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  1. I totally agree. I sleep like a baby on Azamara. Also, I have problems with swelling of my one foot while on board and I usually have to elevate my leg and the pillows do not sink whatsoever. I've never heard anyone else complain about the pillows.
  2. Travel insurance will not cover you if you cancel because of unrest unless you have paid a premium for cancel for any reason insurance.
  3. I’m hoping things calm down. I contacted my hotel and they tell me demonstrations are getting less and thing should settle down even more before we arrive. I hope they’re correct.
  4. Does that mean we will have a problem getting there by taxi? We had hoped to walk to Barcelona Cathedral. Will that be possible if they’re protesting? Are the protests affecting the cruise ports? We sail from the one where the small ships sail from.
  5. Have there been protests on LaRambla? That’s where we’re staying. Hopefully early in the week they won’t be protesting as much. We’ll be arriving in a Monday and cruising in a Tuesday.
  6. I was not aware that RCI and X execs had a recent influx into Azamara management. That can’t be good.
  7. Can you name some of the groups on social media? It would be nice to follow if possible.
  8. If unsuccessful will you get another chance to bid? Have you heard that LCV said there would be no upgrades on the Nov 5 transatlantic from BCN to Miami?
  9. Someone on the roll call said she spoke with LCV and was told there would be no upgrades on this sailing. You may want to check with them.
  10. How soon in advance should I book a tuk tuk tour? Just found out what this is and I need to book soon. We sail in two weeks, We would like to see as much as Funchal as we can
  11. Which port authority website? I once could go to all and find ports and ships.
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