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  1. I know very well where it is. Cruise critic people stayed there from our roll call and hosted a party for all of us that flew in early for the cruise, so I have been there. I showed her the hotel rates for this year and they are way beyond what they paid a couple years ago. I can actually stay right at the Eurostar Grand Marina for less money. It seems Hotel 1898 is price gouging this fall. Thank you for your information.
  2. My TA stayed at the Hotel Continental. She loved it.
  3. Yes, definitely LaBoqueria Market. I want to buy some fresh flowers for our stateroom. I’m not familiar with Mercat de Santa Catarina.
  4. Is it also near the large market? We wanted to do that on our last visit but didn’t get it accomplished. Thanks for the recommendation.
  5. Yes, and as Host Grandma Cruising said, if others bid up.
  6. Ahhhhhh.......never thought about that option. Thank you. And yes, the N1 is much bigger than a V2. 266 compared to 175 square feet.
  7. Do you possibly remember your rate? I don’t know why but many of the hotels seem to have much higher rates than a few years ago. I didn’t think November would be that popular of a time to visit.
  8. I looked at that. From what I can see the rate was over $400 per night. We had friends stay there a few years ago and did not pay anywhere near that price.
  9. Hotel Colon is blacked out for my date. I’ll check the other one. Thank you.
  10. I spoke with my TA and she said there is no availability for N1 or N2 so I don’t even know why they sent an email to upgrade. What a waste of time. I find it rather ridiculous they would do that.
  11. I’m looking for a hotel close to Barcelona Cathedral and Las Ramblas. We won’t have a lot of time in Barcelona pre cruise so I prefer to be as close to those areas as possible. Recommendations?
  12. If this is the hotel with the pink rooms at Las Ramblas, my TA swears by this hotel.
  13. I have yet to figure out how to do a screenshot of available cabins on Azamara. I had one site I’ve used but it’s not accurate. We have been happy with our past upgrades although the Panama Canal cruise was sometimes rough for as far forward as we were.
  14. Thank you. If rooms are not available, they wouldn’t be offering them as an upgrade, would they? I find it hard to believe all the suite categories are still available on that particular cruise.
  15. Evidentially I must have ignored the information when the bidding was rolled out. Is there a link where I can read how the bidding works? I think I’m even more confused after reading the posts.
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