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  1. I have heard they will eliminate all desserts in 2021 and will give $1 OBC per cabin - YEAH! 👍
  2. You should trademark this excuse ASAP! 👍🙄
  3. Just another proof that RCI management is absolutely clueless on how to run a customer focused business! 🙄 They only survive because there is extremely high demand for that category of product! 😱
  4. If you are on a 14 NT cruise the BW perk is a BIG value and they are cutting about $350 or more per cabin - this is totally not acceptable! We will try to cancel our non-refundable for a FULL refund!🤬
  5. Staff is part of the corporation - RCI guarantees the payment to the staff - if people remove - they will have to make it up! 👍😎
  6. If everybody in a neighborhood - cabin removes all their tips - that would really hurt RCI as they would need to make up for it!🤔👍
  7. I would ask them where in the contact it gives them the right to take that perk away....🤔👍
  8. Do US laws allow the seller to alter the contract one-sided after it is signed?🤔 Doesn't the seller HAVE to provide what was part of the contract?🤔
  9. Well on a 14 night cruise they just stiffed you out of $300....😱 Has anybody had success in cancelling their non-refundable deposit for a FULL refund?🤔
  10. 👍 And if you do not like the way they do business you can remove all gratuities and save a bunch of money! 🤑
  11. Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland. + It is also the first time this class ship has been constructed at the shipyard with new features and advancements..... Odyssey is an old well known plan..... They just bought Turku like last week out of bankruptcy....not up to speed....not German precision (yet)!🙄
  12. They are all by the balcony....no switching locations on that ship-class!👍
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