes and luck to you!
  6. Dinner: Chicken Parm Dessert - Cookie Dough Ice Cream w/ Chocolate Sauce along with hot coffee
  7. Under your account, "My Coupons and Credits". It will show the FCC listed, another line for insurance FCC, and other like Cruise Next Certificates.
  8. That's strange. NCL split FCCs among all passengers listed on the reservation. If you needed to transfer some FCCs to your girlfriend that was also listed on the reservation, you should call NCL directly again or to your TA if you did not booked directly with NCL.
  9. For the insurance, NCL said by 04/10/20. However, the credit was posted today under my account.
  10. I would choose: Le Bistro, Cagneys and Onda. I heard Onda have good reviews and most cruisers liked their food. This replaced La Cucina.
  11. Not a chance. Most states in the U.S are in the peak of the virus right now and into May. Other cruise lines cancelled cruises til the middle of May. NCL will extend their cancellations.
  12. I know you mentioned that you chosen for the FCCs, but could you then fill out the form to get for refunds since you regretted it? Well, the supply and demand will change. Cruise prices would be shown as higher right now, but once cruises start back up, these prices can change. It is wise to get a refund back as FCCs is use it or lose it and for some cruisers - they would not be able to use the whole value of FCCs amount.
  13. I'm from the U.S. and I called NCL CAS #: 1-877-752-9625
  14. I took the FCC, but no 20% or extra FCCs as I cancelled before NCL did.
  15. FCC emails are given to everyone. If you wanted a refund, then go to the site to fill out the refund form. Did you do that yet? These refunds would take at least 90 days.
  16. As your cruise is cancelled by NCL, if you selected for the FCCs, NCL said you would get a 125% of FCC and any other extra FCCs. FCCs are split among all passengers listed. If you want a refund, that would take at least 90 days. As for the FCCs, at least 7-10 business days. You can call NCL CAS telephone # from Monday to Friday. They would be able to help you in regards to any questions you have. For me, they told me that I can select any cruises up to 9 days (besides Alaska, Hawaii, Europe), but must sail by Sept. 30, 2020
  17. 100% bet that NCL will cancel - other cruise lines cancelled til the middle of May.
  18. Yes, they split the FCCs among all passengers listed. In order to access the other person FCC - you need to create an account for them if they do not have an account yet. If you do not want any FCCs and wanted a refund - you would need to fill out the refund form. NCL said it would take at least 90 days.
  19. Sorry, I did not pay attention to the part where you wrote that you requested a credit card refund. In this case, NCL said at least 90 days for a refund. A lot of topic / threads about this - 90 days a long wait.
  20. I am a little confused. Didnt NCL cancelled those cruises including your? If so, NCL cancelled your cruise and you did not cancelled it under the Peace of Mind Policy. Others that have a CAS comped cruise that cancelled by NCL is also waiting for their FCC email / FCC amount to show up in their account. Some think that it have to do with when cruise was cancelled. On NCL website, it said at least 7 business days.
  21. Yes, a CAS comped cruise but I cancelled the cruise under the Peace of Mind Policy. NCL also refunded the dining serv gratuity back to my credit card before I call to cancel and before they cancel the cruise. I was surprised of this small refund.
  22. Is your FCC already in your and your husband account in myNCL? If FCC is already shown up, you should then be able to use it along with the cruise next voucher for the new booking. From NCL Peace of Mind Policy: Updated 03/30/2020 Your safety is our #1 priority—both on and off our ships. Due to the current global environment, we are extending the suspension of all sailings across our fleet through May 10, 2020 and plan to relaunch cruise operations with embarkations beginning May 11, 2020. We are thinking of each and every one of you, and together we will return to our favorite place — the ocean, stronger than ever. Guests who were booked on suspended cruises will automatically receive a 125% or 150% refund of their cruise fare in the form of a Future Cruise Credit which can be applied towards any Norwegian Cruise Line voyage through December 31, 2022. Future Cruise Credits will be applied to your account by April 1, 2020. EMBARKATION DATES FUTURE CRUISE CREDIT March 13 to March 17, 2020 150% of cruise fare March 18 to May 10, 2020 125% of cruise fare We’re also giving an additional 20% discount when you book by April 14, 2020 using your Future Cruise Credit on cruises embarking July 1, 2020 - December 31, 2022! This discount will be automatically applied when you book online. Guests who do not prefer to take advantage of a future cruise credit will receive a refund to be payable after 90 days from completion of the Refund Form below. Refund requests must be submitted by April 27, 2020 for all suspended sailings. Please note that if your suspended sailing was scheduled to embark between April 12 - May 10, 2020, you will not be able to request your refund through this form until April 13, 2020.
  23. Just got an email from NCL - the email said insurance will be in FCC if you purchased the NCL book safe standard or the platinum plan. TP FCC LETTER.pdf
  24. Your FCC base on this is: $957.46 - $70.00 = $887.46 I do not know if you cancelled the cruise yourself with the peace of mind policy or NCL cancelled your cruise. If you cancelled the cruise yourself - you wont get the extra FCC. If NCL cancelled your cruise, you would get either the extra 150% or the 125% FCC - this depends on the date of your cruise. Along with other things. NCL will email you (all guests listed on the cruise) the FCC and later on FCC will show up in your myNCL account. As for the Admin Fees - yes you would need to pay it again and it would be a different amount when you re-book another CAS cruise. Someone mentioned that you do not need to pay a deposit for the new booking. Or you can wait for the FCC to show up in your account to then decide to use it to pay for the new booking.
  25. NCL said at least 7 business days after the cruise was cancelled. You would get an email about your FCC total and then later on FCC would show up in your myNCL account.
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